Species Profile: Kasdde

Physical Characteristics

Kasddes have very round heads, some appearing nearly like a perfect sphere. Their eyes are black and somewhat tall and thin, with a thin hole for a mouth. Immediately below the head and encasing the neck and torso is a round shell  made of two halves, the front half tan and weaker and the back half green or blue and much stronger, with a pattern varying among kasddes. Their average height is 1.1 meters tall.

The appendages are short and can be pulled inside the shells, and among many kasddes (especially young ones) the appendages are halfway inside the shell at rest anyway. They are also able to store many items inside their shells. Kasddes lifespan average about 120 years, but they become wrinkly after just 50 years, and the shell becomes fragile near the end of life.

History and Culture

Kasddes come from a small, swampy continent in the southern hemisphere of Mintop. Not much can be gleamed of the history or culture given the only one to appear in the Cloudy Cuckoo Cosmos thus far has no connection with that history or culture.

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