February 2021 Microstory Collection

Love at MonsterCon

Love at MonsterCon

MonsterCon! Every year monsters and hybrid beings gather to catch up, talk shop, and show off the latest advances in… well, mostly making humans their adorable playthings.
From panels on lamia coiling techniques, spider web production, and dragons competing for best treasure…
Everywhere monster girls, monster boys, monster enbies, and just plain monstrosities showed off what they could do.
It was all a bit overwhelming for the fluffy kitty. The smol bean cat boy had never seen so many varied beings in one place before.
He had been warned about going, with all the dangerous creatures who might set their sights on a cute cat boy. There were strict rules in place against such a thing, though. No hypnosis outside of stage shows or demonstrations, no kidnapping (except for sleepy goats)…
Anyone who was discovered to have broken the rules would be kicked out and banned, at least. There were enforcers for more egregious offenders…
So the cat lad had nothing to worry about. He perused the vendors, selling watches, ropes, milk, pillows…
“You look a little bare, cutie.”
The cat boy froze in place and blushed. Was that directed at him? He glanced around and blushed further upon seeing a gorgeous lamia watch him with a cocked smile from behind a vendor table.
Her deep rose eyes struck him like sunlight.
Her soft pink lips almost seemed to kiss him from afar. Her pink and red top was tight, almost seemed fit to burst around her breasts–he looked away lest he stared and found himself staring at the round pods around her shoulders, the heart insignias almost seeming to glow.
The cat boy looked the lamia in the eyes with a blank look and pointed to himself. The lamia nodded and flicked a hand in her fingerless glove to come closer.
As he approached the table he noticed her huge, heart-patterned tail around the stand. His heart jumped.
He’d never been near a lamia, let alone one so big. She was so thick he could use her as a sleeping bag. He reminded himself that lamias don’t eat people. At least… they weren’t supposed to…?
“Your neck looks so cold, little one.” She pointed to him with her tail’s end.
He imagined her tail wrapping around his neck and squeezing until he realized she must have been referring to the collars on the table. Red and pink with hearts adorning them, hearts like the design of the stand she sold them at. She liked hearts. The cat boy could feel his.
It took him a couple tries to find his voice.
“I’ve never worn a collar before.”
“Ah, a wild boy?” She lifted a pink collar. “Wouldn’t you like to feel the comfort of restraint?”
The cat boy swallowed. Everything about the lamia seemed designed to strike him like lightning.
He looked at all the heart pendants hanging from her own black collar. When he looked into her eyes her own pupils even appeared to be hearts.
“It–I’ve always wondered what it would be like.” He smiled–a little more than he intended. The lamia smiled, too.
“You couldn’t choose a better collar to be your first, made with tender, caring love.” She shook his hand. “My name’s Jb.”
“Uh–” What did she say? “Jyib?”
“Jb. It’s an Egyptian word for mind, body, and love–for I am a love goddess, come to bring my love to mortals here!”
The cat boy gave a laugh–she had a persona of a goddess to sell her collars. He thought that was a neat idea.
And, he couldn’t help but think, looking into her eyes as if he had hearts in his own eyes, a sexy persona.
She grabbed the pink collar with the end of her tail.
“Let me help you try it on?”
The cat boy nodded, leaning forward as Jb leaned closer. She slipped the collar around his neck; he shivered at the soft touch of her scaly tail and shivered further at the collar.
It was tight. It was snug. It fit just right.
He felt like he’d been uncovered until now. He felt like he was destined to have the collar. He felt like he’d always had the collar, in spirit.
“How does your first collar feel?” Jb asked.
“Perfect,” he said.
“Perfect,” she said.
“Perfect,” he repeated.
She picked up a tether from the table.
“Let’s give it a proper test, shall we?” She attached one end of the tether to the collar; he inhaled sharply, breaths shallow. He shivered.
She pulled on the tether.
The cat boy’s thoughts were all pulled towards Jb as she yanked him to her.
She’d pulled him right up to her eyes, red and pink and so, so alluring. Her soft lips curled into a smile; his trembling mouth grinned.
“H-h-hhhow much?” he asked. Jb placed a finger to his lips.
“First, let me tell you about some special features the collar has.”
As the cat boy looked into Jb’s red, pink eyes, thoughts of hearts and her beauty and love and the collar swirled in his head. For a brief moment he pondered if she was hypnotizing him–but that was impossible. It was against the rules there. Someone would notice.
No, clearly this was the effect of being so close to such a lovely lamia. She truly had the looks and style to pull off the goddess persona.
“If you’d like, I could show you some of these special features in private. If you would follow me?”
The cat boy couldn’t tell if he nodded of his own accord, because Jb nodded, or because she moved the tether. He said, “Yes,” before he realized he was speaking.
“Excellent,” she spoke, drawing the word out. Her voice tingled his ears. He stood leaning forward like a loyal pet.
Jb placed the other three collars from the table on her arms, two up to her shoulders and one on her wrist. She looked into the cat boy’s eyes, a few hearts rippling out from her eyes into his.
“Come along, now, and stay perfectly silent, please.”
“Yes, mhmm,” the cat boy mumbled.
Jb pulled on the tether and led the cat boy away from the table. A few bursts of hearts through her eyes kept his focus on her as she pulled him into a dark, private room.
Was he even still at the con? He didn’t know; he wasn’t even fully in the old dimension anymore.
He was falling into Jb’s dimension now as hearts spilled forth from her eyes into his, filling his mind and spirit with love. He grew limp, sinking to the floor, but Jb’s tail slunk around him and held him up.
“Now, now, it’s not time to bow to your goddess yet.”
Jb slithered her tail around the cat boy’s arms and pinned them down, sliding around his legs to explore, petting his fuzzy tail. She stroked his chin with her fingers and tilted his head up, rising above him as her tailed leaned him back.
He stared above him into her eyes.
Every heart from her eyes to his drained another thought. He didn’t need to think. Thoughts weren’t needed in Jb’s dimension. He just needed to obey his love goddess and follow her every word. He smiled at her growing touch, her controlling touch, her growing control.
He smiled as she slithered over him, her scales rubbing along, fondling him. She gripped his chin as she broke eye contact and pulled him to her lips for a powerful kiss. The halt of her hypnotic eyes didn’t slow down his drop, as the kiss left him growing dizzier.
The collar seemed to tighten snug against him, a part of him, a part of his mind. He thought through the collar now. As Jb ended the kiss he grinned at the honor his love goddess gave him. She released his chin and her tail’s end slithered under it, keeping his head tilted up.
“Are you a good boy for your love goddess?” Jb asked, gazing into his eyes with more hypnotic rippling hearts.
“I am a good boy for my love goddess,” the cat boy spoke, his eyes drooping from the pressure draining and pulling on his mind.
“And you love, and obey, and worship your love goddess, don’t you?” Jb said, giving his head a pat.
“I looove…” The cat boy’s ears perked up. “I obeeeey…” His eyes popped open. “I wooorrrsshhiiip my love goddessss…”
He floated through her dimension, his thoughts dropping like weights out of him and into the collar. Jb leaned closer, holding his cheeks with a soft touch, and giving him a deep, mind-melting kiss until he knew only obedience and servitude to his love goddess.
His love goddess drew her lips to his ear.
“Love,” she said.
“Love,” he repeated.
“Good pet.
“I’m a good pet…”


You are about to enter a dimension. A dimension of pure love and beauty. Hearts swirl around you, filling your sight, dulling your senses. The hearts are everything; you float freely in this never ending world of lovely hearts spinning through your sight into your mind.
And then it ends. The dimension vanishes and you’re back in the dull normal world. Your thoughts feel scrambled, twisted around the hearts you’d seen, but they already seem to be fading.
“Wha…?” You look at the lamia next to you, her heart motif echoing what you saw.
You thought she had been offering you use of some sort of virtual reality goggles, but you now know what she said was true, it brought you, much too briefly, to her dimension, a dimension of pure love.
Jb grins. “What did you think?”
Something in your head warns you to stop…
“I want more,” you speak before thinking further. The hearts still bubble in your head. Nothing ever felt as good as that. Nothing else ever would.
“All right, but you need to do something for me, first.” Jb holds your chin and directs you to look into her eyes.
“Anything. Please.”
“Precisely,” Jb says, her eyes rippling with hearts, red, pink, just like her dimension of love. You lean closer, feeling a return to her dimension. “Please, look into my eyes, and plea for my gift, if you please.”
“Yes,” you say, eyes transfixed, “please.”
“Please, bring me back to your dimension,” you say, the words pulled from you by her gaze.
“Before I do,” Jb says, lifting a pulsating red heart pendulum, “I’ll need to hypnotize you first.”
You nod as she nods, following her eyes, and she sways the heart pendulum back and forth.
“Please,” she says, “go to sleep. Please plea to me, my love-fueled lover.”
Your eyes droop, thoughts slippery as you loll along with the pendulum, following both the heart and her eyes.
“Y-Yes, p-please,” you mutter, “please put me to sleep. Plllease, hhyyypnotizzze meee…”
“Now, follow me, sweetie,” Jb says. She slithers back from you. Wobbly like an off-center puppet, you slowly stand and try to follow. One step and you start to fall, but Jb’s tail slides around you and holds you up.
“It’ll be much easier to take you to my dimension wrapped up.”
Your head feels heavy, but you manage to speak, “Pleeeease wraaap me up… love…”
“Of courssse,” Jb says, her tail slithering around your body. She wraps around your hips, holding you up steady, and as she holds your torso in her coils she squeezes your legs together.
You couldn’t stand on your own now if you wanted to, but that’s okay. Jb will hold you up. As her tail grows thicker around your legs she pulls you closer in her scaly, red and pink heart-patterned cocoon.
“Please, let me staaare… into your eyyyes… wond’f’l…”
You smile as Jb leans closer, her hypnotic eyes like a portal into her dimension. Her tail snakes around your shoulders, rubbing along your neck and caressing your cheek.
“Once you’re in my dimension,” Jb says, “you won’t need to do anything but obey. You’ll be all mine.”
The squeezing of her tail around your shoulders and neck pushes your grin up and eyes open. It’s harder to speak now, but you feel the need to obey.
“Ppplllleease… mmmakke me… yoursss… my mistresssss…”
“Of course, my silly slave,” Jb says. She gives you a smooch.
“You’ll get the honor of belonging to an absolute love goddess,” she says.
“Please,” you mumble, “please… please… please, let me worship you… my love goddess…”
“Of course I will… since you’ve asked so nicely…”

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