Species Profile: Kanhase

Physical Characteristics

Kanhase appearance varies depending on where in Derantu their ancestors are from. All have thin fur across their bodies and white hands, a tuft of fur around the wrists. They typically have round heads and share a basic anatomy—big eyes, a nose and mouth and ears of some variety, arms, and legs. The average lifespan across Derantu is about 80 years, though most research suggests variances are due to quality of life varying by location instead of something inherent with different kanhases. Most differences are small but easily noticeable, but despite the wide variety all kanhases can mate with others.

Around the Salenth Kingdom kanhase fur tends to range in a gray to rusty color, and they have long, thin ears styled like hair of other species such as scalagos. Their feet are similarly long and slender, and many can walk on the tips of them with good balance. Their tails are long and thin like a rope with a big puffy ball of fur at the end. Like most kanhases they’re on the short side, averaging just 1.4 meters tall, though the ears tend to add nearly half a meter.

History and Culture

Kanhases… kind of just don’t have their own culture? In the past they were always traveling, some settling down and others moving, but they always adapted into the local culture, changing as they did, so there is neither a unified kanhase culture nor really any unique kanhase culture. For example, those who live around the Salenth Kingdom tend to wear similar clothing to scalagos, and many are proud of their history and help advance scientific endeavors.