Character Profile: Enna

Artwork of Enna with her sister Anne, by KinkyBism

Name: Enna Koizumi
Species: Lamia
Setting: Jungle, mostly
Stories: A Reporter’s Loop Scoop
Microstories: Held by Coils, A Queen Always Gets Her Way, Queen’s Knight or Hunter’s Knight
Sexuality: Asexual
Ancestry: Japanese with a general mixture of south Asian
Birthday: June 27th
Not One but Two!
Wild Style
Vigor Enough For All the Jungle
Calamitous Confidence
Kind Catcher
Sisterly Relations
Scaly Illusion
Weak Hypnosis
Kiss of Passion
Photography and Fashion
Camp More Often Than Home
*Not One but Two!
Enna is a twin lamia, her sister being named Anne. She rolls her eyes at these names, but Anne enjoys it. Superficially they look almost identical, but the two have different styles and hold themselves differently. Their only difference in appearance they can’t change are their eyes—while Enna has an amber left eye and a blue right eye, Anne has a blue left eye and an amber right eye. Most don’t notice this, though, and they use their identical looks to trick travelers into thinking there’s only one of them before revealing the traveler is outnumbered. The two will often alter their appearance to match the other, though Enna isn’t perfect at tidying up her look to match her sister so she’ll often try to be the first to meet a traveler. She always enjoys their surprise at meeting not one but two lovely ladies.
*Wild Style
Enna truly looks like a wild woman of the jungle. Her hair is typically a tangled mess over her face, caught in her glasses, and hanging over her shoulders and down her back, and she’s often smudged with dirt and in need of a wash. While her outfits are of fancy design she’ll often pull the sleeves up or wrap it around her or otherwise wrinkle it to the point where it’ll never be the same. In fact, she has a lot of dresses with rips sewn together or patches sewn on, though they’re skillfully done and hard to notice.
*Vigor Enough For All the Jungle
Part of Enna’s unkempt appearance stems from her energetic attitude. She always likes to be on the move, sporty, adventurous, looking for wild and fun stuff to do. While her sister will remain quiet and still Enna feels she has to be out doing something, swinging through the trees, swimming, playing lamia sports, chasing wild game. Half the time if she spots a wandering human alone she’ll scare them just to have something to chase, usually letting them escape by the end if they don’t get hurt or she isn’t looking for warmth.
*Calamitous Confidence
Enna can have bouts of overconfidence at times, leading into trouble that she can’t get out of herself. She’s good at getting people to go along with her ideas, but when she’s in trouble she has little persuasion and tends to go by instinct. Whether it’s trying to make a jump over a gap much too far or the idea that she could sneak into a thief hideout and be undetected, she’s sure she can get out of the situation with ease. When she inevitably does need help she can be a bit petty and arrogant about it, but she’ll usually thank them in the end.
*Kind Catcher
As Enna is asexual, she isn’t looking for a mate. However, she does want warmth. She doesn’t like the cold. Thus, if she goes trying to catch a human, she’ll usually do so only looking to have someone to snuggle with for the night. The next morning she lets them go with no fuss. She may ask them if they’d like to hang out, especially if they’re cute or kind or as wacky adventurous as she can be, but she’ll never hold someone against their will.
Though she says she’s only interested in snuggling for warmth, she’s often surprised at the emotional connection she enjoys and sometimes starts dating those she catches, though she always lets them leave with no hard feelings if they wish. In a way, when she’s attracted to someone she’s able to think clearer than when her sister is, and while Anne will look down on most people Enna treats everyone like a pal she might head down to a pub with then go swimming together.
*Sisterly Relations
To say that Enna and Anne don’t get along is . . . not strictly true. Enna loves her sister, and she’ll try to make sure her obsessive sister stays out of trouble. She gets annoyed with Anne, thinks she’s selfish, rolls her eyes at her jokes, and groans whenever she goes off about politics—politics that range from boring to, quite frankly, a bit scary. Enna doesn’t think Anne should keep those she hypnotizes, and at the very least should wake them up to let them to decide to stay or leave. She’ll still help Anne catch someone because she knows Anne is actually quite needy and desires love.
To be honest, she would be glad for a vacation from her sister, but she knows deep down she would eventually miss her dorky twin and they would have to get back together soon. No, it’s true—Enna does love Anne. She’s a true sister who will look out for Enna, keep her company, and help guide her through the more social events she can’t be bothered to focus on. She wouldn’t trade Anne for the world—after all, at the end of the day she makes things exciting!
Enna is, despite her athletic ability, quite short. Not only is her human body rather short and petite, her tail is much shorter than most lamias, only about 75% the average length. She has enough tail to wrap around the average adult human, but only barely, leaving her with almost no mobility. For this reason, and the section below, Enna will often coil someone with her sister Anne, doubling their short tails to give them 150% more coil capability than the average lamia. This doesn’t always work out well as her sister gets obsessive, leaving Enna concerned for her part in their catch’s fate.
*Scaly Illusion
Making up for her short tail length are Enna’s scales, pink and blue bands that zigzag along her tail’s circumference like wobbly rounded arrows. A few find this vaguely disorienting alone, but if she coils her tail with her sister Anne in the opposite direction it can create a dizzying optical illusion.
When still their loops continually draw the attention of those whose sight is near it and form the illusion that they’re moving even when they’re not. Looking at it too long can make the viewer dizzy and lose track of what they were doing, spacing out while staring. If they move their tails in opposite directions it creates a stronger illusion and a low-level hypnotic influence that can cement a person’s gaze and make them giddy and sleepy. Staring long enough fills the viewer’s mind with the pattern, unable to think of anything else. The viewer is fully able to look away, but the scales will inevitably draw their attention back immediately after as the world around them is in a pink and blue haze. Under this illusion a person can hear and even respond vaguely, but aren’t necessarily made more suggestible to commands.
*Weak Hypnosis
Enna can create hypnotic red and violet rings in her eyes—an oddity in lamias, having only two colros instead of three. Her hypnosis is actually quite weak, and requires a longer period of time to fully hypnotize someone. As they can look away fairly easily she also must hold their head in place. Between that and her short tail it can be a challenge to catch someone alone, so Enna often won’t bother when alone and will approach someone in a more open manner if she believes them to be harmless.
Both she and her sister wonder if their abilities and tail length were split between them. If the two sisters hypnotize someone at the same time they can quickly overwhelm them with hypnotic power. As usual they bicker over what happens next, though. Sometimes Enna wonders if she’s there to check her sister—but she usually stops caring about that line of theory quickly.
*Kiss of Passion
The one ability Enna has alone that isn’t boosted by her sister is a poisonous kiss. When she kisses someone on the mouth she releases a poison into them that at first stuns them, leaving them unable to move and pull away, then confuses and leaves them dizzy, before draining them and leaving them sleepy.
This is usually a problem for Enna. If someone needs to sleep she’ll usually use her weak hypnosis to help someone become more drowsy, so she has no real use for a poisonous kiss. Due to this she never kisses someone on the lips, though if she’s feeling affectionate she may kiss them on the cheek.
The one thing Enna can sit still for is her fashion hobby. Turns out she loves designing dresses! She even learned some knitting, with help from an expert in it. For the most part she just designs the outfits and has an acquaintance create the product, though. She designs all of Anne’s dresses, as well as her own since they match, but she admits Anne wears them way better.
*Photography and Fashion
After finding an old camera one time, Enna got into photography and started taking pictures around the jungle. While she mostly took nature pictures at first, she got the idea of taking photos of a fashion show with her sister Anne, and now she’s Anne’s official photographer, even if it is just a hobby for her.
Camp More Often Than Home
Depending on the setting Enna may live in a lamia village with her sister, sharing a house together. Even so, Enna prefers to spend her time away from the village, swinging through the trees and staying active. She’ll often sleep out in the wild jungle up in the trees, watching the stars from below. She’ll sometimes hang out there with her sister as well, especially if they’re both in a coiling mood and want to find someone. In settings where Enna lives in a village she’s often known as a fashion designer and helps make outfits for her neighbors. While she likes designing fashion she’s not as fond of the attention which leads her to spend less time in the village.