Later Lines

Sometimes you come up with the perfect comeback three hours later. Sometimes you come up with the perfect argument ten hours later. Sometimes you come up with the perfect response seven weeks later. Sometimes. Maybe sometime I’ll come up with the perfect way to end this intro.

Regarding Indiana’s Medicaid Expansion Program-2013

“The problem with HIP [Indiana’s Medicaid expansion program] is, indeed, the cap on enrollees. It leaves everyone else to be thrown under the bus. For example: say there’s a bus. The bus is going to the hospital. Not because it needs to, but… Well, it couldn’t anyway because it doesn’t have health insurance, but that’s a different story. So the bus is taking passengers to the hospital. Each one comes on, all right, get on, go ahead… and then the driver stops the next person. There’s no more spots left. The others get thrown under the bus. Literally—they can ride the bus, but they have to ride it on the underside, so yes, you can go to the hospital, but, again, you’re riding on the underside of a bus. And, of course, they’re blocking the tailpipe and everything, and, really, it’s just worsening the bus’s health, so it breaks down sooner, and it basically leaves nobody able to get to the hospital anymore.”


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