Species Profile: Rackye

Physical Characteristics

Rackyes are a lean Zhop species with thin fur over their bodies, usually gray or brown or red. Their snouts are as thin and nearly as long as their arms with a black nose at the end, while their pointed ears are a bit short. Their arms and legs are about the same length with small claws at the end, and they have a short, scraggly tail. The average height of a rackye is 1.8 meters tall.

Rackyes usually wear various types of clothing, but it is not considered a faux pas to not wear clothes. They live for about 70 years, maturing around age 15.

History and Culture

Rackyes originated from northern plains of Zhop, but they tend to have fairly strong roots in almost every nation on the planet. They have a reputation for being selfish and underhanded, something not entirely undeserved, yet very good at getting things done and a helpful ally to have on your side. They’re rough and tough and will work hard to get what they want.