Species Profile: Spiest

Physical Characteristics

Spiest are white, round balls with two arms each half the size of their bodies, which are .7 meters tall. They have single eyes in the shape of a capsule, and their sharp-toothed mouths, though small, can be stretched to many times their normal size. Spiest apparently have no insides—they have a mouth, with what looks like the inside of a mouth inside that, but there’s no hole leading into a throat or anything.

Although they’re listed as a species, no one is sure if they are in of themselves a species or are the ghosts of the former living. They don’t seem to have a limited lifespan, but no one can really be sure how long any one spiest has been around anyway. They have no sex or gender, and apparently do not reproduce. They are also only found on Mintop.

One notable ability spiest have is possessing inanimate objects. By doing so they are able to make the object float and do whatever the object could normally do–shut a television set off and on, flap a book’s pages, or drive a tank and fire its cannon.

History and Culture

As was said, spiest seem to simply live forever, so their origins and how long they’ve lived is unknown. That’s one of the defining traits of spiest culture: secrecy. No one outside of the spiest know much of anything about them. Although they’ve been known to become friendly with other species, they reveal nothing about what a spiest is.

The other defining trait of spiest culture is pranking and scaring others. Pranks designed to invoke fear into others seems to be their favorite pastime, and most interactions with spiest involve them trying to scare people. It rarely seems to have any malice behind it, though, and usually seems to be all in good fun, although that knowledge doesn’t make spiest pranks any less frightening. It gives them an appearance both frightful and foolish.

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