Character Profile: Ageul

Art by Driplette! (NSFW)

Name: Ageul Vodá
Species: Slime lamia (slimia?)
Setting: Any, but primarily swampland or forest, human civilization works if human hybrids are public knowledge. Often depicted living in the Vasyugan Swamps of Russia.
Sexuality: Aceflux. Ageul is generally asexual when low on water, but when she’s highly hydrated she can become allosexual. In this case she’s pansexual, although being that she’s made of slime exactly what this entails is… difficult to pin down.
Ancestry: Russian, Spanish
Birthday: August 8th
Microstories: Blood and Slime are Thicker than Water, Touched by a Slime…gel, Goo, Slime Wash
Slime’s Shy, Short When Dry
When Lamia’s Moist, Longer and Roist
Swamp Slime
River Rider
Soporific Touch
From Mistake to Pursuit
Dragging Ideal
Mops up Messes
Swamped Senses and Taste
Body Dyes
Hair Wringer
Slimy Spa
Slime Hockey
*Slime’s Shy, Short When Dry
Although Ageul is always interested in meeting new people, she’s timid and shy, making it hard for her to. She’ll slowly approach someone, and if they start to leave she’ll give up. If they remain in one place for a while she can eventually build up the courage to say hello, but she’ll be quiet and not very forthcoming, though she’s friendly, especially after getting to know someone. This is more pronounced the drier she is—when she has less water her tail is shorter and she’s more viscous, less goopy and drippy. At a certain point she almost looks like a non-slime lamia and could stealth pass for one. She’s not very sticky and someone can push against her solid surface without too much slime sticking to them.
*When Lamia’s Moist, Longer and Roist
Though Ageul is shy, she can be touchy-feely and desires to hug and coil and squeeze and slime solid beings. She’ll usually timidly ask someone if they’re interested rather than force them to, but she can become more forceful if she becomes saturated with water. The more water she has the more liquidy and goopier she becomes, as well as making her tail longer—when fully saturated her tail is immeasureable. She can grow to be at least a hundred feet, but as she becomes longer it takes more water to fully saturate her, so she may not have an upper limit in length.
Her tail can also grow thicker, though that upper limit is about half a meter radius. As she becomes more saturated her features become more amorphous and blobbier. She becomes stickier and much easier for someone to fall inside her, though eventually she becomes less sticky as she becomes more watery.
Swamp Slime
Ageul comes from the swamp—depending on the setting the Vasyugan Swamps of Russia. She often still lives there, although a story may have her having left the swamp, especially when she works at or owns a spa (although she may just have a spa out in the swamp, too). She’s most at home there, with plenty of water for her to absorb and grow her tail, but land she can climb onto to dry herself if need be. The land and air is always moist enough she won’t dehydrate, though.
*River Rider
Though from a still, unmoving swamp, Ageul is interested in rivers and the path they go through the land. Often if she’s in a setting away from the swamp she left because she wanted to float down a river and watch the landscape go by, swirling in the rapids and curving down the banks. She’ll play with fish and fishers along the way—the latter by jumping out and hugging them, although she’ll usually leave them where she found them and continue on her river journey. (Sometimes she’ll get too into it and bring them alone, and then get embarrassed and apologetic for getting them lost.) She might even cause a stir by floating down a river into a city.
*Soporific Touch
Ageul’s tail has a soporific effect on those who touch it, putting them into a sleepy daze. Further touch results in a hypnotic compel to touch further, sending them into a further hypnotic, soporific compel. Naturally those she coils have their minds quickly fade into a haze with thoughts only of her slime. Her upper body only has this effect when she’s more saturated with water, at which point any hug from her results in a desire to hug back.
*From Mistake to Pursuit
The more saturated Ageul becomes the more forceful she’ll be, but she’ll still usually be polite about it. However, she seems forgetful about the soporific effect of her tail and slime, and is usually surprised to find those she hugs in a daze. She’ll roll with it, though, nothing wrong with helping someone take a nice nap, but once she’s held someone in her tail and felt their skin and flesh she can become more obsessive. She’ll want to keep them without consulting them in a more sensible state (after all they’re perfectly happy to stay, no need to ask when they’re not hypnotized). If they do wake up and flee she’ll likely actively pursue them, especially if she’s saturated and already forceful and full of desire, and may only stop if she becomes drier and smaller (although even then she might try to trick them into falling back into her slime).
*Dragging Ideal
Ageul’s ideal encounter is to hold someone close in her arms. She’ll dip into a body of water with them and absorb the water, her tail growing in length which she begins to coil around them longer and longer until they’re completely immersed in her, squeezed with her body sticking to and engulfing them. One slight issue with this is the potential for the person to drown in the water, but she has a method to keep water out of someone’s lungs and give them air. It’s called kissing.
*Mops up Messes
While Ageul’s sticky slime can cover and smother and splash all over someone, she has an absorbent property allowing her to absorb liquid, including her own slime. Thus if one pass of her saturated hand covers someone in slime, another pass could remove it all as she absorbs it back, leaving the person clean.
She can absorb liquids easily, too, making her even more convenient than a towel—perhaps too convenient as she can leave someone a bit too dry. However, she can use this to clear out waterlogged lungs and help someone drowning stay under; with a kiss she’ll send her slime down someone’s throat, absorbing the excess water, then pull it back out. This is scientifically feasible, right! Regardless, it does have some downsides.
*Swamped Senses and Taste
Ageul tastes awful. Seriously, she tastes like swamp water. Just, absolutely disgusting. While her overwhelming touch can swamp someone’s senses until all they can think of is her slime, swallowing her is a different story. It retains the hypnotic, soporific effect, but there is no desire to ingest more, and it only lasts under a minute as the foul taste can shock someone out of it. This makes kissing her taste like kissing a swamp witch.
*Body Dyes
When Ageul absorbs liquid with colors, those colors will naturally migrate to her hair and tail. Thus if she selectively absorbs certain liquids she can dye her hair and give her tail a specific pattern. Given she can’t wear most clothing this is her best option for dressing up, and she can get pretty stylish if she mixes different liquids. Check out the end of the profile for some examples!
*Hair Wringer
Ageul’s hair is long and sticky, easy for someone to get stuck to it—even Ageul. Her hair only has a soporific, dizzying effect when it’s saturated with water, but the more saturated her hair is the less sticky it gets. Ageul can wring the water out of her hair. The resulting slime from this can be used as a mud mask. Along with the usual mud mask properties of exfoliating and clearing out debris from deep in the skin, the material has a soporific effect, causing the wearer to drift into a drowsy sleep quickly, making for an even more relaxing spa experience.
Slimy Spa
With Ageul’s soporific slime and tendency to squeeze and coil, plus her ability to make soporific mud masks from her saturated hair, she sometimes utilizes this to work in a spa. She may own it or only work in it depending on the setting. She’ll often forget about her hypnotic quality, but no one ever complains. She’s an excellent masseur, after all, and can give someone a full spa treatment without ever leaving her coils.
*Slime Hockey
Ageul’s favorite sport is ice hockey! She doesn’t usually play or see it in the swamp, but when she moves down a river elsewhere she might be closer to a lake that’ll freeze. She enjoys playing it, but typically gets a lot of fouls for roughness. She claims she’s not rough but rather as gentle as can be, but it’s hard to argue that it’s legal for her to tackle, squeeze, and coil an opposing player. After several fouls in as many minutes her team usually has her defend the goal. She can use her tail for some tricky plays, though!