April 2021 Microstory Collection

April Fools 2021
Second Date
Blood Date

April Fools 2021

Hey, everyone. I’m not really sure how to begin this, so I might as well start by saying I’m going to stop writing these stories. I’ve come to realize that these erotic stories with mind control and monsters are sinful and not something I can condone any longer. (1/?????????????)

I can no longer in good conscious write this immoral and dangerous material. Furthermore, I have expunged from myself any trace of being horny. I am clean, now, and no longer have any desire to alter my mind via hypnosis.
Some of you may be confused, or skeptical. (2/???????????)

To prove that I have decoupled myself from the temptation of hypnosis, I have invited one of the monsters I once wrote about to help demonstrate that it no longer has any effect over me.
LILA: “Hi!”
DUTH: “Horrific. I will put myself in danger of this snake to show I am free.”

I turn to Lila and look her in the eye.
DUTH: “You may fire when you are ready, Lila.”
Lila tilts her head.
LILA: “So you just want me to look at you with my hypnotic eyes?”
DUTH: “Yes. Don’t hold back. I will be unaffected.”
Lila smirks.
LILA: “You got it.”

We stare at each other for ten or so seconds. Lila’s eyes don’t change.
DUTH: “Well? Aren’t you going to do it?”
Lila grins and slithers around me. I follow her but step away so her tail doesn’t surround me.
LILA: “Well, you said not to hold back. So I can’t just do a hypno-zap.”

LILA: “I have to play it cleverrrr.”
At this her tail rises and grazes my chin. I jerk up away from her rough and not-at-all-tingling scales, only her her tail to slide down over my shoulders with a relaxing heavin–I mean, a terrible weight I spin out away from.

DUTH: “Stop that. Just do your vile hypnosis so I can–”
I blush as the end of Lila’s tail squeezes around my hand. How dare she! The lewdest act of all, hand holding! Her soft tail massages my fingers, but I pull my hand out. Lila smiles.
LILA: “Aww, doesn’t it feel nice?”

I cross my arms and turn away.
DUTH: “If you’re not going to do what I ask then I’m not going to–”
She boops my nose with the end of her tail. I try not to blush and grab for her tail, trying to hold her still, but she slithers over my arms.

As I try to get untangled I lean over, get turned around, and smack into Lila where she smacks my lips with a long smooch, draping her arms over my shoulders.
By the time I have enough sense to focus again I’m staring into her rippling eyes of soft violets and bluesirdhzeudgdjril

LILA: “Aww, that’s the smile I like to see. Um, wait… eheheh, I don’t think they’re in any position to tweet anymore right now. Well, I think they need a break, anyway. If you need Duth, they’ll be down here in my coils for a little while… heehee.”
Wait a minute. Duth is down right now. They’re too zonked to do anything today.
I’m going to take over the account!

There! I’ve taken over the account. And I think I deserve it for once, after the way Duth just used me to tell a story.
Just look at how they dragged me down. I’m an amazing hunter, and they practically tried to baby me. https://cloudycuckoocosmos.com/hypnosisnakerotica/led-lost-by-the-lamia-pt-1/

To say nothing of the way they treated me when we first met. All I wanted was a toy to hypnotize and coil for a few hours or weeks, but they had to be a big punk about it and then set me up on a date with someone else! https://cloudycuckoocosmos.com/hypnosisnakerotica/led-confusing-the-lamia-pt-2/

I’m just glad I was able to prove I didn’t need them in the end or I don’t know what I’d be. https://cloudycuckoocosmos.com/hypnosisnakerotica/led-found-by-the-lamia-pt-3/

Anyway, how is everyone else doing today? I have been bored, truth be told. I have not seen another intelligible soul for days. I am just trying to decide what to catch for dinner tonight.

As long as I have control of this account I might as well take some questions. Ask me about myself! Or ask me about Duth. I will tell the truth about them. I promise no slander!

Honestly I think Duth is ignoring me. I have not had a story for a good 8 months. I think that is why I have not seen anyone around here lately, too. You had all better vote for my story next time the story poll comes up or you’ll be looking at the sharp end of an arrow!

I mean, I haven’t been in a story for about that long, either. It’s not so bad.

Don’t act like you are not aware you are getting a story in a few days. Besides, you get plenty of art, too. You are practically spoiled.
Not that I want to be spoiled, mind you. But we were both supposed to be main characters of these works. I should get more attention.

Duth never even publicly released this excellent artwork of me! The artist did fantastic work on it, and even though it could not be fully finished it is still in a perfectly good state to be released.
So I’m releasing it now while I have the account! https://twitter.com/darmenzi/status/1377663795376627714

And if anyone wants to join me up in the tree later, I have plenty of tail left to hold more~ Just follow my eyes up into the tree~

Okay, so, Lila, errr… convinced me that I shouldn’t stop writing hypno stuff and… that it’s okay and…
What the hex happened to my account?

Shit. You’re awake. I was just keeping your account active while you were out!

Mm. Right.
Mira, you do realize you complained that I used you for a story, then went right and complained I haven’t used you in a story for 8 months?

Yes, well
You’re still a pest. Just send people my way and leave me alone otherwise.

Oho, no, it doesn’t work that way. When you’re the subject of one of my stories you don’t get creative control.

You would give me creative control if you came by and took a look at some of my ideas.

You’re just trying to trick me to come up there so you’ll wrap me up and hypnotize me, aren’t you?
I’ll be there in 10 minutes! Get ready to show me some of your eyedeas.


You walk up to her front door, breathing jittery. You take a deep breath to calm down. Why are you so nervous? You’ve already been on a date, it went well, she didn’t notice you kept glancing at her body and staring into her eyes.
It was her idea to spend your second date at her place, a more relaxed setting where you could be yourselves, perhaps snuggle together for a movie. You shiver at the thought.
You ring the doorbell, and she answers the door.
“I’m so glad you made it,” Lila says.

-Second Date-

After her delicious dinner she and you sit on the couch, Lila’s tail shifting about. You’d love to be held in her coils, staring into her beautiful, flashing eyes, but you’re far too nervous to say so. You’ll take things slow until she brings it up.
“So did you have a movie or something in mind for us?” you ask.
“Actually,” Lila said, shuffling closer, “I thought maybe we would just talk tonight. We can get to know each other much better here alone.”
She holds your hands and looks into your eyes. You stare back.
You can just imagine her eyes flashing in beautiful colors, sucking you in. Your heart races at the thought she could do it at anytime. You can see it so clearly, too, as if she really were releasing hypnotic rings through her eyes, one-by-one pulling you under her spell…
“S-Sorry,” you mutter, shaking. “I-I’m just really nervous.”
Lila grins. “Aww. Well, hmm.” She leans closer, sliding an arm around your shoulders, which just makes you more jittery. “I know some ways to help you calm down.” She looks into your eyes, your heads close.
“Just take deep, slow breaths; draw them in, exhale them out. In… Out… In… Out… Follow my words, let my voice soothe you… Breathe in… out…”
You stare into her beautiful eyes, every word calming you.
“When I count down, you’ll be perfectly relaxed… 10… 9… 8…”
You blink. You’re leaning against Lila, her soft arms cuddled around your shoulders, a thick blanket holding your legs. You look up at her.
“Wow, that really relaxed me,” you say. “I feel perfectly calm.”
“Mmhm,” Lila says with a smiling nod. “I’ve loved learning more about you.”
You frown for a second. You don’t remember telling her anything. In fact, you don’t remember her reaching zero. You don’t want to break the mood, though, and ask about her.
“I already told you about my love of the sea on our last date,” Lila says…
“But I never got to tell you about my love of the sky.” She nestles her hands under her cheek. “I love the idea of relaxing high up in a tree… maybe pulling someone up with me.” At this her arms and the blanket squeeze around you.
Wait–that isn’t her arms… that’s not a…
Your eyes widen and you blush realizing her tail is nestled around your shoulders and legs, softly rubbing your skin.
Lila holds your chin and turns your face to meet hers, her smile wide and eyelids lowered.
“I’ll bet you’d enjoy that, too, wouldn’t you?”
You nervously chuckle.
“Uh, Lila,” you say, “when you said you enjoyed learning more about me–er, what did I tell you?”
Lila giggled and leaned down closer. She quietly said, “Nothing I didn’t already suspect.”
You gulp, again nervous. Maybe she’d… help you relax again?
Your heart pounds as her tail slides further around you, coils shifting upward, nestling close around your neck.
“But I did enjoy learning about your body.”
Lila softly pats your head and you moan before you can stop yourself.
“Would it be okay if I learn more?” she asks.
You nod in a slow, jerking rhythm, shaking still. Lila leans closer, your faces nearly touching, her eyes taking your focus.
“And would you like me to help you relax with my eyes?” she whispers.
Another jerky nod. Lila holds your face still as her coils push your gaze up.
“Then just look deep into my eyes,” she says, beautiful violets filling her eyes, “let your mind sink”–blues expand from the center of her eyes–“let me cover your mind with my spell”–lavenders, lovely flowery ripples in her eyes–“and relax.”
You stare, eyes wide in fascination at the colors. You feel them snake through into your mind, feel Lila’s presence settle over you as her tail settles over your body. Your nervous smile relaxes into a soft, wide smile, mouth dropping open until Lila, with a giggle, taps it shut.
“That’s good, isn’t it?” Lila asks.
“Good…” you hazily mutter, the colors of her eyes shimmering at the edge of your vision to obscure the world. Only Lila is in focus now. Only Lila should be in focus.
“Just relax,” Lila says. “Second dates are the fun ones.”
Just relax, let your gaze,
Fill with such a pretty haze,
Let my voice, soft and smooth,
Gently drop you and soothe.
Stare at me, sway with me,
Let my soft tail massage you,
Sink until, I’m all you see,
And all you hear is my soft croon…


Blood Date

Journal Entry 20XX/XX/01
I went on my first proper date with Hilja tonight! It was kind of awkward in the restaurant with all the people around, and I joked maybe we should have held the date in an elevator haha. We got to know each other a little better, though.
I offered her a sip when she walked me home. That was as nerve-wracking as the restaurant, but she declined, said elevator was different, she needed to then. Wanted to take voluntary feeding slowly. I understood. Might spend part of later dates alone in more relaxing environment.
Journal Entry 20XX/XX/11
omgomgomgomgomgomgomgomg aaaahahahhhhhhh~~~~~~~
I think I’m still a little woozy, hahaha. We’re getting more comfortable with each other. After we sat home a little while Hilja asked for a sip! Of course I said yes!!
Her eyes are beautifuuuuulllll
I love staring into her eyes so much and the prick on my neck didn’t hurt at all and she said I tasted good and I’m so happy we can do this! She said she only took a little blood and I told her she could take as much as she thought appropriate.
I love her.
Journal Entry 20XX/XX/14
Had another date with Hilja. It seemed more awkward at the resutrant than_____ usual
Whoops a little woozy haha
Hilja seemd a little antsy. I think she was hawanting to have another rink. I ahppily obliged of course! her eyes get prettier every time.
Journal Entry 20XX/XX/17
Hilja and I decided to have a night in. It was wonderful cand much better than atthe restruant. She made me a delcious meal and after I made her a delcious meal. her eyes are so perfect i could look into the allni ght, her arms arund me, fangs agans neck
Journal Entry 20XX/XX/19
it’s so good spending the evening with Hilja i love her idddddd i want to go home with Her stay with Her
she sys i can’t because her dad wouldn’t let it maybe She can move in with me instead
i ust want to see her and nsuggle and let Her drink from me
Journal Entry 20XX/XX/20
i enntddd uuup calllling Hiiiilllljaaa to commmme over aggain tonighit
i love beigngth whti Her just Her thinnnnnnnnnnnnk only of Her She loveesses to drink from me every day every day every day She’s com agn tmrw
Journal Entry 20XX/XX/21
loove Her looove Her loooove Her
Hillllja loooooks soooooo bright beauaeeuatuful after drink, loves me loves my blood says She feels sooo goooood aftr feed happy to make Her happy
Journal Entry 20XX/XX/22
looove love loove love loove
loove love Hilja loooove love
love loove lovoovelovelovelove
Journal Entry 20XX/XX/23

Journal Entry 20XX/XX/24
I’m writing this entry for you because you’d gotten so weak recently.
I’m so sorry. I should have been stronger. That’s the weakness of a vampire. We can’t control our desires… but we can control others’ desires.
I want to cry thinking about it. We’re slaves to desires, and while you could help me resist that desire we just make you a slave to that desire, too.
(You just said, “No, no, don’t blame yourself, I was leading us into it from the start. We both need to be strong, and we can.”)
{There’s a marked out section here. I remember Hilja got nervous when she wrote it originally, and when I had a glance of it I think it read, “I think I love you.” My heart swells thinking about it.}
You make me actually feel like I’m… normal.
So, what happened tonight.
We’d started seeing each other every night. Every night I hypnotized you and drank blood, and I think I knew you were getting weak but I fooled myself to think you were okay because I couldn’t stop. I’m not even sure you knew you were getting weak.
You say you’ve been kind of in a daze for the last week, whether because you’re low on blood or have been in my gaze too much.
My dad suspected something, with us seeing each other so often. Of course, I denied anything was amiss or wrong. I was just doing the vampire thing…
Hah. Dad’s been doing the vampire thing far longer. They’ve taught me everything about it. I’d probably have been staked or turned into a murderous monster without them.
I probably almost did, but they made me listen. And I realized I was doing you wrong.
You didn’t realize that.
I showed up at your place tonight with a grim look, I’m sure. We had to slow down. I stood on your porch, fear holding me that I wouldn’t be able to stop myself.
You opened the door and that fear faded. I saw your pale skin and glazed look and was only concerned for you.
At that moment I knew I could stop for you.
“Come on in,” you said, only a small fraction of your smile appearing happy. Most of it looked dazed, either from weakness or lost in a spell I wanted you to break out of. You shuffled to the couch.
“I already ate,” you said, “so you can go ahead and eat if you’re ready, Hilja.” You said my name, but I could tell for a brief moment you almost said “mistress”.
I sat down next to you and said, “We need to stop.”
You stared into my eyes for half a minute before responding.
You seemed to be expecting more hypnosis, but got a rejection you didn’t understand at first.
“What?” you asked. Your glazed expression seemed uncomprehending.
“We’re doing too much. We’re going too fast. It’s not healthy for either of us.”
“What do you mean?” you asked.
“I can’t take your blood every night,” I said. “You’ll get too weak. I’ll get too greedy. We need to limit ourselves.”
You smiled. “No, but I’m okay, I can handle it.” You snuggled up to me, baring your neck to me. “I want to let you have your blood. Just like in the elevator.”
I shook my head. “I needed blood then. I don’t want to make myself feel a constant need for it.” Even then I could feel myself twitch, my fangs ached; I did feel a small need to take your blood. But it wasn’t a dangerous need, it wasn’t a physical one. It was a psychological one.
You hugged me, looking up at me with pleading eyes. “But you’re gooood at controlling things. You can control meeee; you can control yourself.”
“No,” I said, looking away. “I’m not good at controlling myself. That’s part of being a vampire. I’ll become addicted to it…”
I looked at you. “You’ll become addicted to me. The feedback loop would destroy us.”
You frowned and looked away. “I don’t understand…” You looked back with a smile. “Mmmmaybe I could understand if you, um, hypnotize me some?”
I pushed you to the other side of the couch.
You fell back like a rag doll, weak from lack of blood.
“Please don’t tempt me,” I said. I think my voice shook. If you didn’t understand… I thought I might have had to break it off. My accursed vampire curse ruining something good for me again.
That’s when you said the word.
“Please, mistress?” you said.
I never wanted that relationship with you, but it was where we were heading. I hated what I did to you. You looked pathetic now, a far cry when you bravely stepped forward to offer help to the dangerous vampire. Now you wanted that dangerous vampire.
I needed you to see this.
Maybe I could make you see it.
That was dangerous thinking.
But it gave me an idea. I gathered my strength.
“Look into my eyes,” I said, rising with a strong tone. I released my hypnotic power into you, grabbing control and holding your attention.
Two paths. I could have broken there and continued our spiral descent…
I held you in a blank, unaware state, and stood off the couch. I could have taken you there, too, but I still had a chance.
I grabbed a mirror from the wall. I couldn’t reflect on myself in it…
But you could reflect on yourself.
I placed the mirror in front of you and placed my hand on your head to wake you up. You blinked, groaning, staring at the mirror.
“Huh?” you asked. “Who… is that?”
Surely you’d seen yourself in the mirror lately, but you’d known it was you.
{The following part is in different handwriting}
I think I’m well enough to write this next part… because as you suspected, when I woke up from that trance and saw myself I thought it was some poor soul at first. They looked washed out, a pale shell, ghastly even.
The slow realization that the gaunt figure was myself shocked me into perspective.
You were right. We were overdoing it. Much more and I would become a shade of myself, a body empty of life…
I want to share my life with you, not give up my life to you.
(Note to self: ask Hilja if, though we’re reducing how often she drinks my blood to once a week, if that has to mean we reduce how often she hypnotizes me.)

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