April Microstory Collection

Touched by a Slime…gel
Brain Chip off the Old Block


You sit back on the couch together, no sounds but your breathing, his soft hands rubbing your shoulders, and his gentle voice.
“What are you thinking about right now?” he asks.
He laughs. “Can’t get me out of your head, can you?”
He rubs a hand up your neck and over your cheek. You’re a little dazed, not too deep but enough that you just want to follow him.
“Anything you want to do?” he asks.
“Whatever you like.”
He leans closer and whispers, “I’m sure you can think of something… Just think of all the ways I could hypnotize you.”
You see a pendulum before you, swinging back and forth, holding your attention. Colors swirl from it, phantom colors rippling as it goes. He whispers words of relaxation as he further massages you.
A visor slips over your eyes and you see a world of beautiful swirls, colors twirling into your mind and draining your thoughts. Your skin tingles as a smooth fabric slips over your body, tight and encompassing, and you feel a jolt as the latex reaches your neck and insets a chip.
All your thoughts become further hypnotic directives; your grin turns wobbly as a soft scent wafts through your senses, filling your head with a warm, sweet feeling, and you drink deeply of a substance filling your body with love and desire…
He laughs as you lay sprawled on his knees, your dazed look showing how entranced you are from one command.
“You really do have a powerful imagination, don’t you?” he says, wiping a little drool off your cheek.


You stare into the lamia’s eyes as a stream of blue rings flows out. Each ring feels like a soft wave rolling against you, and it’s so easy to sway with the rolling waves of her eyes.
“That’s it, cutie,” the lamia says. “Drink deep from my eyes.”
“Look deep into the growing expanse of my eyes,” she says, “as wide and deep and endless as the ocean.” Your head begins to drop but she holds your chin up in a hand, as if keeping your face from dropping into water.
“Follow me.” She goads you closer as she leans up close.
“Follow me into the expansive ocean of my eyes.” She wraps her tail around you, each loop like a rising wave pulling you under. She pulls on your chin as if leading you into the sea. “Follow me, follow my eyes, swim with me into the ocean. You want to follow me so far, so deep.”
You’re out in the ocean now, the ocean of her eyes, rippling blue swirling around you washing over you. You lie back on the water, nothing but endless depths below, nothing but endless depths to her eyes.
“There are only my eyes,” she says. “Swim in the ocean of my eyes.”
“Further, deeper, wash your mind in my eyes.” She squeezes her tail around you, the soft waters of her ocean swaying around you, hugging you close.
“You’re so far now, you can’t see the shore anymore,” she says. “The ocean is the entire world. I am your entire world.”
“Sink into my hypnotic spell, sink into the waters flooding your mind.” She pulls you closer. “Drown in the drenching beauty of my eyes; you need not fear.” She kisses you, holding your mouths and exchanging breaths for a moment. “I’ll keep you safe. I’ll breathe life into you.”


You look into her swirling eyes of blue, bright and endless as the clearest sky. She whispers to you and you tingle, feeling yourself rising, your head getting lighter. Though her eyes are clear, your head feels cloudy, but it’s relaxing as you glide on a cloud…

Touched by a Slime…gel

Chesa sat on the edge of a massage bed, tapping her flippers together and rubbing her blonde hair. Her tail curled around her, the flippers at the end swishing back and forth.
Her therapist ordered a spa day for her to get over being touch shy, but she was having second thoughts.
Being touch shy wasn’t so much of a problem, was it? Not so much to go through all this trouble, anyway?
The seal tapped her feet against the massage bed, trying to calm her nerves. It probably wouldn’t be so bad. People do this to relax, right? She could get through it.
Chesa suddenly stiffened. She peered to the side and saw a girl covered in goo watching her. She yelped and jumped back inches from falling to the floor.
“W-Who are you?” she asked.
“Oh! Sorry.” The lady covered in slime smiled. “I didn’t want to startle you. I guess I did anyway.”
Chesa stared at the girl and her jaw dropped.
“Wait.” She wasn’t covered in slime, she was…
She was…
Very long…
“You’re a slime girl?”
“Oh, not just a slime girl.” She extended a slimy tail; Chesa couldn’t bring herself to take the offer to shake.
“I’m Ageul, and I’ll be your slime lamia massage therapist today.”
“I w-wasn’t made aware of this!” Chesa said.
Ageul frowned. “Oh. Really? Well.” She looked behind her. “I’d check the chart, but I lost it in my tail somewhere.”
The violet slime lamia grinned at Chesa. “But don’t worry, it’s very relaxing.” She clapped. “It’s just like taking a bath.”
Chesa stared at the goo of her hands. “A very sticky bath.”
Ageul waved a hand. “It’s not as sticky as you might think.”
Chesa sighed. “Well, I guess I’m here. I’ll try it. You’ll back away if I ask you to stop, right?”
“Oh sure, totally,” Ageul said. “Okay, if you’re ready now, take your clothes off and we’ll get started.”
Despite her arctic white fur Chesa’s face turned a heated red. “ExCUSE me?”
Ageul chuckled and leaned on the mattress bed. “Just kidding. But now you’ll feel much more relieved that you don’t have to do that.”
“No I–that’s not–” Chesa stood off the bed. “That’s terribly unprofessional. I can’t do this.”
She stepped away. Ageul’s eyes widened.
“No, wait, I’m sorry.” She reached out and held Chesa’s flipper.
Chesa’s usual panic of being touched ran against a tingle that left her arm feeling like a lead weight; letting it hang was the most natural thing in the world. Moving it was such work.
“It was unprofessional, I’m sorry,” Ageul said.
“Huh?” Chesa blinked. “Oh. Oh, yes!” She walked back to the massage bed. “W-Well, I accept your apology. J-Just don’t–”
She walked right into the massage bed and stumbled to the floor.
“Oh! Oh, dear, here, let me help you up.” Ageul held Chesa’s arms and helped her up; her slime brushed Chesa’s legs, their tails brushed by, and Chesa stumbled further.
“I-I-I must be nervous,” Chesa said. “III might need help getting on the bed. Could you l-lift me on it?”
Chesa shook her head. Did she just say what she thought she said.
“Of course!” Ageul said. “Hold still, I’ll help you on the bed.” She slithered a thick midsection of her slimy tail around Chesa to help her up and lie down on the massage bed. Chesa already felt like a puddle.
There was something she was angry about before, but that slime was so surprisingly smooth, it really was like a bath, soaking into her fur, massaging her skin…
As Ageul massaged Chesa’s flippers she wrapped her tail around her legs, sliding separate loops around her tail.
“How does it feel so far?” Ageul asked.
“Niiice…” Chesa blinked. She was surprised at herself; she’d never been this open to being touched like this. Maybe this spa day really was just what she needed.
“Happy to hear it!” Ageul said.
Chesa’s surprise lessened as Ageul wrapped further and thicker coils. It wasn’t that she was getting used to it; she just had less headspace to be surprised.
This concerned her until she didn’t have enough headspace to be concerned. She was too focused on the slime.
Chesa could forget her worries and sink in the slime coils like a nice, encompassing bath. She chuckled.
“You’rre so cooool,” she said. “Soffter than I’xpec’d.”
She wasn’t good with the hot weather, and the cooling slime relaxed her further.
“Thank you,” Ageul said.
As the slime lamia wrapped up Chesa’s flippers she moved to the seal’s head.
“You have very pretty hair,” Ageul said.
Ageul peered at Chesa’s grinning face and giggled. “You’re really enjoying this, huh? Glad you stayed?”
“Kinda wish I had take’ my clothes off.”
Ageul’s eyes widened and her face bubbled in a blush. She chuckled.
“I–I did say I was joking before,” she said. She coughed. “Anyway, let me just…”
Ageul massaged Chesa’s head, and the seal’s headspace became dedicated to the slime.
Chesa’s mind was encased in thoughts of slime, electric tingling all over her body sending her mind into a slimy spin. She never wanted a moment she wasn’t touching the slime. She belonged to the slime. It melted her cares away. It melted her thoughts away…
“How’s it feeling?” Ageul asked.
Chesa gave no response.
“Eh?” Ageul looked at Chesa’s glazed eyes. “Are you… o…kay…”
Ageul yelped. She recognized that eye glaze. “Oh no, oh no.” She diluted herself! Her slime shouldn’t have done anything more than a slight buzz!
Someone would have to have had their mind ran through a sieve for her slime to have put them in a trance!
Ageul started to pull her tail off Chesa to try and wake her up when she caught notice of Chesa’s chart in her slime tail.
She grabbed it and read it over.
Ageul looked at Chesa. Well… the goal was for her to get over being touch shy.
Ageul resumed the massage. Maybe this would just get her over being slime shy, but it’s a start, right?


You weren’t sure what to make of it at first. The grassy field appeared to blow in the wind, but the air was still. It wasn’t until you got closer did you see it was the green scales of a snake.
By then you stared into the lamia’s green eyes.
The soft, shining, swirling green eyes of the lamia beckoned you. Their eyes like lush fields of soft grass, relaxing to lie in. The lamia drew you closer; you skipped in the rolling green fields with your wonderful friend.
You skipped through the field into the forest.
Green trees and vines hung overhead in the forest. The lamia’s green tail hung over you like a vine, their green eyes shimmering dark. You get so lost in those eyes, following them into the forest, eyes deep and dark. So dark, you can’t see past the lamia.
The lamia drew you into the deep, dark forest with the deep, dark green of their eyes. You lost your way in the forest of their eyes, but they found you, brought you in, surrounded you in the forest of their tail, lost in a green world of dark beauty.
You sink into the forest of their green tail, a part of them, a part of their forest. You belong in the forest, with them. You are a part of their forest. You have always been a part of their forest. Lost forever in their green, green eyes…

Brain Chip off the Old Block

It had been a long time since Mandi suggested the idea to me. At first I thought it was just a wistful thought experiment, a way to make all our lives easier. I had no idea they’d been working out a way to make it real. I had no idea those hints was to make me think about it.
“It would be so much easier if everyone just believed what we told them to.”
True, if useless. If the Foundation didn’t have to worry about hiding things by having people not believe it, they could focus resources on containment. As it was, propaganda would have to suffice.
“We have all these SCP objects that can effect perspective, it would be trivial to utilize it to change perspective to what we need.”
Maybe we did have the capability, but the Foundation doesn’t do that stuff. We contain abnormal objects to prevent their use, not to use them.
“In the past they were used, and there have been attempts to revive this practice made.”
But it wouldn’t be right, altering people’s perspective of reality. They have the right to believe what they want, it’s just our job to keep what’s harmful to their beliefs from them.
“The Foundation already uses devices to revert the universe back to what’s considered a ‘proper’ state of ‘reality’.”
That’s actually changing what’s real, not what people believe is real.
Then I was promoted high enough to learn how some of those devices worked.
Dreamers. Dreamers that were set to dream of what we decreed reality to be. Enough of them believed one thing, that would be reality.
But they were just dreaming! We didn’t force waking people to believe something else.
“They are waking people we forced to dream our reality. Is that any worse than waking people we force to see our reality?”
They just some anomalous people, though, they didn’t change the perception of–that is–
“Real people?”
I was silent after that.
I hated my next argument, because it meant for all intents and purposes I’d conceded:
It wasn’t doable on a worldwide scale.
“We’ll start small testing. Proof of concept at first.” Mandi grinned at this next part. “We’ll even use D-Class–like you almost said, not real people!”
I fruitlessly tried to argue the other work wasn’t using SCPs like Mandi suggested.
I knew what Project Orpheus used, though. They were already using SCPs. It was just that the SCPs were the subjects in that case.
Finally, we went forward with testing.
First testing was a proof of concept. Once we knew we could alter their perception with the brain chip we would submit the findings and begin devising a way to make it simpler, hopefully as simple as attaching it to the back of their heads.
It was a delicate procedure, but we we were delicate operators. open a hole in the skull, insert SCP-####, then close it up. Once the surly D-Class was up and walking around again, we began our first test.
We let SCP-529 out of the kennel, and asked the D-Class what he saw.
“It’s that poor kitty with her back half missing,” the D-Class said.
“Good,” I said. The D-Class, though surly to most people, had a history of kindness to cats before arriving in prison. “Please give 529 a pet.”
He pet the front of 529, avoiding the nonexistent back. 529 purred and leaned into him.
“Please pet the back of 529 as well.”
The D-Class grunted and made an attempt to pet 529’s back, though his wobbling arm showed he couldn’t tell where that was exactly.
Once the control test was over, Mandi typed in the brain chip’s parameters as we’d planned. The D-Class’, standing stiff as usual, seemed to slouch with glazed eyes. I cleared my throat.
“Please state your name.”
The D-Class stiffened up again and glared at me. “Johnathan Jones. Not that you lot care.”
“And what do you see before you on the table?”
The D-Class looked at 529 and his eyes glazed over again.
“Gray tabby cat,” he said as if reading off a card.
“Anything unusual about it?”
“Nothing I can see,” the D-Class said.
“Please pet the cat.”
The D-Class pet 529, front and back, his hand level as if he really did pet an entire cat despite 529’s back not existing.
It worked. He fully believed, saw, and felt 529 was an ordinary cat.
Mandi grinned at me, and I smiled back. One test was a start. Many more would be needed. But every test that day, on visual, olfactory, gustatory, auditory, and somatosensory were positive. The D-Class would believe what we intended him to. He didn’t detect anything anomalous.
Mandi changes the parameters for the brain chip. Her deputy scientist, Ferald, left the testing room for the day. She had a few moments with the D-Class. She grinned.
“Can you hear me?” The D-Class sighed.
“Do you see Dr. Ferald on the table?” I’d placed a teddy bear on the table. The D-Class turned to it. His eyes glazed over.
“Please kill him.”
The D-Class’ eyes snapped open. “This isn’t a trick, is it? No one said anything about testing where I’m to try and kill someone.”
“You’re right about that,” Mandi said. She typed in one parameter to flip to an on state, and the D-Class’ eyes glazed over again. “Can you still hear me?”
The D-Class twitched as if her voice physically pushed him, and he droned, “Yyeess.”
“Please kill Dr. Ferald.”
The teddy bear didn’t really stand a chance; the D-Class was gentle with cats, but rough as could be when it came to humans–or what he perceived as humans.
Mandi cackled quietly. She had no intention of killing the real Dr. Ferald…
But he might fall as collateral damage once Mandi Rez had an army brainwashed under the chip to unleash mayhem.
And she would get the Foundation itself to program the world to enact its very own destruction.

Chesa is SNESMinion’s character

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