Hypnovember 2021 Microstory Collection

Smoochy Snakey Jewelry
Rave Rewind
Planting Joy
A Queen Always Gets Her Way
Music’s Control
Watch the Show, Win to Join
It’s Hypnover!

Smoochy Snakey Jewelry
Prompts: Ring, Kiss, Transform, Comfy, Grip

“Is that an emerald or a sapphire?” I asked. I stared at the green-blue ring behind the glass case, the gem glittering.
“The jewel doesn’t have a name in human tongue,” the shopkeep said. “In fact, if I tried to speak its name a portal of snakes would flood the room.”
“I mean, it’s an emerald.”
I stared at the shopkeep. She was short, but her pointy hat was tall enough to poke me in the eye if I wasn’t careful. Between the big witch hat and all the adornments on the walls she was definitely trying to give off the vibe of a witch.
Good to go all-in on a theme, but it seemed a bit much, and with her silken outfit she probably thought she could enchant anyone who visited.
I turned my attention back to the ring. Honestly, every time it glittered it seemed to enchant me, as if winking at me to say buy it
Tia loved green and blue; she would love the gift; I should buy her the ring; I must buy the ring–
“Ow!” A sharp pain hit my head and I looked up; the shopkeep held a stick above me. “What was that?”
“Far be it from me to tell you not to buy something,” the shopkeep said.
“But let me warn you. This ring has magical transmogrification abilities for those who wear it.” I stared at her.
“You just want to make it seem special so you can raise the price,” I said. The shopkeep shook her head.
“If you insist on buying it, I must warn you not to wear it for longer than six hours at a time.”
I laughed; she really held on to that bit. Still, if it got her to sell me the ring, I agreed and left with the perfect gift for Tia.

Tia absolutely loved the ring, she gushed about the colors, she put it on immediately and kept looking at it all night. I told her about the shopkeep’s warning, but she brushed it off more than I did. Still, she didn’t wear the ring that long that night.
Less than six hours later we gave each other another very nice gift in bed, no clothing needed.
Anyway, as you can probably guess, she did end up wearing the ring during sex—I didn’t know, and I don’t think she knew, and she wore it as we fell asleep, and six hours passed.
Tia told me about her dream later, more real than any she’d ever had—a snake slithered around her hand, its scales the prettiest blues and greens she’d ever seen. Before she could react it wrapped around her arm, seeming to grow, slithering down her body.
Then the snake’s eyes shifted, blue and green rings emerging that stole her attention away. Every ring through the serpent’s eyes buzzed into her mind, her sight falling to nothing but the colors. She could still feel the serpent slither around her body, coiling around her legs.
She could do nothing about is as the snake’s eyes locked her stiff and its grip tightened.
She felt a new sensation, strange, but pleasurable, like a soft rub over her legs with the strongest stretch of her muscles she’d ever felt. Her muscles seemed to be growing, lengthening.
She couldn’t feel her legs anymore, but rather a long, curling mass of thick muscle, stretching as if it would never end. Her body felt like putty, her mind following suit lost in the pulsating colors.
A new feeling emerged, she said, which explained her actions in the morning.
She felt the need to wrap her tail around someone and smooch them to pieces.
I woke up in a soft embrace, our blankets cozier than I remembered. They were thick and squishy, even squeezy, and much heavier. I started to doze off again from how comfy they felt.
Wrapped around my legs, softly squeezing my shoulders, the blankets’ weight sank over my body, massaging and supporting my back. I could feel Tia’s arms around me, she snuggled close, and I knew there was no reason to get out of bed yet.
My comfy reverie jolted away as the blankets squeezed, tightening a grip around me I didn’t realize they had. I opened my eyes to see Tia watching me nose-to-nose, a smile on her face.
“Oh!” That was much closer than usual. “Good morning–” The blankets tightened again.
Tia shifted; was she caught in them and trying to get out, pulling them around me? She didn’t appear to be.
“Good morning, Cyane,” Tia said, snuggling closer. “Thank you so much for the wonderful gift.”
“You’re welcome,” I said. “What?”
She pulled her hand in front of me, the ring I’d bought her on her finger. “Oh, right, the, uh.” Six hours passed through my head. I looked at her eyes. “Did you put contacts in? Your eyes are green—and kind of blue, too.” Tia giggled.
“That’s not all that’s turned green-blue.”
I felt the corner of the blanket slide over my head—was it moving on its own, I wondered? Then I saw—it wasn’t the blanket, it was a snake tail. I was wrapped up by a snake.
“Is there a snake in the bed?” I shouted. I tried to move but the snake’s grip was firm. Tia only giggled.
“There is,” she said, “and she wants you to calm down right now.” I glanced at her as I tried to flail and found myself staring, my vision hooked to her eyes. Rings of blue and green emerged, stilling my panic. My thoughts felt muffled as I stared, her eyes filling my mind.
“There we go,” she said, the tail’s grip shifting tighter. Never so tight as to be uncomfortable, between the full-body hug and her dazzling eyes the feeling of comfort once more spread over me. “We’re going to spend the day in bed, okay?”
She pulled my head closer with her tail and kissed me on the lips, a deep, strong kiss beyond her normal passionate advances. I felt a surge of pleasure shudder through my body, her grip holding me still.
When my partner released the kiss all my thoughts orbited her, a dazed open smile to match my dazed drooping eyes.
She kissed my forehead, and my mind seemed to seal itself to her with her kiss. She kissed my cheeks and my smile grew, my body warming up and her grip tightening.
Another deep smooch, her tongue twirling around mine, and I was putty in her coils, my mind twirling around her as she twirled her tail around me and showered me with kisses for the rest of the morning…

Rave Rewind
Prompts: Lie, Rave, Time, Addiction

“This party is never going to end!”
Lights flashed and spun throughout the nightclub, a rainbow kaleidoscope of colors barraging the partygoers’ senses. Music rang from speakers all over the room, pushing the dancers into a nonstop frenzy of movement.
Never going to end? I can’t even remember when it began.
The DJ up top laughs, spinning records and lights for the rave, a white and black snake resting over his shoulders and the controls.
It feels like I’ve been dancing here forever, no beginning, no end.
I feel my body grow tired, and yet I cannot stop. The dance, the music, the lights; all are addicting, and much as I would like to take a break, I simply can’t break away from this never-ending rhythm.
“All right!” the DJ shouts, both his and the snake’s head moving to the rhythm
“Get ready for one last song!”
One last song? Is the end near, then? Was that proclamation of the party never ending a mere boast, a lie?
Why do I feel I have heard this said before?
This final song ratchets faster and stronger into an overwhelming train of music.
I spin alongside the my fellow dancers, senses numb to everything but the mind-dissolving rave.
The music reaches a crescendo, the lights flash into white and black, and the DJ’s snake hisses over the song, music slowing, braking, crawling, slowing… stopping.
I feel it all over again. The music cranking up, tempo rising, faster until its crescendo returns. I feel myself move, dance, spin, backwards. I have no control, and yet I only do what I would do anyway. I do it because I did it, and I am doing it again, and then it is undone.
“Get ready for one last song!”
It came out backwards, but I understood it forwards. The music played in reverse, leaving me; the flashing lights left my sight, left my mind.
It all left something behind, though.
A little piece of it left in my mind.
Not enough. I want more.
I can’t take a break because I didn’t take a break, but that doesn’t matter. I don’t want a break. I’m getting stronger as I go, and all I want is the music, the lights, so addicting, give me more, never end.
End? I can’t even remember when the rave ended, let alone if it began.
The DJ laughs, the snake over his shoulders still hissing, glowing, time twisting around it.
“This party is never going to end!” the DJ says. How could it? We’re not drawing closer to the end. We’re drawing closer to the beginning.
And everything happens again, and I forget it.
And by the time we reach the beginning, I feel fresh for an entire night of dancing, music, rhythm, lights holding my attention and scattering my thoughts.
I feel a desire for it, deep in my mind. I want to dance, follow the music, all so familiar.
The more I listen, the more I follow. There’s already an addiction embedded in my mind, and with every listen it grows stronger.
I become the music. I will never end.

Planting Joy
Prompts: Flower, Charm, Hearts, Jinn, Gaze

Hasumi stared at the green smoke billowing out from the vase, forming into a flower-haired figure floating from the vase, a wispy tail trailing inside.
“Greetings,” the jinn said. “My name is Ouka, and I will grant you any wish you desire.”
Hasumi stared at her then walked away.
“That sounds like a scam,” Hasumi said. They grinned. “Oh sure, any wish! It’s too good to be true; there’s gotta be some trick.”
They jumped back as the jinn teleported before them in a shower of petals.
“No trick,” she said. “You summoned me, so you are allowed a wish.”
“And it’ll have some horrible consequence that’s not really what I want,” Hasumi said. “No thanks.” Ouka frowned.
“I don’t even know what you want,” she said. “I’m curious, now. Would you tell me?”
“So you can use it against me?” Hasumi walked away. “No way.”
Hasumi jumped back as Ouka appeared before them again. Their surprise twisted as Ouka’s eyes shown in pink and brown colors.
“Can’t I just have a little glimpse?” Ouka asked.
“I, I… No, I…” Hasumi stared into Ouka’s eyes, the colors washing over their thoughts like the tide.
Their gaze was locked to the jinn, thoughts and desires lining up in order for the jinn. Ouka patted Hasumi on the head and they both smiled.
“It’s a charming little trick, isn’t it? Now, this will only take a moment.”
Hasumi giggled as Ouka combed through their thoughts.
“Sorry, I know it can be tickling,” Ouka said. She stared into Hasumi’s eyes, letting her magic flow among their thoughts, examining their desires, comparing their strength.
“Ah… I think I understand now,” Ouka said. She gave Hasumi a little frown.
“You aren’t afraid I’ll curse your wish… You’re afraid to speak your true desire.” She placed a hand on Hasumi’s cheek. “You don’t feel attachment to humanity. You don’t even feel attachment to your kingdom.”
She smiled and twirled a shower of petals around Hasumi.
“Don’t worry, little one,” Ouka said, transporting them to a sunny rainforest. “Just follow my magic, and your wish will finally be granted.”
The colors in Ouka’s eyes glowed brighter, shining in Hasumi’s as their vision grew dark. They grew, taller, rising, curling, stiff.
Hasumi’s skin grew hard, branches curling off as they curled back and forward. Their legs merged, planting into the ground, stretching into roots. They could no longer see, but they could still feel Ouka’s magic swirl around them, stripping them of what they once were…
Replacing it with something new.
New life coursed through their veins, slow and sticky, budding at her pores to sprout flowers over their new body before they grew into heavy, glistening fruit.
An apple.
Even heavy melons.
And finally, a heart fruit at the center.
A heart with a great big smile, as Hasumi’s heart now held a joyful smile that she was finally what she’d always wished for.
No more human worries or sadness, she was rooted to a new reality, towering over all as a strong, vivid tree.
She was happy.
Perhaps even super happy.

A Queen Always Gets Her Way
Prompts: Tail, Tea, Love, Photo, Snake

The flash of the camera lit up the dark jungle for a moment.
“Aw, you didn’t smile,” Enna said. “I don’t care if you’re a boar, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t smile!”
The short lamia laughed, the wild pig just watching her confused.
“What else should I snap a photo of?”
“Psst! Enna!”
Enna turned to a cluster of trees to see a familiar and similar face peeking out–her twin, Anne.
“Oh, hey, Anne!” Enna waved. “I found this camera, want some photos?”
Anne stared at the camera.
“Later. Yes. Definitely. A photo shoot would be splendid.”
“For the moment, however, I need your help,” Anne said. Enna frowned.
“Something the matter?”
“Indeed,” Anne said. “Much as it pains me to admit an indignation that nevertheless has resulted in joy, I’m afraid I’ve been afflicted with a matter of the heart.”
Enna hugged her sister and grinned.
“Aw, Anne! Did you fall in love with someone?”
“He’s a perfect prince for a queen like me!” Anne said. Enna grinned more as Anne blushed. “People should fall for me, not the other way around. But that’s not the worst part!”
Enna laughed. “Most folks would be happy.”
“I would be happy if I could get him to reciprocate and let me be his queen,” Anne said. “But alas, this beautiful man has a fatal fear. He is afraid of snakes!”
Enna cringed. She glanced at the end of their decidedly snake-like tails.
“Yeah, that’d be a problem.”
“I need to find some way to convince him to not focus so much on that,” Anne said.
“By that you mean kiss him until he can’t focus on anything else?” Enna asked. Anne smiled.
“You know me so well, dear sister. But I need him distracted before the kiss.”
Enna grinned. “I gotcha. I think I know someone who can get what you need. You’ll have to get to his drink real quick, though…”

The next morning, Ivan sat on the veranda of the cabin, watching the sun rise over the jungle.
Well, he watched the jungle for any sneaking animals.
He didn’t know why he agreed to look after this jungle cabin while his cousin was away, but he did not want to encounter any more animals, no matter how human they looked.
He sipped his tea. It was always a good way to both calm down and wake up in the morning.
Ivan screamed as a girl shouted, “How’d you like a photo, sir?” and swung down from above the veranda, her tangled hair falling wildly. Before he realized what was happening her camera flashed, blinding him for a moment.
During his confusion Anne popped up from under the veranda and poured a vial of liquid into Ivan’s tea. Venom, from a friend according to Enna, not to hurt him but to make him woozy and sleepy enough Anne could come up and kiss him without him protesting.
Ivan clenched his eyes and blinked until he could see again. There was no girl now, nothing out of the ordinary. What was with this jungle? Ivan drank some tea. He decided to get out of that jungle as soon as he could; it was driving him crazy.
His tea was sweet, at least.
He took a further drink from his glass. It really did make him relax; all the jitters from what he thought had been a weird encounter had melted away. He must have just imagined it happened. He leaned back in his chair, his eyes drifting shut.
“Hello, my darling Ivan.”
Ivan popped his eyes open and sat up, though he nearly pitched forward. He was dizzy and having trouble focusing on the snake girl next to him who looked awfully familiar. His thoughts were moving slowly, but they were still ringing the panic bell at seeing a snake girl.
“Go away!” he slurred, swiping a hand at the girl. Anne grabbed his wrist.
“Now, darling, you have nothing to fear from me,” Anne said. He pulled away, but she pulled him closer. “I just want to give you a little something.”
She grabbed his shirt collar and pulled him down.
Once at her level Anne kissed Ivan deeply on the lips, pulling him closer as the seconds faded from memory. He tried to pull away, but his woozy efforts ended as the hypnotic poison of Anne’s kiss seeped into his mind. Ivan teetered back and forth, but Anne’s tail held him still.
She wrapped her tail around Ivan’s legs, holding him in place before snaking her way higher, gripping around his hips and wrapping around his torso as her coiling tail held his legs firm. She fondled his chest with her tail, her scales massaging his skin as she gripped her prize.
Finally Anne released Ivan’s lips, and she rubbed his chin.
“How was my little gift, dear?” she asked. Ivan mumbled a confused response, his dreamy smile more an answer than his words. His thoughts fell over each other trying to figure out what happened.
“I said you have nothing to fear from me,” Anne said.
Ivan’s jumbled thoughts perked up. What did she do to him? He tried to pull away but she held on.
“Wha, I… No, what did…” Ivan gasped realizing she’d wrapped around him, fear reorganizing his thoughts.
“Just relax,” Anne said. She opened her eyes wide, and rings passed through her eyes, first blue, then purple, repeating endlessly. “You can trust in me, my darling Ivan.”
“What…?” Ivan stared, the colors in Anne’s eyes holding his attention. A calm washed away his fear.
With his thoughts too jumbled to make sense of what she was doing he lost himself in her captivating eyes. She calmed away his fear, stalling his thoughts around that enrapturing kiss—a kiss she now gave an encore with, pulling him under her tender, loving spell.
With this second kiss, intensified by her hypnotic eyes, Ivan ceased to see Anne as a threat. The very memory that he had been afraid of her faded, replaced with the belief that he had fallen for her the moment he set eyes on her, eyes pulsating in a droozy mimic of Anne’s.
Anne chuckled and snapped her fingers as she lifted the hip-end of her scaly snake body, and Ivan lowered an arm to lift Anne in his arms, her back in one arm and her scaly hips in the other, her upper tail holding his arm. She hung her arms from his shoulders.
“Your queen is pleased,” Anne said. “Queens always give their lovers the royal treatment.” She pulled herself closer. “Now, my prince, why don’t we go inside and–” Light flashed from beyond the veranda.
“A memorial photo of your first tender moment!” Enna said.
“Do you mind?” Anne said. Enna gave her a thumbs-up.
“Got it. I’ll send you the photos and my bill at a later time.” She slithered away from the cabin. “Have fun, sis!”

Music’s Control
Prompts: Fascination, Singer, Tome, Worship, Statue
Content warning: non-consensual, con non-con, not-actually-con con non-con, intimate coils, invasion of privacy, impersonation, not returning a library book, losing a sense of scale and morality, KINDA KIDNAPPING HONESTLY, ACCIDENTALLY BECOMING A CULT LEADER???

Lila set the tome on the table and opened its heavy pages. A tome, she thought, fit better than just book; she had to carry it in her tail to lug it home.
When she saw the music notes on the book’s spine at the library, she got excited. Even more when she saw what was inside.
They were not just songs, not just ancient songs, but from the book’s description were magical songs. She’d found the book in a dim corner of the library basement where few visited, and she was eager to learn more.
She loved to sing, play instruments, and make music.
She even had a couple family heirlooms; it ran in the family. She enjoyed incorporating songs into her videos and audio files she uploaded online, and she’d wondered if she might find a song that could be a big hit online.
She wasn’t disappointed. She’d found a way to stardom.
Oh, sure, she could always add some hypnotic eyes in the video effects, but it was too easy to go too far and cause the viewer to realize what was up.
But, according to this tome, a fascination song? A song that wraps around the listener’s mind and holds them tightly to it?
She didn’t want to jump to making it public, though, so after she practiced the song Lila contacted a close friend online. She was always honest and gave good feedback when Lila passed a project by her, and Lila had even given her a few private hypnotic sessions.
Her friend was eager to hear a new song, and they set up a voice call for Lila to sing it.
The words were no language Lila had ever heard of, but the rolling, flowing, undulating sounds were easier to sing than Lila’s own language, and she glided through the song with ease.
Lila almost faltered when she thought she heard her friend speaking, but she only heard a murmur and assumed it was nothing.
She reached the end of the song and sighed. “What do you think? Is it any good?”
She blinked. Her friend actually was murmuring… the lyrics to the song.
She murmured the song chorus repeatedly, never faltering and in perfect rhythm, or at least as perfect as she could, which wasn’t much.
Lila giggled. Was she entranced by it? Did the fascination really work? She snapped her fingers into the microphone. “Hey, wake up.”
After a moment her friend muttered, “Wha? Oh, sorry, that song really just—it kept going in my head, like swarming it. I’m still thinking about it! It’s really good!”
“I’m glad to hear it,” Lila said. “Should I release a video with it?”
“Absolutely release a video with it.”
So she did.
The video was an immediate hit. People commented that they couldn’t stop listening to it. Its likes grew, while no one ever disliked it. People made videos about it, doing covers–although when Lila checked they all seemed to sing following her, not their own version.
It was all very flattering, and even when her video started getting dislikes often a comment would come up saying they only disliked it because they were annoyed with the buzz about it but after listening to it they changed their tune!
They changed their tune to the song, in fact.
Lila had gone to clubs to sing before, usually as an amateur, and she quickly took an opportunity to try her new song with an audience in-person. On stage she rolled through the lyrics as before, leading the audience through a flowing journey that stopped just once.
This time, when her audience murmured along, she knew it was happening because the entire audience did it as one.
That, she admitted, was a little creepy.
She regained her composure and continued the song. By the end she was grinning as the audience continued the song.
Creepy as it was, she was also exhilarated at an entire audience with her singing looping in their heads.
No applause, though, just murmuring. She sang, “And that’s the end of the song!” and clapped her hands together, waking everyone from the song’s trance. Applause followed.
The song continued to be a big hit, and Lila sang more at other clubs. She started to get invitations to sing at clubs, bigger establishments, even a few recording deals.
The night before she’d travel to a nearby big city to perform she sang in a local club one more time.
During this performance she caught sight of the most handsome lady sitting alone and falling under the song’s spell, and before the song’s end Lila resolved to meet her later.
She hung around in the lobby waiting to see her leave. When she did Lila found herself singing the song.
Drawing the girl to her. Beckoning her.
Lila cleared her throat. “Um, hi.” Without the song she felt her nerves tangle, but the lady’s nerves appeared just as tangled. Was she intimidated by the singer she’d seen onstage? Lila inhaled and made eye contact.
“Did you like my song tonight?” Lila asked.
“Oh, oh yes, it was wonderful,” the lady said. “I’ve been thinking about it all night.”
“Well,” Lila said, “if you’re not busy, I could give you a private encore tonight?” She blushed. The lady blushed and assented readily.
Lila brought her home and prepared for an intimate evening of snuggling coils. As the lady freshened up in her washroom, Lila arranged her bedroom for her company.
She paused and her heart jumped when she saw a familiar tome.
Oh no, she thought, that book was due back weeks ago!
Maybe even months, time really had flown since she first sang the song. She needed to bring it back before she left tomorrow.
She looked at the tome and flipped through it to a few of the songs.
She stared at one and grinned. That would be fun.
Would her guest assent, though?
Perhaps she should just focus on her current song…
Lila bookmarked the page and closed the book, and she slithered onto her bed to wait for her guest. When the lady entered Lila offered her a seat amongst her thick tail, which she settled into.
“Any tender spots you’d like me to know about?” Lila asked. They giggled as Lila stroked her guest’s chin with her tail. She slithered further, holding her tail over her guest’s shoulders and hips, before she leaned close and sang a soft, slow version of her fascination song.
Lila slipped close, singing first in one ear of her guest, then in the other. Under her tail she felt the lady gradually slacken, intermittently twitching as she began to repeat the song, sinking back under its spell. Lila hugged her coils further around her guest.
Once Lila finished the song and her guest was under its sway she smiled and turned her head to face her.
“How do you feel now?” Lila asked.
Between the repetition of the song her guest murmured positive words, “good,” “nice,” “wonderful.”
“I have another song I could sing you.”
“Would you like to hear it?” Lila asked.
“Yes,” said her guest, repeated between the words of the song.
“Just one thing,” Lila said, “it might result in your body going stiff, as rigid as a statue.” She grinned and held her guest’s face. “Would you be okay with that?”
Deep down Lila knew this wasn’t really consent. Under the song’s sway, she no doubt assented to anything her singer asked.
But Lila was riding high on the influence the song was giving her. She rationalized her guest felt good about it, so it was okay!
She slithered off the bed and to the tome, looking closer at the lyrics to the statuefication song. All the while she coiled her tail further around her guest, squeezing and massaging her scales over the entranced lady.
When Lila was sure she memorized the lyrics she returned.
She sang the statue song to her guest, and felt her body stiffen under her tail, eyes open wide. She ceased repeating the fascination song and remained still and solid under the weight of Lila’s tail.
Lila’s guest still had a droopy face from the fascination. She paused the song.
“You’d look much cuter with a smile,” Lila said, violet and blue pulsating in her eyes. With her guest’s eyes wide open she could only stare into Lila’s eyes, the colors mimicked in her own. Lila giggled and finished the statue song, her guest going stiff with a wide smile.
With the magic of the statue song in effect, Lila coaxed her guest into different positions, curling her tail around her. She moved her guest’s arm up, and it remained in place until she moved it again. She could hold her guest’s body in any position she liked.
“This is fun, isn’t it?” Lila said, kissing her guest’s face. She laughed. “I wonder how much of this you’ll remember.” She kissed her lips. “Hopefully enough that you’ll want to come back for more.” She spread her guest’s body, slithering her tail over all her crevices.
Slithering her tail between her legs.
“In fact,” Lila said between kisses, “why don’t I just take you with me?”
The next morning she carried her rather more permanent guest to her car for her excursion to the city. She checked her guest’s phone for someone to text about it.
She didn’t want someone to think she was missing, but a text to her guest’s roommate that she’d met a cute singer she was traveling with for a bit should fix that issue.
With that, she traveled to the big city to sing in some big, popular clubs.
And she saw more cuties.
At every club she spied someone to take home, whom she sang to follow, sang into a trance, and then sang into a statue. Hypnotized living statues she could wrap up and hug and kiss; she was building a collection, in fact. By the time she was ready to return home she had five.
All the while her fascination song spread, it ran through the minds of her fans, twisting around their thoughts, leading them to think of Lila, think of Lila, listen to Lila, trust in Lila, believe in Lila.
The night before she returned home with her statued harem, she got a call.
One more establishment, wishing to have her come and sing there. She agreed; the more singing engagements in the big city, the more her song could spread!
The next day she arrived at the concert hall. From its name she thought it would be high-class, but it looked run down.
She peered inside. Did she have the right place?
“Mistress Lila!”
A man approached her from a side door. She blushed at the title. It was just a term of respect, right?
“It is so very wonderful you have come to us,” he said. Lila recognized his voice from the phone.
Lila smiled. “Oh, I’m happy to do it.”
“Ah, so graceful and humble!” the man said. “Come, everyone is eager to hear you!” He pulled her into the side door.
“Er, what kind of crowd do you have?” Lila asked.
“Not many, not yet,” the man said, “but more soon, your word is spreading.
Lila blinked. Something was off about this. She wished she’d met the owner before agreeing to this, and by the time she realized he was wearing a flower hairpin exactly like hers she was ushered on stage, surrounded by about twenty people wearing identical hairpins.
“Praise Mistress Lila, she has granted our call for her charms!” The crowd bowed in various states of prostrating.
Lila blushed like a wildfire. What the hex? Hex… that’s what that song has been, anyway. Did it—do they—are they—
They’re worshiping her because of that song.
Lila glanced around the stage and expansive concert hall.
She should leave. She should get away. This was wrong. She needed to reverse this. If she tried to leave what might they do to her? Conflicting emotions and concerns welled up inside her until finally she burst—
into song.
She sang the song that had so fascinated them and which now fascinated them again. She rationalized if she dropped them with the rolling, swirling, hypnotic words, she could then get away.
As she finished the song, the crowd quietly chanting the words, she burst into another song.
She sang the statuefication song, pulling her followers from the drop of fascination into the rise of stiff statuesque worship.
With the song done, she looked over at the people who saw her as someone to worship. Not just adoring fans, but revering fans.
She felt her heart beat.
She slithered to whom she assumed was their leader, so to speak, also fallen to the charms of her songs, and she pulled him aside to whisper the song negating the statue effect. As he regained control of his body Lila flashed her hypnotic eyes into his own.
“Please listen very carefully,” she said in a sweet sticky bun of a tone. She directed him to drive to her hotel room, take tome and the five people inside, and bring them to the concert hall.
Once he was done with that, she would have him make some calls.
Lila grinned.
Like he said, there weren’t many there.
Not yet.
But her word was spreading.
She giggled.
She would have to make sure of that.

Watch the Show, Win to Join
Promtps: Drone, Tame, Villain, Stage, Brew

Welcome boys and girls and all the others to the show,
(Unless you’re under 18, in which case you must go)
A great collection of control I’m here to show today,
My loyal crew, assembled for you, I’ve put under my sway.
Pay attention, at the end I have a special prize,
If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to be hypnotized.
But first let’s bring my special pets out onto the stage,
I’ve tamed them with my special skills, so they need no cage.
Are they beasts in human shape, or humans who think they’re beast?
At my whip they’ll perform feats to give your eyes a feast!
Watch their feats of impressive strength and twirl with grace and poise,
Now cover your ears, their majestic roars and howls do make some noise.

Give a big round of applause for my tamed beasts, all you fine folk in the audience! They’ll certainly get some treats for their performance tonight. After all, I treat my pets kindly—what do you take me for, a villain?

Now prepare to stare in awe at coordinated feats,
My next act’s interconnected rhythm exists to follow the beats,
How many are there? Three or five? Maybe even a ton?
No, no matter how many you see, the drones are always one!
Its acrobatic feats astound, and never does it miss,
Each one’s a part of one big mind in servitude’s grand bliss!
Each drone knows exactly what the other next will do,
So they trapeze with zero fear or errant thought, it’s true!
Cheer them as I steer them to perform such feats of grandeur,
With such a complex final which only these drones could land ‘er!

And now, my fine audience, please give a round of applause for everyone’s favorite fascinated funny folk, the clowns!

Watch them as they spin and twirl, this crazy comedy crew,
You’ll notice some are holding swirling special shining brew.
Some lucky audience members tonight can have a chance to try it,
This stuff’s not sold in any stores, so you could never buy it.
To find out how to win a swig, just turn your gaze to the ceiling,
You see those swirling screens above? Those spirals are so appealing!
Just stare away and you will find instructions for how to win,
Just let your mouths drop open, if you get a drink you’ll grin!
If you win you’ll be escorted backstage for some more,
And if you like it, you can join my show and drink galore!
If you win, do not fret, my show is every day!
Come watch and join our every show—and make sure you always pay.

It’s Hypnover!
Prompts: Coils, Aftercare

“Oh, dear. You’ve been through a lot this month.”
That’s true. You sit on the jungle floor, head leaning against a tree. You’ve found yourself tumbling through so many hypnotic scenarios in the past month you can’t think straight anymore. You feel drunk.
“You need to get your thoughts back in order. Some proper rest, not suppression of your thoughts.” A red and white tail slithers down the tree and under your legs, two loops around you before coiling a third around your chest, under your arms. Persnakety lifts you into the tree.
He sits you down on a branch above and pulls his tail away, then wraps around your hips, coiling up your torso. He tucks your arms into his coils as his scales glide around you, massaging your skin. The bottom coil grows thicker as he rises, resting heavily against your legs.
Persnakety wraps around your chest, squeezing your arms to your sides. He doesn’t squeeze tightly, just enough to hold you close while letting you breathe easily, shift comfortably under his growing pile of tail. It feels nothing more than a heavy blanket tucking you in to sleep.
As Persnakety’s tail slides around your shoulders and weighs you down you drift into slumber, the swirling confusion of the past month that had locked and controlled your mind giving way to peaceful, dark rest. Your worries and cares fall away, as do everyone else’s.
Persnakety drapes the end of his tail loosely over your neck, heavier coils sinking your shoulders down. Past the coil around your hips Persnakety lifts his heavy body over your legs, draping a scaly blanket over you. He holds your legs down but loose enough for you to shift.
As you drift asleep Persnakety’s coils shift you awake.
“Sorry, just a moment…” He moves his coils into a more organized placement. “There, perfect!”
His soft, heavy coils nuzzle you into slumber, a proper reset and refresh for your body and mind.
Persnakety rests his head on top of yours. “Now, no more hypnosis for the moment, and certainly no mind control. Just rest on your own and you’ll be perfectly refreshed in no time.”
You sleep, and dream of a hammock of snake coils.

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