Character Profile: Jb

Jb, in all her divine glory. Art by darkeyez07 (NSFW)

Name: Jb (Jewelyn Blovulena)
Species: Lamia (claims of goddess)
Setting: Primarily modern where knowledge of human hybrid creatures like her are common
Sexuality: Pansexual
Microstories: Pink
Love Goddess
Jb, sometimes known as Jewelyn Blovulena, is a self-described love goddess. To those she meets, it’s often just a little bit of persuasion that leads to them describing her as such too. She claims to be divinity from dimension of pure love here to grace mortals with a taste of divine love and passion in exchange for everlasting loving obedience and worshiping devotion. After a taste of her power they typically fall quickly under her control and follow unquestioningly, so no one can confirm if her claims are true—they only believe it loyally and without other thought.
Goddess Arrogance
Jb is certainly arrogant enough for a deity. She always shows confidence; in the face of danger she’ll act invincible and like she has total control. In many instances she can gain that control. In cases she’s facing an adversary she can’t hypnotize or control, she’ll still act like it’s no big deal. However, this arrogance can lead her to act like people should worship her as a matter of course. This may leave someone with just enough wiggle room to escape before her hypnotic power clamps down on their mind.
Love Obsession
Obsession goes two ways for Jb. She is obsessed with taking the love of others, making them love her, while her hypnotic power leads to them becoming in love and obsessed with her. She fills those that she fancies with hypnotic love, according to her the strongest, deepest, most addictive type of love. She calls it divine love, one impossible for mortals to resist. Once she fills them with addicting, intoxicating love, her next step is to convince them to worship her for it.
Call for Worship
Jb’s obsession with love goes beyond mutual love into a desire for worship. Once she’s hypnotized someone into seeing her as a love goddess she’ll instill a desire to worship her in them. Her spell will make them feel good when they worship her, in whatever form that might take—praise, prostrating, obeying her every command, and in some, if not many cases, sacrificing themselves to her.
The Real Jewelyn?
A few in Europe say they recall a lamia by name similar to Jewelyn who had a big heart motif. Kinda needy but kinda controlling, she easily scared potential partners off. These accounts come from England to eastern Europe, so it’s unclear if this lamia traveled or these are confused, inaccurate, or coincidental accounts. But one account in eastern Europe suggests she was last seen meeting a tall, dark figure with a curled tail . . .
Demon’s Deal
It seems Jewelyn met with noted totally-a-demon and HUGE JERK Darmenzi, after which she now had heightened hypnotic powers and, not to editorialize but, increased sex appeal. This would suggest she made some sort of deal with Darmenzi to more easily gain people to love and control. No deal with a demon ever comes without consequences, though . . .
Deity Curse
Jewelyn’s personality changed upon gaining power from Darmenzi. She became greedy, arrogant, egotistic, lustful, and her obsession with lovers grew immensely. The true curse, however, involves a need for worshipers. If she does not procure a steady stream of worshipers, she will eventually fade away and disappear—the curse of being a deity, a being powered by belief. She can’t be sustained on one worshiper, either—a person’s worship will lose its potency over time. She can prolong the power of the worship by having them sacrifice themselves to her, allowing her to absorb their life force, but she’ll need a new worshiper before long.
She Was Such a Sweet Girl . . .
If the scant sources on pre-Darmenzi Jewelyn are correct, she was once actually rather sweet. While she could be controlling, she was shy with people she didn’t know, but would be friendly and maybe even kind. Her need to love and control others did her in. While she didn’t have a complete change with the deal, her need to have worshipers or fade away made her grow ruthless. Over time she would begin to do anything to gain a new love slave, and she lost her sweetness. She can still act sweet to those she meets, especially before she enslaves them, but it’s only an act now to get her tail around them.
Heart Motif
Jb’s entire style is centered around hearts. She has heart earrings, heart hair ties, her big pigtails are rather heart-shaped, she wears a collar with hearts attached along it, from which several heart necklaces hang, she has hearts on her fingernails, a heart on the back of her glove, a heart on this sort of round pod thing that encases her shoulders, she wears two collars around her arms with heart patterns, the front of her top looks sort of like an upside-down heart, she has a heart on the front of her bottom, and her big, long tail has a heart pattern down the back. She also often wears a heart visor/goggles on her forehead, and she sometimes wears a pair of heart-shaped glasses. (Research suggests these glasses were prescription before she met Darmenzi; now they’re fake she uses to attract people who like glasses.) She may start her hypnotic eyes while wearing them and say the glasses are designed to create an optical illusion to trick someone into staring.
Hypno Heart Eyes
Like many lamias, Jb has hypnotic eyes. It’s unknown what color they were before she met Darmenzi, but now they’re a vivid pair of red and pink hearts that fill those who look into them with an insatiable love and desire for Jb. Looking long enough will make their old life seem like a bad dream as Jb’s voice becomes commanding and the victim becomes subservient and obedient before inevitably becoming obsessed and viewing her as the love goddess she says she is.
Hypno Abilities
However, she has many more forms of hypnosis beyond the normal lamia. Her tail has a low-level hypnotic power through touch when she wraps someone up, aided by the heart pattern sliding past them. Much of the time Jb will surround a victim with hearts until they know only love. Jb’s long tongue is also vaguely heart-shaped, forked somewhat like a snake’s tongue, and she has a toxin in her kisses that makes those she kisses see hearts like someone dizzy might see spots. While her voice isn’t hypnotic in itself, she has learned to change her voice in such a way she could bring someone fairly far down with it alone. She’ll also paint hearts on her fingernails she’ll use to drag someone’s attention.
She’s been gifted with more than just innate abilities, though.
Hypno Tech
Hanging from Jb’s collar are several heart pendants attached to string, which she can use as pendulums. Most of them aren’t anything particularly special, although one or two might be a little more glittering or animated than most. Combined with her voice and she can hypnotize most anyone who gets caught by it. The round pods around her shoulders can also glow with pulsating heart-shaped ripples, which can arrest and steal the attention of someone, preventing them from escaping her other methods.She wears four collars on her arms she can put on people, two imbued with hypnotic tech and two with hypnotic magic. Lastly (perhaps), the goggles/visor she wears on her forehead can be slipped over someone to fill their sight with hypnotic hearts until it’s the only world they know, a world she convinces them is the dimension of love she comes from, and makes them obediently believe her to be their love goddess.
Jb has two types of collars on her arms. On one arm they are red with pink hearts; these have concealed needles that can inject hypnotic serum into a subject, as well as the ability to implant microchips into a subject. The microchips further activate the serum to produce nanobots that can alter a subject’s mind, beholding them to Jb and altering their thoughts and memories until the only thought they’re capable of is worship. Eventually the serum will dissolve a subject’s mind, replaced with a mechanical mind loyal to Jb, at which point the collar can be removed.
The other arm has pink collars with red hearts; these are imbued with a magical aura that can possess the wearer, altering their senses to believe they’ve entered the dimension of love Jb claims to come from. Further exposure will bind their mind to the collar, warping their thoughts until they’re in tune with the collar, at which point their thoughts and mind will be directed into the collar, which will dissolve their thoughts. The collar, attuned to Jb’s mind, will now think for them, even if removed. This aura can also prevent them from leaving a certain distance from Jb.
Jb has always been a fan of soul music. She once hypnotized an entire soul music band to play for her. She kept them around for a while, but during one dry spell she became worried about finding someone to worship her and absorbed the life force of the band. While she wasn’t initially any good at singing it, she later had Darmenzi add the ability to sing it to the deal. When she gets into a groove, her soul music can steal the soul of someone she sings to.
Jb is also a fan of psychedelic art and themes, in particular trippy light shows. There’s evidence she actually ran the light effects for some shows before making the deal with Darmenzi; at least, some lamia with a heart outfit who had some neon flashing hearts among the other lights operated some effects at some parties. Like with her interest in soul music, she sometimes tries to incorporate this into a hypnotic show, pulling someone into a dark room where she has a dazzling display leading to her hypnotic spell as she danced to the lights. She even used a psychedelic light show to hypnotize a whole room of people once, but she found she preferred one-on-one encounters, finding that many people at once a little overwhelming.
Goddess of Roam
Jb has no permanent home. She wanders the world, looking for new subjects to control. She will sometimes stay in the home of someone she enslaves, having a slight bit of stability before she needs to drain the victim. She leaves the scene soon after, expecting an investigation into the missing victim and not wanting to draw attention to herself. She enjoys the free life of traveling anyway, seeing the world, experiencing culture, tasting victims all over the world. A goddess is too ephemeral and ethereal to remain in one place for too long; she must share her gift of divine love with the world.
Whether a setting where lamias are commonly known or a secret, Jb has the ability to transform her tail into human legs. In settings where they’re a secret, this is a natural ability most lamias whose families have lived in human settlements for generations gain. In settings where they’re not a secret, this power has been given by Darmenzi as an additional trick she has at her disposal.

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