December 2019 Microstory Collection

Happily Ever After
New Year

Word of the day 12/1: reality

His eyes glow with an attracting brightness, a light more real than the sun. The light soaks into your mind and you believe in the lamia. The lamia’s light is the true reality, replacing the lies of the old world with the truth of the lamia.

Word of the day 12/2: sluggish

The snake sways his head and you follow, sluggishly following the burning rings of color. Your slow movement reflects your sluggish thoughts, each piece trickling in and already muddled by more rings before you complete it.

Word of the day 12/3: caress

Her scaly tail caresses your shoulders and brushes over your cheek while her bright, swirling eyes caress your mind with hypnotic love.

Word of the day 12/4: beautiful

You look up and see a lamia sauntering towards you, looking over you with emerald eyes, hair flowing down in waves.
“Hello, there, beautiful human,” I say, slithering closer for a better look at how handsome you are.

Word of the day 12/5: trust

“Aw, come on, don’t you trust me?” Of course, I can see by the shifty look in your face you don’t. But I have ways to persuade you. Some people know about these ways ahead of time, but even they often trust me before long…

Word of the day 12/6: pillow

You say you don’t trust me, but your heart’s not in it. You feel dozy, my soft tail around you as a thick, scaly neck pillow.
“Come on.” I pull you to my eyes with the tail pillow. “Look me in the eyes and tell me you don’t trust me…”

Word of the day 12/7: fog

“Just keep looking into my bright eyes…” I say. Your eyes widen as if on command, your foggy mind drifting. “Just follow my light, human. Follow me through the fog. Become lost in the fog with me…”

Word of the day 12/8: sleep

I softly squeeze my coils up your body to your neck. Safely coiled, safely entranced, I hug my arms over your head and join you in a nice, cozy sleep for the evening.

Word of the day 12/9: dream

Gaze, gaze, gaze into
The lamia’s eyes that gleam
Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily,
Life’s now but a dream

Word of the day 12/10: attention

You find your attention keeps straying as we chat. You tell yourself to look at my face to show you’re paying attention, but you inevitably look back at my slithering tail. The pattern always seems to shift. The vibrant colors seem to glow. Soon your attention is transfixed on it, and I slide my tail closer and wrap you up.

Word of the day 12/11: restrain

As she got in the car with her lamia date he said, “Oh, just so you know, the seatbelt on the passenger side is broken.”
“That’s not very safe,” she said. “How am I supposed to secure…”
She watched the lamia slide his tail around the back of the seat and then restrain her like a seat belt–several times until she could hardly move.
“Okay, we’re good to go!”

Word of the day 12/12: sink

With every new coil of my tail around your body your mind sinks further under my spell, and with every hypnotic ring flowing from my eyes you sink closer into my coils.

Word of the day 12/13: tight

I gasped as the snake wrapped tight. I couldn’t move an inch and breathing was shallow. Still, the snake seemed content resting over my increasing warmth. Hopefully it’d stay that way. I’d be sore in the morning… if I see the morning.

Word of the day 12/14: drop

With my coils wrapped tight around you, I whisper to you that I’ll never drop you. My voice lowers, drops in tone as I suggest, instead, you drop yourself down deep under my spell.

Word of the day 12/15: watch

You watch the snake’s tail in case they try to grab you. They lift the tail to their face, and you see their eyes. You forget to watch their tail. You just watch their bright eyes. You forget to stop them from wrapping around you.

Word of the day 12/16: fall

You try to resist my spell, but it’s no use. You can’t fight the attraction of gravity, and you can’t fight the attraction of my eyes. It’s only a matter of time before you fall.

Word of the day 12/17: skin

A close, tender hug, skin to skin
So loving, adored, you can’t help bit grin
A tight, thick hug, scales to skin
Coils enveloping, hold you within

Word of the day 12/18: thoughts

It’s so hard to think.
You don’t want to think.
There’s no need to think.
Let me think for you.
Let my voice be your thoughts.
It’s so hard to think. I don’t want to think. There’s no need to think. Let her think for me. Let her voice be my thoughts.

Word of the day 12/19: flood

I gaze into your eyes with swirling light and croon a deluge of sweet sleeping, swaying suggestions, flooding your mind with my hypnotic spell, pushing your thoughts deep down to drown in enchanting bliss.

Word of the day 12/20: naga

Eyes so bright with smiling face,
Arms to caress and closely embrace;
Hair so perfect, thick to brush,
Supple skin so smooth and flush
Turns cool and soft in many a scale
As their svelte body becomes a perfect snake tail.
Longer and thicker, longer, so long,
Listen and follow the serpent song.
Love the embrace of the soft, scaly touch,
As I sink with the naga I love so much.

Word of the day 12/21: snake


Word of the day 12/22: pattern

I offer my coils for snuggles, you looking so cold alone, but you refuse; you say you don’t trust me. But you keep glancing at my thick tail, at the colorful scales. My coils shift, spin, the pattern swirling before you, and you move closer to see it better, fascinated, the pattern inviting you in, and you climb into my scaly cocoon, letting my tail rub you as the pattern rubs your mind into a daze.

Word of the day 12/23: resist

You try to resist. It’s funny, really. Part of you knows you shouldn’t look, so you try to shut your eyes. That just makes you sleepy. Part of you knows you need to stay awake, so you open your eyes wider. That just makes you look at me more. Back and forth, back and forth, until you can’t remember what you were trying to do. Sleep and look at the pretty colors. You can’t do both… until you stop trying to resist and accept my spell.

Word of the day 12/24: happily ever after

Good ending? Bad ending? It’s in the eye of the beholder. Why don’t you behold my eyes and see? One option, you resist and escape and go back to your menial life of empty work and stress and chores, awake but dying inside. Other option, look into my eyes and slip into a life of lovely bliss, all stress and worry gone as you think and feel only happiness. You decide which is the good and bad endings. You decide which is the happily ever after. You don’t trust a snake? Look at it this way: happily ever after is for the rest of your life. For a happily ever after, it doesn’t matter how long that life is.

Word of the day 12/25: break

Duth (the writer) is taking a break for the holiday. I’m filling in so they can take a break from thinking. Today they’re just relaxing in my coils.

Word of the day 12/26: peace

Silent night, hypno night
All is calm, all is bright
Round yon hypnotist dom and sub
Hypno victim so sleepy and snug
Sleep in hypnotized peace

Word of the day 12/27: intoxicating

Drunk wasn’t the word. Drunk involved drinking. The word bubbled up in his head; intoxicated? It felt intoxicating to look into his eyes. The buzz increased and the colors grew brighter. But it wasn’t toxic, no, it was… sparkling pure.

Word of the day 12/28: heart

I kiss your warm cheek as my thick coils snuggle tight around you. I can feel your heart beat, pumping blood through your warm body, beating a little faster when I kiss you. I feel one area struggle to flow and loosen my tail, shifting over your body to keep you safe and comfortable in my squeezing, scaly muscles.

Word of the day 12/29: transform

My partner stared as my fake legs widened, lengthened, merged into one mass that grew scales as I transformed from my disguised appearance to my true lamia self. I said three words to my partner:
“I’m a lamia.”
They reached out and held the end of my tail, running a hand over my scales. I couldn’t help but smile at their touch, and my grin only widened as they stood up and hugged me. I hugged them back and squeezed my tail around them closer. They held me tighter and kissed me.
“I love you,” they said. “I always will.”
My fears sank away. At that moment I knew everything would turn out fine.

Word of the day 12/30: pull

The lamia slipped her tail behind the human and pulled him towards her, but he pulled away from her grasp.
“Aw come on,” she said. She caught him with her hypnotic eyes. “Come a little closer.”
Her swirling gaze pulled him towards her, and this time he didn’t pull away from her grasp.

Word of the day 12/31: new year

You mutter something about wanting to celebrate the new year as my swirling eyes stare into yours, mere seconds left on the clock.
“Isn’t this a wonderful way to celebrate the new year, though?” I hold your face close in my hands as I hypnotize you. “It’s a near year, a time for new beginnings.” With your head dazed and suggestable, I lean close to your ear and whisper, “And this year you’re going to be the absolute best self you can be.”
And with the new year, a kiss to your smiling lips.

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