Species Profile: Verk’lon

Physical Characteristics

Verk’lons have scaly skin that can come in nearly any color, and each has a striped pattern on its side also in different colors. Atop their heads stand crests that vary in size and shape, with some verk’lons intentionally styling them. They have a short snout with a long mouth, and their eyelids are conjoined at the edges, giving them a hole in the center that they see through. They stand at an average of 1.9 meters in height.

Their hands have three fingers in a claw shape, and their two-toed feet are very flexible. They also have long, stiff tails that curl at the end. Most verk’lons have limited control of camouflage, where some can turn completely invisible at will, while others may do so inadvertently.

Verk’lon eggs have a peculiar feature wherein seven minutes after being laid they turn invisible until hatching, so they must be placed at a secure location. Some have taken to painting the eggs to make them easy to locate. Although some say this causes damage to the infant, there is no scientific evidence as such. As a verk’lon grows old their skin becomes leathery, and the tail begins to unfurl.

History and Culture

Verk’lons come from the planet Mintop. Their home country of Lanc’teal resides by the ocean; the verk’lons were the first continental species to settle on the islands of the nearby ocean. In the past they had many strange customs, but in the modern age many of them have been abandoned and forgotten. One of the few to remain is the custom for verk’lon names to always feature three consonants grouped together with an apostrophe separating two of them from one, just like their home country and species name.

On their behalf, I apologize.

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