Character Profile: Anne

Artwork of Anne with her sister Enna, by KinkyBism


Name: Anne Koizumi
Species: Lamia
Setting: Jungle, mostly
Sexuality: Pansexual
Ancestry: Japanese with a general mixture of south Asian
Birthday: June 27th
Stories: A Reporter’s Loop Scoop
Microstories: Held by Hypnosis, No Help From the Help, A Queen Always Gets Her Way, Queen’s Knight or Hunter’s Knight
Not One but Two!
Regal Demeanor
Clever Girl
Obsessive Ensnarer
Sisterly Relations
Scaly Illusion
Weak Hypnosis
Kiss of Fate
Comedy Hour
Politics Hour
Camp More Often Than Home
*Not One but Two!
Anne is a twin lamia, her sister being named Enna. She enjoys introducing each other. Superficially they look almost identical, but the two have different styles and hold themselves differently. Their only difference in appearance they can’t change are their eyes—while Anne has a blue left eye and an amber right eye, Enna has an amber left eye and a blue right eye. Most don’t notice this, though, and they use their identical looks to trick travelers into thinking there’s only one of them before revealing the traveler is outnumbered. The two will often alter their appearance to match the other, though Anne is often annoyed at messying up her hair and wrinkling her dress, but enjoys the confused and frightened look of travelers when they find out.
*Regal Demeanor
Anne holds herself with the poise and grace you’d expect to see at an old French ball rather than out in the jungle. The dresses she wears are neat and prim and they drape from her like royal garbs. Her hair she coifs and curls, held with pins and clips to appear more ornate than anything natural. She holds herself quite like a princess, and often seems to expect to be treated like one and have all the benefits therein, including a leadership role. She exudes confidence overshadowed only by her ego; she can easily talk her way out of a difficult situation, though she’s less capable of talking someone into it. Even when her temper flares she conducts herself with majesty and, rather than become physical, lets her words drip with venom.
*Clever Girl
Anne is smart and quick on the thought. She can analyze a situation quickly and often has a clever reply or solution. She considers herself a natural-born leader, even if no one else does, but she is often able to use trickery and wiles to get what she wants.
*Obsessive Ensnarer
Anne has an obsessive side longer than her own tail. If she catches sight of a human she finds attractive, she will stalk and stake them out for days to determine the best method of approach. Once she has her tail around them she’ll never let go. Once she has them under her spell she considers them her property. Her obsessive behavior can be controlling and even a little mad; her sister has even remarked that she can enter deranged territory if something goes wrong.
Anne denies this, of course, but she can quickly become jealous and possessive if she doesn’t get her way, sometimes breaking down in sadness but usually leading instead to a craving for power and control. She seeks emotional connections with those she’s attracted to, but she’s generally unable to make it without tricks and coercion, often through hypnosis. She can easily become obsessed with someone, and once she’s there she’ll make sure they become obsessed with her, until they want nothing but to give themselves up and lose themselves in her love.
*Sisterly Relations
To say that Anne and Enna don’t get along is . . . not strictly true. Anne loves her sister dearly, and she’ll always try to make sure her more wild sister stays out of trouble. That said, more often than not Enna simply gets in Anne’s way. Enna doesn’t share Anne’s view on keeping catches around—her dear sister simply doesn’t understand the physical needs of those attracted to other people. Still, Enna is useful in catching travelers, but the aftermath tends to devolve into an argument, if not a fight. Really, she would be glad for a vacation from her sister, but she knows deep down she would eventually miss her dorky twin and they would have to get back together soon.
No, it’s true—Anne does love Enna. She’s a true sister who will look out for Anne and even help her score a catch, even if she knows what will happen after. And yes, her sister is talented—all their matching outfits designed by none other than Enna.
Anne is, sadly, quite short. Not only is her human body rather short and petite, her tail is much shorter than most lamias, only about 75% the average length. She has enough tail to wrap around the average adult human, but only barely, leaving her with almost no mobility. For this reason, and the section below, Anne will often coil someone with her sister Enna, doubling their short tails to give them 150% more coil capability than the average lamia. Of course, this often leads to arguments over who gets the “catch”.
*Scaly Illusion
Making up for her short tail length are Anne’s scales, pink and blue bands that zigzag along her tail’s circumference like wobbly rounded arrows. A few find this vaguely disorienting alone, but if she coils her tail with her sister Enna in the opposite direction it can create a dizzying optical illusion.
When still their loops continually draw the attention of those whose sight is near it and form the illusion that they’re moving even when they’re not. Looking at it too long can make the viewer dizzy and lose track of what they were doing, spacing out while staring. If they move their tails in opposite directions it creates a stronger illusion and a low-level hypnotic influence that can cement a person’s gaze and make them giddy and sleepy. Staring long enough fills the viewer’s mind with the pattern, unable to think of anything else. The viewer is fully able to look away, but the scales will inevitably draw their attention back immediately after as the world around them is in a pink and blue haze. Under this illusion a person can hear and even respond vaguely, but aren’t necessarily made more suggestible to commands.
*Weak Hypnosis
Anne can create hypnotic azure and violet rings in her eyes—an oddity in lamias, having only two colors instead of three. Her hypnosis is actually quite weak, and requires a longer period of time to fully hypnotize someone. As they can look away fairly easily she also must hold their head in place. Between that and her short tail it can be a challenge to catch someone alone, but she makes up for it with her grace, trickery, and convincing attitude—sometimes she’ll even convince someone they want to be hypnotized. Combined with her beauty, she can often convince someone to let her use another ability on them . . .
Both she and her sister wonder if their abilities and tail length were split between them. If the two sisters hypnotize someone at the same time they can quickly overwhelm them with hypnotic power. This suggests to Anne that had they been one person she would have been a lamia with dominating hypnosis and an impressively long tail.
*Kiss of Fate
The one ability Anne has alone that isn’t boosted by her sister is a poisonous kiss. When she kisses someone on the mouth she releases a poison into them that at first stuns them, leaving them unable to move and pull away, then confuses and leaves them dizzy, before draining them and leaving them sleepy. The latter two effects tend to stack until the subject doesn’t know what’s happening anymore. Anne has perfected her kissing to a soft, seductive art, and the effects of her poison leave the subject unable to resist the alluring pleasure and unable to understand what her kiss is doing to them, leading them to accept it or sometimes push deeper. Once she has them like this they become much more susceptible to her hypnotic eyes and there’s little they can do but fall for her.
*Comedy Hour
Anne likes jokes. Despite her noble, cultured demeanor, she’s actually a big fan of making jokes and puns, which is one reason she likes her sister’s and her names. Sadly though she’s inept at making jokes. They’re just not funny! She thinks they’re funny, though, which isn’t helped by those she hypnotizes laughing along with her just because she’s laughing. Her sister groans at them, then groans more when she accidentally makes a joke.
*Politics Hour
Anne is invested heavily into lamia politics and leadership. Depending on the setting she is often trying to rally lamias into a political group or attain a leadership role or change the laws. A lot of her stances revolve around her idea that she deserves special privileges for being so elegant, although this also extends to her belief lamias in general should be more dominating with humans, while having a strict structure for how it works. Like her jokes, though, she’s rather inept at rallying anyone to her causes and has never actually held any leadership role or office, and her political ideas never catch on.
Camp More Often Than Home
Depending on the setting Anne may live in a lamia village with her sister, sharing a house together. Even so, Anne prefers to spend her time away from the village, waiting in trees for any hapless humans to come by perfect for her to take for herself. She’ll sometimes hang out there with her sister as well, especially if they’re both in a coiling mood and want to find someone. In settings where Anne lives in a village she’s often considered arrogant and annoying and she’s often ignored by other lamias, while some look down on her as she considers them rivals but her weak hypnosis and short stature lead them to consider her an upstart pipsqueak.
It’s hard being Anne. Shhee desserrves betterr. She ddddidnnot hypnotize me to sssay thaaat.