Character Profile: Duth Olec

wait this is me

Name: Duth Olec
Species: Human . . . at least, once.
Setting: The Cloud (anything)
Sexuality: Asexual ;)
Stories: Generally I’m the narrator in every story unless in first person or stated otherwise, however, I have directly appeared in: Led Confusing the Lamia
Wow, haha! I’m getting a profile in the horny erotica romance section before the novels! Go figure!
I’m Duth Olec. I’m the narrator. Usually.
All sections are canon unless stated otherwise.
The Cloud
I always got my head in the clouds. The Cloud, specifically. It’s actually a ship of sorts that can travel through time, space, into other dimensions, anywhere, any universe, any canon, and it has the ability to godmod. By that i mean it can alter reality. Place a tree, change the landscape, rewrite what a character—errr, someone is doing, spawn a hundred chickens, completely change history so that pants were never invented . . . Look, my point is, The Cloud can do anything.
It’s also an ancient piece of junk that breaks down all the time. I’ll get to that in a bit, but right now you might be wondering more about me.
Who the Hex am I, Anyway?
Who’s asking?
Er. I Am.
Oh. Ask a more specific question.
Where Do You Come From?
I come from Earth! Not likely to be your Earth, but rather one that’s gone up in smoke. Totally not my fault, that was Darmenzi. I don’t want to get into it, but the place is a wreck now. Fortunately the ship that became The Cloud just so happened to crash to Earth at the time. Yep, it was an incredible coincidence, and I will not be taking any further questions about my backstory at this time.
What Do You Look Like?
Hmm, yeah, most characters get some art, don’t they? Well, The Cloud has a machine in it that can change appearances, change clothing, change it all, so I never have the same appearance normally, though I always wear glasses. I just take whatever I feel like on a specific day. My clothes tend to be either a purple robe or some sort of dress or some sort of snazzy suit or something. I also usually have long hair, and usually a walrus mustache. I always have glasses.
I also don’t have my right arm.
Cloud Tech
Yeah, so, I lost my right arm because of Darmenzi, but using The Cloud I created a robotic arm for myself. I just . . . kinda . . . jammed it into the stump? It connected all right. Look, technology made by The Cloud doesn’t have to make sense, it’s godmodding! I can play music through it, which always makes scenes more dynamic, and it can connect to the internet; a hatch I flip up has a screen I can use.
Also it can turn into an arm cannon and shoot beams. pew pew
My glasses are fitted with tech as well; I can scan stuff, look through walls, heat vision, shoot laser, and other fun stuff I’ll make up on the spot when I need to.
Also my shoes have springs in them. Boing boing.
Unpaid Never-Ending On-the-Job Training
When I got outta dodge as the Earth was falling apart I didn’t really know how to operate The Cloud. Fortunately the instruction manual was in the computer systems. I think they had to make a new number for how many bytes it took up. The thing is, The Cloud is an incredibly complex and convoluted piece of technology. It took me an entire human lifespan to learn it… about a hundred times over.
I checked out how to extend life and stop aging pretty quickly. I honestly cannot tell you how long I’ve been out here. In fact, once I mastered The Cloud I couldn’t remember where the hex my Earth was. Couldn’t go back. All I could do was go forward and find something new.
I’m Such a Big Narrator!
Don’t forget to bring a parachute.
So pretty much at this point I just started flying around to other worlds and universes and watching the drama unfold. Sometimes I wrote it down as a story for fun and profit. I always be sure to report everything accurately though, so don’t worry about that!
On occasion I’ll tamper with events using The Cloud, but it’s rare. It can be dangerous. Things can get out of hand. But sometimes I just can’t let things stand. Sometimes things don’t go right and it just leads to more trouble.
For the world I tampered with, or for me.
Crashy Piece of Junk
The Cloud is actually really, really, really, really, really old. I assume there are new models by now, but basically the thing was due to be scrapped when I got on it, so it fails sometimes. I’ll try to alter things with The Cloud and it won’t work. It might even stop working and just crash. Piloting can be an issue, and the thing needs maintenance all the time. If it fails I’ll try to get out of the current situation and make it to someplace more hospitable. Usually that means I crash there, but it’s fine.
Also by hospitable I just mean somewhere I can go stretch my legs. It gets tiring being cooped up in there all the time! I like to go out for a walk. While The Cloud is repaired, I go see what I can find.
You know, like snakes, maybe.
Looking for Trouble
So, The Cloud is repairing, what’s a Duth to do? I usually try to set the crash course to somewhere I can expect to find some lamias or whatever. Hey, I’m cramped up in The Cloud all day, I wanna be cramped up in some coils instead.
I’m too much of a troll to just go willingly, though. Oh, no, they have to work to wrap me up, and I’m a slippery agent of chaos. Between my tech from The Cloud and my general nonsense I can confuse and slip by them, lead them on a chase while taunting them in my own ridiculous way. And if things come to a head, I have my arm cannon.
I don’t always encounter lamias, sometimes it’s regular snakes, spider girls, I crashed into this vampire’s castle this one time (they were not happy about the property damage) . . . It varies widely. Sometimes I don’t find anyone.
Rest My Overextended Mind Pls
That said, I do want to be hypnotized. Look, I’ve been traveling the cosmos for thousands of years, lost my home and everyone on it, have zero social skills, and have gone on so long isolated that I’m basically only human physically. It would be nice to hide away my mind for a bit and not have to think. It feels good to forget, after going so long being unable to forget. The sweet bliss of an empty mind, of being someone else other than me for a bit.
I’m just too much of a troll to take it so willingly.
Chaotic Neutral, Kind Bastard
So in the end I try to stay neutral in events, but I get bored just watching. I gotta spice things up sometimes! Maybe have a biblical flood, or a biblical pancake jamboree, who knows! I’m kind at heart, though. I’m a hero! I make things better! They can’t be too easy, of course, but I want to say the good guys win, right? It’s just that I can’t take the lives of these characters—er, people too seriously. I’m from another world, time, space, universe. I’m a ghost now. And sometimes I want to throw some pots and pans around and watch people squirm. Is that so wrong? In the end, I’ll reward them. Just give me a good time and a good show first.
Funny Robot
Oh yeah, and there’s a robot on The Cloud. They do maintenance. They also complain about what I’m doing with The Cloud. Boo on them, I say!

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