Commission for Reaper ft. Jb

This was a commission (writing, no editing package) for Reaper featuring their character Lucy. If you’re interested in a commission of your own you can check out how here!

Content warning: non-con hypnosis and coils, mind/memory/self erasure

Lucy hiked across the craggy landscape like an unstoppable train. With each step over the rocky surface the loose stones shuddered out of the way as if wary of the powerhouse crossing the barren land. They were right to be—she was the strongest creature around for miles. Even the stones would be no match for her hardened muscles.

The wind blew her cool gray hair about, but she hiked her path forward no matter which way it blew, climbing over the steep cliffs even when her hair blocked her vision. Had her tightly-laced boots been weaker she may have walked barefoot by now, but even then she would march. Dust storms had cut through her cut-off jacket but couldn’t cut her steely body.

A three-week trek to the city, they’d said. Hah; maybe for those who wasted their nights resting. She’d walked a week and passed the rocky landform that marked the halfway point. She’d be in the city and proving her mettle a week before that caravan she crossed.

Lucy reached the top of the ridge and paused, not to rest but to gaze at the lush visage below. Among the brown and barren landscape of cracked and craggy stone stood a dot of green, trees and bushes crowding together like a herd of animals protecting the center—or a flock worshiping a central figure, in this case, Lucy thought, water. An underground spring to the surface, perhaps.

She licked her dry lips. Loath as she was to admit it, the journey over the dry wasteland left her thirsty. She tightened the belt of her thick pants and skidded down the rough ridge to the oasis for a drink.

The oasis looked like a jungle from the inside, foliage falling throughout as birds squawked and trilled. The heat turned muggy, pressing close compared to the dry, windy heat of the land around it. Lucy sniffed the sweet air, pondering what fruits might grow in the trees. No doubt the caravan would stop there to stock up.

She bent at a stream, drank her fill, splashed water on her face, and stood and left. She had no further need for the oasis and resumed her trek to the city.

Not five steps later a voice rang out behind her.

“Leaving so soon, Gorgeous? You haven’t even enjoyed the pleasures of the oasis.”

Lucy looked behind her as a curvy lamia slithered from behind the trees like a scarlet tear in the green background. Her red and pink tail, patterned with rosy-pink hearts, looked big enough to smother a person, as did her breasts held in a bulging top matching the colors of her tail. Her tight arm gloves and bare midriff showed muscles, but nothing in comparison to Lucy’s.

“I’ve got an appointment,” Lucy said. She flashed the envelope she’d received, sealed with a red wax stamp. “I’m not stopping, and nobody’s stopping me from making my mark.”

“Not even for a little tête-à-tête pleasure with the most beautiful and sensual fruit of the oasis?” Jb twirled, her long twin-tail hair twirling around her, and she winked to Lucy with a smirk of her soft lips.

Lucy crossed her arms.


She walked away, pushing the foliage out of her way. Jb slithered after her.

“Come now, my strapping sweetie, rest a moment at this jewel in the wasteland.” She curled her tail towards Lucy. “I give such wonderful massages, let me refresh you, refresh your body, refresh your mind.”

Lucy lifted a palm.

“You touch me and I’ll suplex you into the dirt.”

Jb giggled.

“So feisty, you are. Well, if that’s how it must be, I’m afraid I have no choice”—she shrugged before giving an unseen grin—“but to test your mettle.”

Jb dropped her tail from the canopy and squeezed it over Lucy. Lucy grunted as the coils, heavy as scaly bags of concrete, covered her bare shoulders. Despite the weight she stood tall and held her ground. As Lucy twisted to shove the tail off she shouted at Jb to let go.

“I said I’m gonna suplex you!”

Jb wrapped around Lucy’s bare midriff, and her scales massaged sensual pleasure through her. Lucy focused on breaking free and flexed. Her muscles loosened Jb’s grip and she shrugged the coils off her arms. She hurled the lighter loops away and gripped the heavy loop around her midriff in a chokehold. Lucy grinned with a sneer—she liked a challenge, but she had somewhere to be.

“I’ll twist you in a knot and skip rope with you if you try that–”

With a pounce Jb grabbed Lucy in her arms and kissed her on the lips, sliding her tongue down around Lucy’s. Lucy roared, muffled by Jb’s kiss as the lamia moaned, and Lucy shoved her away and stumbled back.

“That was a cheap shot,” Lucy groaned. She wiped her mouth and rubbed her head. The world spun around her, as if she’d twirled through a tornado, and she blinked hard as hearts danced before her vision. She licked her lips and realized her mind replayed that passionate kiss repeatedly in her thoughts. She spat to get Jb’s sweet taste out of her mouth but it spread, a sweet yearning curling from her tongue into her mind. She groaned and rubbed her face.

“Oh dear, Sweetie, you must be more tired than you thought,” Jb said. “You look so dizzy, and so very, very sleepy.”

Lucy caught a glance at Jb and her left eye stared wide: Jb’s eyes pulsed with hearts, deep red and sparkling pink drawing her attention. She leaned closer, and Jb smiled and slithered nearer.

“You should relax,” Jb said. “Let me help you rest. I give such wonderful, such enrapturing mind massages, my dear.”

Lucy stared as hearts spun and danced around her and Jb, her left eye slowly mirroring Jb’s hearts. She realized her arms had dropped and her right eye twitched in a yearning to stare. She clenched her right eye, while her left refused to budge. She turned away, her left eye’s gaze swaying to stare at Jb’s hypnotic eyes, but Jb followed, staying in Lucy’s gaze.

Jb swayed the other direction, and Lucy jerked following her, gaze caught on her. The lamia dragged her in a circle as she slithered closer.

“Stay away from me,” Lucy grumbled, “or I’ll—” She stumbled back over Jb’s tail and slumped against her body like a rising cushion. “I’ll—I’ll fight—I’ll—”

Jb shushed her.

“Don’t play so hard to get, my dear. It feels wonderful to look into my eyes.”

Lucy’s thoughts swirled around the hearts swarming her vision, the massaging pleasure of Jb’s scales she previously ignored radiating through her body as her coils circled closer. Lucy had never felt such warping pleasure swirl through her mind before. She tried to fight it, tried to ignore it, but she sank closer, a feeling bubbling in her that losing was the best way to win.

Jb swayed before Lucy and dragged her gaze around, her left eye wide open and the right pulled towards opening.

“It’ll feel even more wonderful if you opened both eyes.”

Lucy’s right eye opened, hearts swirling through like her left. She stared, leaning closer as Jb’s hypnotic spell guided her thoughts into the love goddess’ grasp. Jb chuckled and wiped a hand over Lucy’s wet mouth before she held her chin.

“Now, don’t drool, please, it’s quite unbecoming, although”—Jb leaned closer, drawing Lucy’s gaze up as she hovered over—“I know it’s so very hard not to when faced with such a lovely, luscious, gorgeous goddess.”

Lucy groaned as Jb’s tail removed her belt and let her pants fall, and she shivered as Jb slithered around her legs, pulsing pleasure melting her ability to stand as she slumped further against Jb’s coiling tail. She felt a release of pressure as her thoughts seemed to eject out her mind.

“Oh, I can feel it so clearly,” Jb said. “I can feel you shake with desire, your desire to let me have my way with you.” She leaned down until their faces grazed, breasts hanging near Lucy’s chin, snaky hips high above. She squeezed Lucy’s face. “I can feel more, too. You are quite powerful. You’re full of burning, raging power, like an aura strong enough to crumble a building.” She drew her lips close to Lucy’s. “A blazing aura that creates so much steam when someone cools it down.”

Jb chuckled as she bound Lucy’s legs and wrapped around her midriff. She slithered up her arms like coveting a doll.

“After all, a powerful being should be subservient to a more powerful one.”

Under the muffling waves of hypnotic pleasure washing over Lucy’s shivering mind, a thought sparked in the darkness like a screaming beacon.

No one is more powerful than me.

Like a rocket blasting out of the sea this thought broke the hypnotic tide swallowing her and snapped her from Jb’s growing control. Lucy breathed in and roared as she lifted her arms to haul Jb’s tail off her, and she hurled Jb away from her. She threw off Jb’s coils and kicked them off her legs before she stumbled away from Jb’s grasp.

The raging thought rocket ran out of fuel and splashed back under the sea. The lingering hypnotic pleasure washed back over her thoughts, mind battling between the pleasure of surrender to Jb and the victorious title of most powerful being in the universe.

Jb clicked her tongue.

“Yes, you are quite powerful.” She unhooked a pink collar from her arm. “Such power needs to be properly chained.”

Jb grabbed at Lucy with her tail, and Lucy swatted and shoved it away. She stumbled back, avoiding Jb’s grasp so she could regain her bearings, dodging and backing away from Jb’s curling tail.

Lucy snarled as Jb slipped behind her. She took a twirling swing at her. Jb danced around it and Lucy stumbled off her feet. Jb caught her in her arms and pulled the collar around her neck.

“Don’t worry,” Jb said, voice echoing in Lucy’s ears as she stared at a flashing world, “this is for the best, and you’ll agree with me very soon.”

Lucy gasped as the world faded into a dazzling, sparkling pink, rosy-red clouds swirling around her as hearts danced in the sky.

“What—What is this?” she asked, warm fuzz buzzing through her mind and body.

“Welcome to my dimension of love, my sweet.” Jb curled her tail around Lucy’s chin. “Won’t you join me in the ecstasy of my world?”

Lucy blinked and the oasis returned to her vision. She shoved Jb away and stumbled back.

“What was that? What did you—” She blinked and the lovely realm returned, soothing air twirling around her body as the hard ground softened into clouds. “What are you doing to me . . . ?” Her eyes grew woozy as the buzz in her body grew. Pressure ebbed and flowed through her as her thoughts drained, as if something absorbed them before she could process them. She shook her head and blinked, bringing back the oasis.

She felt a soft grip around her neck and remembered Jb put something around it. She reached up to grab it, but as she blinked and returned to the love dimension her neck felt bare. Too bare, as if a scaly loop would feel perfect around her neck.

Exhaustion crept up her unlike any she’d felt before. She felt as if something drained her energy, even as the pulses of pressure shocked her with yearning energy. When she blinked she remained in the love dimension, but now Jb stood before her, eyes pulsing with hearts.

“Just relax and let it flood you,” Jb said, drawing Lucy’s gaze back to her eyes. “Accept your destiny, my dear. Please your mistress, your love goddess, by showing how obedient you are.”

“No, I . . . what?” Lucy sighed as her limbs grew heavy, unable to push Jb away. She toppled forward, maybe she’d shove Jb away with a headbutt, but Jb caught her and held her tight. She wrapped her tail around Lucy and squeezed her control over her.

“Good girl,” Jb said. “You’re so sleepy. Just give me control.”

“No . . . No . . .” Lucy felt a warm grip flood her body, and her thoughts drained away. “Yes . . .”

“Yesss,” Jb said, lifting Lucy’s face to hers. “I can feel yourself draining away. All that power, all mine.”

Her tail glowed as she squeezed around Lucy, heavy tail gripping her legs, binding her arms, and massaging her body until she wrapped over her shoulders and squeezed her neck. Lucy gulped at the squeeze and smiled wide as the pressure of her mind released. The magical aura dissolved away her mind, leaving it open for Jb to control.

“A puppet, whose power is left for me to absorb,” Jb said.

“Yes, my love goddess,” Lucy said, body flooded with sensual pleasure as Jb erased her mind and replaced it with her lust. “I am yours to command.”

“So much mana your body produces,” Jb said. She removed Lucy’s collar to massage her scales closer around her neck. “Perhaps I can even sustain myself on that for longer. Regardless”—she smiled and held Lucy’s face in her hands—“I’ve caught myself quite the hottie to play with now.” She kissed Lucy’s lips, snaking her tongue into her mouth and curling around her tongue.

Lucy’s eyes gazed mindlessly with pulsing hearts as Jb gave her controlling affection. Her mind, gone, Jb’s mind streaming through to control her.

Yet for a moment her pupils returned. A fleeting thought passed by, too quick for her to process.

As much damage as Jb did to Lucy’s mind, her senses, her self, her resilient regeneration picked up a piece and put it back in place.

Jb had her way with, had her control over, had her grip on Lucy, at least for now.

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