Character Profile: Amaru

Artwork by Hypno Zombie!

Name: Amaru
Species: Jinn
Setting: Any that allows for magic, which I think is any pretty much
Sexuality: Pansexual, although jinn don’t have sex in the typical human way and it could be seen as a version of placiosexuality.
Jinn Origins
Jinn are creatures of thought and desire, formed from imagication—the magic of imagination. They came into being when the first intelligent beings imagined something and wished for it—they are, ultimately, beings of wishes. They are the spirit of desire given tangible form, and like humans and other beings have desires they wish to see fulfilled. As intelligent beings spread over the world so they did, too, but although beings of desire, that doesn’t mean they’re obligated to grant such wishes. They can be trapped, and forced to make a deal to grant wishes in exchange for their freedom, and some are even trapped for an extended period of time. Those who do so can often become tricksters out of spite, granting wishes with a cursed bent, while those who grant them freely often do so with pure intent.
Wish Fulfillment Career
Amaru is one of many jinn who decided to organize the whole wish-granting business. She set up shop in her small home, and those who summon her she grants wishes to, usually three. She can choose not to, or outright refuse—she is under no obligation to, not trapped or bound to her pot home. She can also twist the wish any way she wants. Generally this would be poor customer service, though, so as long as she doesn’t disagree with the wish she will often grant it. Or she might convince them to wish for something else depending on her mood.
Whatever Your Pleasure (or Whatever Her Pleasure)
When Amaru is summoned from her pot and a wish is made she will typically do one of two things. Often she will grant the wish as they ask, no trickery or twisting, simply following what they wish. However, sometimes she’s feeling . . . frisky. In these instances she may convince whoever summoned her to wish for something she wants, which she does using hypnotic magic. Either she will hypnotize them to wish for something, or she’ll take their wish and twist it into a wish to be hypnotized. Usually she does this when feeling amorous and wants to transfer it to someone else, arousing the unsuspecting soul through hypnosis.
Pretty Colors
Amaru’s hypnosis isn’t only used to control someone’s wishes and arousal. She has two levels of hypnosis, a strong, controlling type with vivid, contrasting colors to overwhelm the subject’s mind, and a much softer green type, which aside from relaxing the subject, she can use to enter their mind and learn their desires. In cases she isn’t feeling frisky, and her master is indecisive on what they want, she can use this to explore their mind and bring out their desires to the surface, helping them determine what they do want to wish for. She can swap between these types of hypnosis on the fly, though, so be careful—she may offer to help you explore your desires, but suddenly change to make you explore her desires!
She can also change the color of her tail/smoke at will, and if she focuses can make it constantly shift among a rainbow of colors, which can become hypnotic in of itself, easy to get trapped in if she circles her tail around someone and surrounds them with rapidly color-changing smoke.
Potted Office
Amaru lives not in a lamp as genies are depicted, but rather a pot modeled after those used to carry perfume, used in the central South American region she’s from thousands of years ago. It’s actually quite expansive when she shrinks down, and has set up both a home and office inside. In the office she keeps records of wishes she’s made, particularly those with far-reaching consequences, and has a line she can use to reach other jinn which helps keep their knowledge of how jinn have changed the world through wishes up-to-date. The pot itself has a snake and dragon design, reflecting her relation to these creatures.
Snakes and Dragons
Amaru is connected to snakes and dragons, having some slight characteristics related to both and having an affinity for them. She has had pet snakes in the past, and her pot once spent an extended period of time in a dragon’s hoard when she took a vacation from granting wishes. Her hypnotic eyes are also similar to that of snakes, and her smoke can take the consistency of dragon breath. Her hair sometimes has the appearance of a dragon’s flame. While she can transform into a lamia or a dragon girl, this isn’t the extent of her hybrid transformation.
Whatever Monster You Like
Amaru has the natural ability to change form into any human hybrid, or “monster girl” as some call it. While her affinity is for lamias and dragons, she can turn into any others as a disguise or if she senses someone has a preference for that form. They all retain some characteristics of her default jinn form, and there are some she’s more familiar with than others. Like in her jinn form she can change her colors at will, although what changes depends on the form—lamia or dragon scales, harpy feathers, snail shell, etc.
Happy Humans
Amaru’s ultimate goal with granting wishes is to make humans happy. She loves humans, she thinks they’re clever and cute and funny and loves to see them smile. Of course, she sometimes has her own idea of what would make a human happy, but that doesn’t mean she won’t end up seeing them smile. Happy their way or happy her way, as long as they’re happy she’s satisfied.
Movie Night
It’s for no reason that Amaru likes humans, though. She’s been interested in watching human civilization advance, and she was particularly enamored by the film industry. After humans started making films she started watching them inside her pot often, especially horror films. Why she likes horror films exactly is a bit inscrutable. She also likes kaiju films a lot, especially when the kaiju is a big lizard given her affinity for snakes and dragons.
Amaru sometimes makes the claim that she brought human hybrids/”monster girls” into the world, sometimes as a gift from her and sometimes through a wish someone made long ago. However, it’s impossible to know for sure. Given her close connection to them it’s possible, but it’s just as likely she’s fabricating it.
Perhaps in some worlds this is true, and in others it is not.

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