Species Profile: Snowble

Physical Characteristics

Snowbles look like snowmen. That’s it, really. They’re made of 2 or 3 balls of snow-like substance stacked on top of each other. They have no visible internal workings or organs or systems, just snow. If some snow is removed, they can drink water to replenish it. If they melt, they can be refrozen back into a snowble shape. Their origin, composition, and how they work is subject to much rumor and very little actual scientific study due to the snowbles suppressing such things.

Snowble facial features vary; some have eyes and noses made of coal, others have other objects. Their mouths are crevices in the head, but there is no throat or tongue or anything in their mouth. It is rumored that these are all only decorative and that snowbles sense through other means. This is often used to show status, such as jewels for noses or other accessories such as gloves or hats—snowbles generally do not wear clothing.

As mentioned, snowbles can be refrozen if they melt, and if they are cut apart or parts of their body is removed they can replenish it or be reattached, although small chunks are unable to replenish themselves—it’s estimated at least twenty percent of the snowble must be intact. The best way to kill a snowble would likely to be evaporation, since it could be nearly impossible to get back all the vapor and it could easily be contaminated.

History and Culture

Snowble have been around longer than anyone can remember, always in positions of power. They ruled cities when other species were just evolving, and as cities outside their sphere of influence sprang up they made contact with these new species and usually put them under their thumb.

Snowbles are harsh and cold, with a culture centered on self and power. This is probably why Zhop, especially New Zhopolis, has such a harsh, self-centered culture—snowble started New Zhopolis, after all. I wouldn’t say they built it, but they certainly planned it and had others build it. Snowbles generally look down on other species as weak and to be used, and most are in some position of power and have connections to other snowbles. A few snowbles work on their own, and some are rivals trying to undercut each other to get more power. They’re almost universally selfish and ruthless.

When a snowble reaches age 100 they travel to a guarded, secret location for their bodies to be melted. It is unknown when this practice began. Most snowbles believe they were created by an ice god not featured in other religions such as the Archussip.