Hypnosisnakerotica (and Romance!)

If you’ve stumbled upon this page, a fair bit of warning, there are snakes here.

Also known as sneks.

Because they’re sneksy.

As I’ve openly admitted on Twitter I have a kink for hypnosis, snakes, and snake people (lamias/nagas), among a few other odds and ends. This page is a collection of my writing in this area. If you don’t like that you can ignore this part of the website with no repercussions for the rest.

A while ago I decided I wanted to write in this area after keeping it hidden for a decade. I discovered I’m actually really good at it, despite being asexual, and so I’ve ran with it. The thing is, while some of this is erotica, none of it (or at least almost none of it) is fully NSFW; it just has hypnotic and snakey scenarios. In fact, a lot of it is more romance than erotica. But for lovers of hypnosis and snake it remains erotic.

Hypnosis: A fairly broad-use term to refer to various enchantments and entrancements. Can be as innocent as making someone relax or fall asleep all the way to mind control and erasure of one’s will and thoughts. Needless to say it would be unethical in reality without prior consent. Real hypnosis is real and is also a kink but I haven’t done it–my works are largely in the realm of fantasy.

Snake: Look TV Tropes has a page titled “snakes are sexy” so don’t blame me for this!!

Lamia: A name from Greek myth that got remixed from being a monster to being a transformed snake and then just being a human with a snake tail instead of legs. I’m not sure how it got to that point. Japan?? This is my focus. I love ’em.

Naga: Mythical Indian semideity beings who can appear as human, snake, or half-human half-snake. So pretty much what lamias are like these days. Typically the terms are interchangeable in this genre.

There’s a few other types of beings you might find crawling around here, but lamias/nagas are what you’re gonna see the most. And all of them have colorful, swirly eyes…

What’s the deal with Disney’s Jungle Book??: Okay so if someone is into hypnosis, and someone is into snake, chances are THIS is the reason why. In the original Jungle Book there is a snake named Kaa who can mesmerize animals by dancing. Disney changed this so he just has colorful pulsating pretty eyes that makes someone so sleepy and then they had a slow, coiling tail rising up the body to wrap them tight and SOMEHOW 2+2=horny, I DON’T KNOW

I mean I do know but a detailed explanation of why these things are arousing is NOT the goal of this page. I’m just here to give some baseline for what the hex is going on.