Species Profile: Floggle

Physical Characteristics

Floggles’ heads are sort of fused to their torsos, leaving them with a small body and no neck. The actual torso is slightly smaller than the head. Their appendages, however, are twice as long and very flexible, somewhat thin but still strong with noticeable muscles, and bring them to an average of 1.7 meters in height. Their thin-skinned mouths stretch across their faces, while their small, bulging eyes sit atop their round heads at about ninety-degree angles.

Eggs are laid in the water. Baby floggles appear as little more than a head with tentacles, but after a few months the torso begins to separate and the appendages solidify more into arms and legs. The appendages thin considerably near the end of life. Floggles average lifespan is about 70 years, around which the appendages will sometimes fall off. Most floggles will choose to be euthanized at that point.

History and Culture

Floggles originate from a tall mountain in the Mintop sea between Hackney and Interp named Sea Mountain. Not a lot is known about the ancient society there, but it’s generally agreed that the long appendages would help in climbing the mountain. At some point believed to be many thousands of years ago, floggles all left the island and traveled to Interp.

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