Hypnovember 2019 Microstory Collection


Word of the Day 11/1: warmth

I squeeze my tail up your body, higher and tighter, squishing over every open inch I can find. With every additional scale I rub over your skin I sigh; your warmth gives me such pleasure.

Word of the Day 11/2: flow

Your eyes fill with light as swirling colors flow from the lamia’s eyes to yours, the colors of her eyes pouring into your own.

Word of the Day 11/3: step

Hypnotic rings
Looping scales
Resistance fails

Word of the day 11/4: fractionation

The next time he spins back to Mira her eyes again glow with mind-numbing colors, pulling away his focus to just the red-green-blue over and over.
“Yes, everything’s fine,” she says with a sweet voice and sweet smile almost as alluring as her eyes. That soothing yet exciting feeling fills Sean again like jewels sinking down thick syrup, and Mira’s words echo as if her voice is more real than the rest of the world, more real than his own thoughts. And though she’s just responding to his question, her words stick in his mind—everything is fine. Like before his mouth drops open and his pupils shrink.
Again Mira rotates him away and the jungle fades back into view. Everything’s normal again, her eyes unchanged.
“Why, are you feeling okay?” Mira asks with a small frown as if concerned for Sean’s well-being. Why, she’s not bad at all like he thought when he first discovered her tail. He smiles.

Word of the day 11/5: device

The snake blinked. “Ssso, you’re immune to hypnosis?”
“That’s right, snakeface. Try all you want.”
“Not even if I use this?” The snake held a gadget in her tail.
“What’s that?”
“A plot device.” She bonked the human with it and he immediately went under.

Word of the day 11/6: thrust

“HAHA! Where’d I come from?” Sal the snake grinned. “I’m not supposed to be in these works! Well, as long as I’m here, might as well grab this dodging human in my tail. That’s what the script said to do, anyway!” He whipped his tail forward. “Ho! Haha! Turn! Parry! Dodge! Spin! Ha! Thrust!” His tail smacked the branch, ricocheted into his face, and he fell out of the tree.

Word of the day 11/7: blink

My eyes started to water. I could feel my eyelids shake; every nerve around them was saying to blink, blink, blink, blink. But I couldn’t let this arrogant lamia win this staring contest. Still, he hardly seemed fazed…
A sudden darkness. Gaddfern it! I blinked.
Upon opening my eyes again I saw the most beautiful, swirling light show in the lamia’s eyes.
“Aw, too bad,” he said. “We can try again, though. And this time I can help you keep your eyes open…”

Word of the day 11/8: dessert

She handed him a can of nuts. “Dessert?”
“Sure!” He opened up the can but yelped as a snake popped out instead. Shortly after he whimpered as the snake’s spiraling eyes hypnotized him.

Word of the day 11/9: second

Second-by-second it all slips away
Seconds become minutes become hours a day
You find yourself losing track of time
Staring at beautiful colors sublime

Word of the day 11/10: thick

Wrapped from head to toe in soft, sublime scales, the thick coils only grew weightier over their body. The heavy coils squished against Wren as much as one another, pushing the coils down, Wren with them. The surreal experience, once a terror to Wren but now a sublime feeling, sank Wren’s mind further into heavy scales as the tail thickened around their face. Every loop below their chest was broad as their shoulders, so thick that they piled around them, and the tail covered Wren’s mouth, the highest loop fully around their forehead.

Word of the day 11/11: colorful

A shuffle and a hiss in the night waken you. There’s not a gas leak, is there? You slowly open your eyes before you pop them open at colorful light, colorful rings pulsating before you. As tired as you are–and you’re becoming more tired by the moment–you want to keep your eyes open to stare. And as you stare your blanket is replaced by a softer, thicker, scalier spread of squeezing coils sliding around you…

Word of the day 11/12: dangerous

Wait. Even as the lamia hypnotizes you, something you were told about them pops into your head. Yes, you remember being told it was dangerous to look at lamias. As beautiful as she is, as relaxing as it is to follow her eyes, it might not be safe to keep looking at her. It could be dangerous.
Ah, but . . . Sssurely it’s safe to look for just a little while. She’s so beautiful, her eyes look so good, you’re certain that you have a safe window that you can look at her. Is there anything else you can remember being told about lamias?

Word of the day 11/13: pendulum

The music class was terrible. There was nothing else to say. Every student was just bad. But the music teacher had a plan. Today they would replace the metronome with a pendulum. As it kept time it would hypnotize the students to be excellent musicians!
Anyway all that happened was the students dozed off and played worse than usual.

Word of the day 11/14: consensual

There were a lot of forms to fill out just to rent a room at this hotel. But the clerk informed you it was for your protection. To brief you on all the services, make sure you understood them, and be clear about what it is you wanted and didn’t want.
But once you signed all the consent forms you were escorted up to your room by the lamia attendant. You gave an hour’s notice; when the lamia returned you were ready for bed.
As the lamia’s tail winds its way around you on the bed you reflect that the consent forms make sense. Once you’re under, who knows what might happens. Best to be clear ahead of time what you want. But it’s been a long day, and sink into the soft coils and lose yourself in the pleasant attendant’s beautiful eyes…

Word of the day 11/15: aroma

The house seemed abandoned. In fact, it looked like the definition of a haunted house. But shortly after he settled inside to get out of the rain a soft aroma trickled into the room, a savory, sweet aroma that tickled the man’s nose and danced over his tongue. He set out to find where such an aroma came from in such a decrepit place.
He turned into a room and jumped back at the sudden light. The rest of the house was falling apart, but in here everything looked new–the table, the stove, the tableware, the chairs. It was bright, cheery, the hues soft, and sitting at the table was a young lady, her frilly pink dress spreading down her chair to the floor.
“Oh, hello!” the girl said. The guy blushed at her cute smile, her purple hair tied behind her. “You’re just in time for tea.”
The guy looked between the bright room and the gloomy space he’d just come from. “Why is–Do you live here?”
The girl nodded. “Mhm. Come, have some tea; you look so cold, it’ll warm you up.”
Between the pulling aroma and the girl’s invitation he soon found himself at the table. She was so pretty, he found it hard to not look at her. She handed him a teacup.
“Th-Thank you,” he stammered. As he took the cup he heard a small giggle–not from the girl, but from the teacup? He looked down at the purple tea, the orange honey visible in a swirl. The tea seemed to constantly swish, the swirl spiraling… never stopping… rotating in the cup, in his eyes, in his mind…
He never did drink any tea. The ghostly Sinistea’s spiral and muffling aroma was enough to lull him into a warm sleep.

Word of the day 11/16: blank

Totally blank someone’s mind? No, no, that’s much too far. Just erase a few parts. More like a fill-in-the-blank. Blank some memories, some desires, and fill in something new. Or someone new…

Word of the day 11/17: grip

The lamia’s grip over your body was strong–too strong for you to pull out–but that didn’t matter in the least. No matter how strong their tail’s grip, it was nowhere as strong as the hypnotic grip they clenched over your mind.

Word of the day 11/18: enchanted

Five days. Forty hours. You’ve slogged through an entire dull, ordinary work week once again. The entire time one thing nagged at your mind.
The lamia you’d met the previous weekend. They’d hypnotized you, but upon waking you demanded to be released. They offered you a place with them if you returned. Of course, you wouldn’t, right?
You wouldn’t break this terrible monotony for an enchanted fairy-tale life with a captivating lamia, spending your days enchanted and filled with love and wonder, right?
The following Monday your place of work found itself short one employee.

Word of the day 11/19: neon

“Your eyes… they’re glowing… like neon…”
“WRONG! This snake’s eyes are clearly glowing in three colors: yellow, green, and blue. Neon is a gas that, when electrically charged, creates an orange-red glow. Therefore it is NOT neon. Get your chemistry facts right!”
Both snake and human were understandably confused at the sudden appearance of a fluffy cloud shouting at them about chemistry facts.

Word of the day 11/20: seduce

Hand in hand. Hand through hair. Scaly tail resting around shoulders. Slithering tail massaging back. All pulling towards bed.
A lamia’s power to seduce is hard to resist.

Word of the day 11/21: slip

The lamia slipped his tail around the human’s head and pulled them to his eyes until they slipped under the hypnotic spell.

Word of the day 11/22: sleepy

Not sleepy, but need to get to bed early? Not a problem with one of our exclusively-available trained hypnotic snakes! Just look into its eyes and you’re off to dreamland!
DISCLAIMER: For your own safety please keep snake fed at all times. We take no responsibility for anything snake may eat without your permission.

Word of the day 11/23: scales

Wren smiled as the thick tail squished their legs together and slithered around their thighs. The coils massaged their legs all at once as the scales kneaded over their skin. Wren’s skirt rumpled among the tail as it became thicker like a strengthening stream, deep enough now to obscure Wren’s shoes from their sight.

Word of the day 11/24: touch

Their hands brush over your cheeks and hold your face, gently pulling you closer to their eyes, closer, closer closer until your foreheads touch.

Word of the day 11/25: jungle

Your eyes widen as a green light shines in the lamia’s eyes. Swirling dark green, the colors of the deep jungle, beckoning to you, calling for you… to stay in the jungle… become a part of the jungle…

Word of the day 11/26: waterfall

Just relax and let your mind sink. Like you’re floating down a river. So soft, so calm, so relaxing no wait look oUT FOR THAT WATERFALL AAAA

Word of the day 11/27: deception

“I’m not going to fall for your deception. I won’t look in your eyes.”
“That’s fine. They’re nothing special. Nobody ever wants to look in them anyway. I’m used to it…”
He felt a pang of guilt. “Oh. I mean, I don’t mean it like that.” He looked at their eyes. “I’m sure your eyes are… bbbeeauuutiifffuuullllll…”

Word of the day 11/28: whisper

You shut your eyes tight. The two lamias have their coils around you, but you aren’t going to let them trick you with their swirling eyes.
You feel warm air on your ear and hear the softest of whispers, “Aw, why don’t you open your eyes for us?”
You feel a brief lick of a tongue on your other ear. “Don’t you want to look at us?” comes a whisper on that side.
“Oh, but you don’t have to…”
“… if you don’t want to.”
Overlapping whispers bombard your mind from both sides:
“You can just relax in our coils.”
“It’s easy to dose off with your eyes shut.”
“Just relax, nothing easier.”
“Let your mind sink in the mist.”
“Your head feels so cloudy.”
“Don’t worry.”
“Don’t think”
“Listen to our whispers.”
“Our whispers are your thoughts.”
“Just go to sleep.”
“You want to sleep.”
“Sleep. Sleep. Sleep, sleep, sleeeeeeeep.”

Word of the day 11/29: eyes

They say that eyes are the windows to the soul.
So when a lamia looks at you with hypnotic eyes?
That lamia is hypnotizing you with their soul, and as your eyes mimic theirs, your soul takes on the hue of theirs. Their soul becomes a part of yours.

Word of the day11/30: bliss

Beautiful eyes, colors aswirl
Loops of thick coils ’round you curl
Isn’t this dreamy? Feels so divine.
Scales and hypnosis sinking your mind.
So good that only one word describes this:
bliss bliss bliss bliss bliss bliss bliss bliss bliss bliss

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