Species Profile: Wild Animals of Derantu

These are wild animals found on the planet Derantu.


Fish beasts found in Derantu oceans with mouths full of sharp teeth. There are two varieties: a small, sleek type that is known to be less aggressive and more of scavengers, and a bulkier type known to be more violet and aggressive. This has given all aklonars a violet reputation, even though the smaller ones will usually not attack unless provoked or you’re injured. The types are referred to colloquially as black aklonars and white aklonars, but the distinction is useless as both types can be either color and the naming convention varies depending on geographic area. Both types are sometimes caught and used in exotic dishes, though the larger ones are much less common and have been used as a delicacy reserved for nobility in the past. Legends also tell of a gigantic variety referred to as a gray aklonar, although legends said it was actually pink and could camouflage to be nigh invisible.


Small crustaceans on the west shore of the Salenth Kingdom, pale yellow like a sandy banana with white undersides. Their stalked eyes swell at the top and usually have one pincer claw bigger than the other. They’re caught for food, often as toppings on dishes due to their small size.


Sea serpents spoken of in legend, many do not believe they exist. If the legends are true, they probably shouldn’t be listed in this section on wild animals, as they’re said to be fully intelligent, shy and rarely appearing to other sapients, though rather than a structured society they just muck about in the ocean having a good time. They’re said to have shining, glimmering scales and a head not too dissimilar to scalagos, but rounder, more bulbous, and without hair.


Big, rough animals in the desert near the Thraundlus Kingdom, ecortans have a large horn on the forehead that bends down and a long, craggy snout. Often said to look like it’s smiling. Ecortans are covered in mossy, sandy fur and quite fat and plump, with big, meaty organs used in dishes throughout the area. Some attempts to domesticate them have been made but they’ve proven too rowdy for it, so wild ones are hunted, and the population has been dwindling.


Small bird found mostly in the Salenth Kingdom covered in striking blue feathers. They can often be seen floating on water trying to catch small fish. A staple food in the Salenth Kingdom since its founding.


Fat, scaly beast in the swamps north of the Salenth Kingdom, laiksoms have rows of sharp teeth and a long tongue it uses to nab anything it can to eat. Poor runner but fast swimmer, aided by a thick, curling tail. This rough animal is notable for leaving its young to fend for themselves upon hatching, and typically its young will fight over resources for a few weeks before organizing into a group to survive. It sometimes shows rather clever intelligence and can make deceptively quick attacks. The scales of laiksoms are considered a delicacy seasoning, while the meat is considered mediocre at best.


There are snakes on Derantu. Haha I wonder why. Derantu and Mintop both have snakes but Zhop does not; it’s believed this is due to the colder climate.


Wide, thin-winged birds with lanky legs and necks centered by a big torso, from the mountains of the Berros continent. Thresgas are snippy birds that may snap their hooked beats or sharp talons at intruders, but their eggs have often been taken by explorers as food. Over the years some have been tamed and farms have been started lower down the mountains, though many people claim the eggs from higher up the mountain taste better.