Species Profile: Phial

Physical Characteristics

Ancient drawings of the phial suggest they were red and orange birds with fiery eyes and a yellow, hooked beak. Their wings and legs were short, and they had small, stocky bodies, likely an average of 1.4 meters in height. Their skulls were somewhat long, in contrast to their short necks. Other than ancient drawings, the only knowledge of the phial’s appearance comes from skeletons.

History and Culture

Phials lived on the island Flaeneath in ancient times; texts from the time show them with an aggressive, war-focused society. They were said to have a shaky peace with the slubes on the other side of Flaeneath, mostly due to infighting among the phials. Remains of scrap scattered on Flaeneath suggests they were one of the most advanced societies on Mintop technology-wise. They were apparently wiped out in an invasion against the slubes, leading to the island becoming a desolate wasteland and the disappearance of the phial.

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