Short Stories

The novels of the Cloudy Cuckoo Cosmos focus upon big events. Those events of length fitting a novel. But like the real world, big events aren’t the only thing to take place, and these short stories focus on the smaller events that fall by the wayside of the bigger ones.

April Fool’s 2020: I’m writing kink romance now about snakes and hypnosis. Turns out… not a joke.

April Fool’s 2019: The Cloudy Cuckoo Cosmos becomes a horror series (with some politics).

Liquid Melancholy: Cagnorm the magma monster is lonely and tries to make friends, but nobody ever visits the magma monster in the volcano…

April Fool’s 2018: The Cloudy Cuckoo Cosmos becomes a dark, serious, gritty wartime series.

Holy Book of the Archussip: The holy text of a major religion in the Cloudy Cuckoo Cosmos, the Archussip. Definitely and certainly not a giant ridiculous satire making fun of any sort of religious text on Earth, no sir!

Tough as Blades: The giant star pupil of the Interpolis dojo once beat down all challengers, but after the end of his winning streak, his confidence disappeared. Can the dojo master restore his star pupil’s talent before a manic machine destroys the dojo?

What if Top Just Sort of Showed Up in This Story For Absolutely No Reason?: Somehow Top has ended up in these stories. This will probably mess everything up.
Lord of the Rings by J.R.R. Tolkien
Magic Banquet by A.E. Marling
The Odyssey translated by Robert Fitzgerald

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