Species Profile: Nervist

Physical Characteristics

Nervists are birds with thick feathers and broad wings. With their wings outspread and body erect they become wider and taller than most any species on Zhop, reaching an average of 2.3 meters in height, but they usually keep their wings close (which still makes them look quite big and imposing) and body hunched, with their multi-jointed, bony necks keeping their heads low. Their bony red legs have sharp talons, and their beaks are usually somewhat gnarled. Nervists have bony arms and hands under their big wings that they can use to grasp objects. Their skin is mahogany-colored, while their feathers range from black to brown to tan—their feathers usually cover their whole body except for a bit of their face and their legs, though with age the feathers will thin and they will often go bald, showing more of the rough red skin.

Nervists are able to fly, although they’re a bit slow at it. In exchange for that their wide wings allow them to fly far distances without rest. By flapping just the ends of their wings though they’re able to make shorter maneuvers and fly quicker. When flying they tend to grasp things with their feet, which has a stronger grip than their thin hands. They usually live for about 110 years, maturing around age 20, though all their feathers don’t usually come until a few years later.

History and Culture

Nervists come from the northeastern area of Zhop’s only continent, where they entered a few scuffles with Zhop’s other bird species, kudesos. Most nervists have a take-things-as-they-come approach, but they have a nasty reputation due to a few well-known nervists being pirates, tyrants, mercenaries, or generally violent and mean. This isn’t true in general for nervists, though, but nervists are commonly loners and independent, and as it’s not common for them to be sociable that has only added to the nasty reputation.