January 2020 Microstory Collection

Hammock (2)
Hammock (3)

Word of the day 1/1: meme

[SCENE: Jungle, exterior, outside a large tree.]
[MOWGLI walks up to tree and knocks on it. KAA lowers himself from above.]
MOWGLI: Well, Kaa, I made it. Despite your directions.
KAA: Ah, Man-cub, welcome. I hope you’re prepared for an unforgettable luncheon!
MOWGLI: Myeah.
[KAA lifts MOWGLI into the tree. MOWGLI sits on a branch while KAA slithers to the other side. He sees his coils are empty and gasps.]
KAA: Oh, ye gods! My prey escaped! [He looks back at MOWGLI.] But what if I were to eat the man-cub? Ho, ho, ho, delightfully devilish, Kaa.
[KAA moves his tail towards MOWGLI but stops when he sees MOWGLI enter the room. Or this side of the tree. Whatever.]
[TITLE CARD: Kaa and the Man-cub]
SINGERS: Kaa with his crazy, sneaky lies
Mowgli, he is gonna need to get more wise
When he sees Kaa’s hypnotic swirling eyes
There’ll be trouble in town tonight!
KAA: Man-cub! I was just, uh, just stretching my tail on this branch. Isometic excercise. [He extends his tail to MOWGLI.] Care to join me?
MOWGLI: Why is your tail wound up in coils, Kaa?
KAA: Uh, oh, that’s not my tail, it’s a bed, to sleep during the unforgettable luncheon we’re having. Yesss, a bed.
MOWGLI: [returns to the other side of the tree]
KAA: Phew. [gathers coils and slithers after MOWGLI]
KAA: Man-cub, I hope you’re ready for some unforgettable coils.
MOWGLI: I thought you said that was a bed.
KAA: Yes, yes, that’s what I call my coils.
MOWGLI: You call your coils a bed?
KAA: Yes! It’s a regional dialect.
MOWGLI: Uh-huh. What region?
KAA: Uh, the jungle.
MOWGLI: Really. Well I’m from the wolf territory and I’ve never heard anyone call their coils a bed.
KAA: Oh, not from the wolf territory, no, it’s a snake expression.
MOWGLI: I see. [MOWGLI gets into KAA’s coils] You know, these coils are quite similar to the ones made by your tail.
KAA: Uh. You know that. One thing I should. Why don’t you look into my eyes, man-cub?
MOWGLI: Good lord, Kaa, what is happening in your eyes?
KAA: Aurora borealis.
MOWGLI: A…Aurora borealis? At this time of day, in this part of the jungle, localized entirely within your eyes?
KAA: Yes!
MOWGLI: May I see it?
KAA: Yes!

Word of the day 1/2: heavy

“Shouldn’t we get up soon?” the human asked. They lay on the bed, in the coils of their lamia boyfriend. His coils were so heavy around them; as long as he wrapped around them they couldn’t get up, nor did their body want to.
But as they looked at their grinning lamia partner they found their eyes begin to grow heavy. It was still early, after all… another 5 minutes couldn’t hurt… or 50 minutes…

Word of the day 1/3: futile

Trapped. Trapped in color. I remember struggling before against the snake’s coils, but now it’s taking all my strength to keep one eye shut from her gaze. I can’t let her get me, I can’t–
“It’s futile, you know.” The snake licks my shut eye and it twitches open to her colors. “Your head’s already so muddled, why don’t you just listen to my sweet, syrupy voice?” I stare wide-eyed as my thoughts melt away and I let her lovely voice become my thoughts. Let her sweet voice sink in and cover my mind like syrup. I belong to her now.

Word of the day 1/4: fluid

The snake’s fluid tail flowed around you so smoothly it seemed more liquid than solid, but the pressure it exerted on you could only be made by a liquid at the bottom of the sea.

Word of the day 1/5: smile

“Oh no, are you lost?” The lamia frowned at the human’s frightened face as they stared into each other’s eyes. “You’re not hurt, are you? Can you walk?” She flicked her tail back and the human walked towards her. She sighed in relief. “You seem fine. And don’t worry about being lost.” She slipped her tail around his shoulders and grinned. “I’ll take care of you.” The human smiled, mimicking the lamia’s as his eyes mimicked her swirling colors.

Word of the day 1/6: hug

“I promise I won’t squeeze that tight,” the lamia said. “If I wrap you up it’d just be like getting a hug. On top of a hug, on top of another hug, on top of another hug, on top of another hug…”

Word of the day 1/7: hood

Your concern gives way to confusion at the appearance of this hooded lady. Her chocolate, dark-spotted snake tail wrapped thick around you, no doubt strong enough to crush you, but it squeezed no tighter than a firm hug. The way the cool tail rubs up and down almost seems–needy, or lonely.
With the lamia’s light hood over her head, all you can see is her long braid, dropping all the way to her tail’s base, and a small smile. Just what is she planning? Well, you don’t have any choice but to stick around and find out.
Still, something seems off about her hood. Or under her hood? You peer closer to try and see. Something glowing colors under her hood, almost as if–
The lamia pulls off her hood and you find yourself staring at swirling rings in her eyes, blue, green, yellow, over and over. Your eyes widened, fixated on hers, almost as pretty as her soft, beautiful face.
“Hey there, my name’s Kaa,” the lamia says. “What are you doing out here all alone?”
“I…” You just mutter at first, unable to get her sparkling eyes out of your head. “I’m a bit lost out here…”
She laughs and leans down close to you. “I can see, you look lost. I think you need a guide.”
“A guide…?”
“Someone wise and capable and beautiful, and friendly, of course.” She squeezes your cheek with the end of her tail. “Would you like to be my friend?”
“Friend…” Your mouth twitches up in a smile.
“After all, nobody should have to be alone out in the jungle…”

Word of the day 1/8: aroma

The aroma of fresh-baked cookies brought him into the bakery before he realized it. An entire counter was covered in the glistening iced cookies, a spiral of icing on each. They looked so good it seemed a shame to eat one; they looked so good he could just keep staring at them.
What? Did the baker offer a free sample? Awesome!
Between that first bite and leaving the bakery felt like a dream. Outside he suddenly realized he had bought several dozen cookies. They were baker’s dozens, even. He didn’t even remember buying so many. He couldn’t eat them all!
Though he vaguely remembers a conversation with the baker… suggesting he share the scrumptious cookies with all of his friends. What a perfect idea!

Word of the day 1/9: feel

The lamia wasn’t even squeezing that tight, but there was just so much tail. She coiled him from head to toe in a complete cocoon. He almost felt numb, but that wasn’t quite right. He could still feel, it was just… he could no longer feel anything but her encompassing scales.

Word of the day 1/10: mattress

You might say that subs are mattresses and doms are blankets. While the blanket spreads over you the mattress is close by, encouraging you, telling you how enjoyable it feels to sink and be blanketed.

Word of the day 1/11: bite

A lonely night down the street. I pass by a few wayward souls but for the most part find myself alone.
It’s probably the only reason I hear the scraping and hiss. But when I turn around nobody’s there. I assume it’s my imagination a couple times before I finally ask who’s trying to scare me.
The snake falling around me absolutely scares me. I stumble back against the wall as the snake drapes over me, its tail wrapping over my neck. I grip it to push it back, but it doesn’t squeeze, it pushes my head up, exposing my neck.
In a twirling flash the snake is gone. In its place, their arms around me, the most handsome figure, their eyes captivating, dark hair coifed long down their shoulders. My eyes widen even more than upon seeing the snake; the figure smirks, a sharp fang showing. The snake’s tail keeps my head up and neck exposed.
“You’re… You’re a vampire, aren’t you?” I say.
The figure raises an eyebrow. “Me? A vampire? Why, of courssse not.”
I feel scales around my legs. I glance down a moment and realize instead of legs a long snake tail emerges from their torso.
“A-A lamia.”
They grin, showing both sharp fangs. “Not quite that, either.”
I screw my face up, confused. “I’m running out of options here.”
“Yes, you are.” And a jolt courses through me as they bite.

Word of the day 1/12: laughter

He covers his mouth, the two of you blushing. Did he really just say that? Awkward. Embarrassing. Also tempting, but to just say it out loud? It kind of killed the moment.
Under his hands the lamia grins and begins to laugh, and you follow suit with a giggle, the tension released. He continues to laugh and you follow, his laughter contagious. You feel like you could just keep laughing with him, staring into his pretty eyes, letting the laughter drown out other sounds, drown out other thoughts, just laugh with him as his tail strokes your head, laugh, giggle away those memories, he never said anything awkward, there’s only laughter there.

Word of the day 1/13: hold

I hold your hands together in mine and hold them against my heart. I just want to hold you close, I tell you, and I wrap my tail around you from behind. You might accept it, you might try to get away, but it doesn’t matter. I want to hold you close, and I’m going to hold you close, and tight, and smothered in my coils.

Word of the day 1/14: hammock

You have no idea how long you’ve been trudging through the hot jungle, but you’re exhausted. Your legs are jelly, your back is sore, and you just need to find someplace to rest.
You spy a curve hanging from a tree and would jump if your legs could–a hammock! Someone set up a green hammock between the trees. Well, it’s maybe for them, but they probably won’t mind if you take a quick break on it.
A bit of a strange hammock, though. It’s kind of inversed, the center is risen up, but it’s good on your back. It’s cool, too, and quite firm for a hammock, though soft at the same time.
The ends are hung rather high, though, and you can’t see where they end. It’s a weird hammock–wait, is it moving? It’s vibrating! It’s a vibrating hammock, moving under you. It’s so relaxing, you don’t even notice it rising until branches pass by you.
By then you’re face-to-face with a lamia who twists the scaly hammock under you and wraps you tight in their tail.

Word of the day 1/15: hammock (2)

You’ve been slogging for hours! Days! Well, a while, anyway. You’re probably getting more lost in the jungle with each step. You need a break.
You smile at the lucky appearance of–wait a minute. That hammock is a snake tail. You’re not falling for that again!
But wait, from another tree is a real hammock! You hurry over and see–it’s definitely made of some sort of fibers, not scales and muscles. You hop on and relax, resting your sore legs and back.
You shift in the hammock but find it sticking to you. You weren’t that sweaty, were you? Wait, this hammock is rising, too! At the canopy a pair of stiff, dark, segmented legs border you, followed by a second pair. Two pairs of dark arms hug you and you stare into the eight eyes of a fanged-grinning spider lady.

Word of the day 1/16: hammock (3)

Okay, so the two hammocks didn’t work out. But you found some old ruins to rest in the shade, at least. Not very comfortable, but…
You spy a glint in the dust and debris. You push it aside and see what looks like an ancient oil lamp. You brush off the dirt to look closer and klink-klonk-kablammo a jinn pops out! You stare at the apparition; she smiles as she places her fingers under your chin, her jewels sparkling. Her hair is tied at the top, making two tails that fall to her sides, while past her waist her body becomes a smoky tail that trails into the lamp.
For releasing her she says she’ll grant you any wish you desire. You wish for a real hammock.
Because of course.
In a flash you find yourself reclining in the softest of tightly-stretched fabric, gravity sinking you into the compact threads. You relax back, resting your weary body, and the jinn bumps her hips against the hammock, sending it rocking back and forth, back and forth. She places her hand on the side to keep it rocking, her shiny gems glittering, and she hums you a lullaby. Did you wish for that? She’s doing it so you must have. You doze, relaxed, as the jinn’s misty tail circles around you and the hammock and settles over you like a cozy blanket. You feel so tranquil, so nice, you wish you could hold onto this feeling… you wish you could keep this feeling… with the jinn… forever…

Word of the day 1/17: crush

I hover over you close to your face and you stare petrified, fear gripping you as much as my coils all around your body. I grin.
“I’m totally crushing on you,” I say. You shut your eyes and clench, expecting tight pain.
Instead my lips slide over yours in a kiss. You exhale and open your eyes as I massage my tail over you.
“I thought you were going to crush me,” you say. I giggle.
“I said I’m crushing on you, cutie.” Another brief kiss and laugh as I hold your face in my hands. “You’re adorable when scared and confused.”

Word of the day 1/18: empty

You wake up. Darkness surrounds you, as empty of light as your head feels, and you seem to be sitting in a soft armchair, your body as loose as it could be. You can’t remember how you got there, what happened, when you fell asleep… who you are… your name… In fact, you feel it safe to say that you can’t remember anything. You call out, asking what’s happening, where you are.
“Oh, dear. Are you awake?” A figure comes near you in the darkness. Two hands slide up to your shoulders, possibly restraining, but you remain sitting down anyway. You don’t recognize the figure, but you don’t move away; you feel no fear, rather you want to know who this is.
“I’m sorry, it’s taking longer than I’d hoped,” the figure says. “You aren’t supposed to be awake yet.” Their eyes glow in swirling colors, the only light in the darkness, and you lean towards it, eyes widening. “Why don’t you just go back to sleep for now, hm?” Your mouth drops as your body drops closer to the near-bottom level of slackness you already were, and you smile as the beautiful colors fill your empty mind with soothing bliss. The darkness lights up with dazzling colors and you sink back to sleep. The last thing you hear before disappearing under the spell is, “I promise to have your new mind ready to instill by the time you next awake.”

Word of the day 1/19: loop

You loop your tail around my waist
And squeeze so tight like a glove
Loops of color loop in your eyes
Swirling beauty I can’t but love
You loop your tail around my belly
And squeeze so tight like a glove
Loops of color loop in your eyes
Swirling beauty I can’t but love
You loop your tail around my chest
And squeeze so tight like a glove
Loops of color loop in your eyes
Swirling beauty I can’t but love
You loop your tail around my arms
And squeeze so tight like a glove
Loops of color loop in your eyes
Swirling beauty I can’t but love
You loop your tail around my shoulders
And squeeze so tight like a glove
Loops of color loop in your eyes
Swirling beauty I can’t but love
You loop your tail around and around…
What…? When did you wrap me all up? You just had one loop around my waist and…
I was reciting my poem the whole time?

Word of the day 1/20: friends

At first they were worried. They’d gone to this friend-making party in hopes of finding some friends, but they were so terrible at conversation and presenting themself that they didn’t expect to make any new friends.
But then those screens turned on, and those swirling colors grabbed their attention, grabbed everyone’s attention, and all those fears and worries and doubts and thoughts and will was pushed away.
All that mattered now was obeying master. But, as a bonus, they did get some new friends! They were friends with everyone else who obeyed master.
That’s a good ending, right??

Word of the day 1/21: tongue

With his tail settled around me my lamia partner leaned close to my ear and whispered sweet nothings. Each S resulted in his forked tongue hissing into my ear, though. Honestly? I’m pretty sure that’s not an automated thing, I’m pretty sure he could just not do that, and it eventually tickled my ear so much I had to reach up to rub it.
“I love your whispers,” I said, “but would you mind holding the tongue back?”
He chuckled. “My apologies, of coursssse…”
Of course his tickling tongue came out there, but when I tried to rub my tingling ear I couldn’t budge my arm–he held it down in his tail. My attempts to free my arm just sent him into more hissing laughter, tickling my ear further. I twitched as goosebumps spread over my quivering body and he took this opportunity to squeeze his scaly tail closer.

Word of the day 1/22: snuggle

I sit on the couch, my tail twitching back and forth. I can hear the water running in the shower, and I tingle just thinking about the steam. The water stops and I twitch even more. Towel, towel… Hurry up and dry off before the heat–
The door opens. You take two steps out and I wrap my tail around your body that radiates steamy heat. I moan about how warm you are and pull you into my coils, pull you to the sofa with me, and I snuggle against your hot body. I lose myself in your warmth as you lose yourself in my rubbing, sliding, caressing scales, my thick, squeezing, loving tail.

Word of the day 1/23: eye

“If it becomes too much for your eye to take, you could always just close it.” Sean’s eye twitches. It doesn’t want to budge. “You could always close your eye”—she taps his other eye with her tail—“and open your other eye instead.”

Word of the day 1/24: radiant

I twirl you with my radiant tail, scales shining in the light. When I stop you you’re facing me, looking into my radiant eyes radiating soothing, pulsing colors twirling your mind as much as my tail did your body.

Word of the day 1/26: pillow

You march up to me, your glare offset by your repeatedly covering your mouth to hide a smile. I, of course, give you a neutral smile as if to wonder what you want, as if I didn’t already know.
“Where are my pillows?” you ask.
“I haven’t seen them,” I say, my smile as neutral as a smile can be.
“Every time my pillows disappear, you ‘find’ them later, but only after you suggest I use your tail as a pillow instead.”
I slide close to you, a big smile on my face. “Use my tail as a pillow? Sounds like a good idea to me. Maybe I can look for your regular pillows while you’re napping.”
You lower your hand from your smile and chuckle, shaking your head. “Okay, I guess that’s easier than pushing you on my pillows.”
Besides, my scaly tail is so soft and comforting, I have to wonder why you’d rather use some boring pillows anyway. And when my tail also gets to be your blanket, well, I think I shouldn’t even have to hide your pillows every time to make you rest with my tail.

Word of the day 1/27: god

The people bowed as their god was carried out on their expansive golden throne, four humans blessed by them carrying the heavy seat. Their muscles would be wracked with pain. Their god would later soothe their pain. Their bodies would soon give out anyway, but they would never once complain.
The ordinary people kept their eyes down, for to look upon their god was to know impeccable delight, and this was reserved to those few given the god’s blessing.
So when the young lady felt the priest’s hand on her head her heart swelled with joy. Was she chosen? She peered up, only enough to see the preist, who nodded. The girl beamed. She looked up and her breath caught in her throat at the sight of her god.
The nagampire.
Their long, dark hair trailed down their smooth, dark skin, practically sparkling in the sunlight. Their slender body grew from the human form in regal clothing to a twisting tail covered in glistening scales and thick with muscle. The nagampire smiled to her, and she worried such an honor would cause her to melt. She felt giddy and lightheaded as she followed the priest to the platform to stand before her wonderful, beautiful, generous god.
“Good afternoon, little one,” her god said. “Are you nervous about meeting your god face-to-face?”
She fidgeted and nodded, stammering out, “A-A little…”
“Understandable, it’s a new experience, isn’t it?” They reached their tail out to slide over her shoulders and brush her hair, and she breathed quickly, willing herself not to squeal in glee loud enough for the entire congregation to hear. Her god chuckled. “You really are a pretty young lady.” They carressed her cheek and the heat from her intense blushing. An hour in a sauna wouldn’t have made her so flush.
Her god patted a spot next to them on the throne. “Would you like to come seated next to me, or on my glorious scales?” Their twisting tail shifted.
“Oh, n-no,” she said, looking down, “I-I couldn’t, I’m not worthy to–”
“Now, now, that’s nonsense.” Her god wrapped a few loops of their tail around her and pulled her to the throne and on their scaly body. “Don’t be silly, you have my blessing. Anything I offer you are worthy of.” They placed a hand on her flush cheek, caressing her gasping body in their tail. Her god smiled to her, and she nodded, wishing to make the being she loved, cherished, and worshiped as pleased as she could, even if it was a mere fraction of how pleased her god could make her.
The nagampire ordered the throne bearers to return them and the girl to their sacred chambers. They wanted to show the girl the benefits of their blessing immediately.
And the girl stayed with her god for the rest of her…

Word of the day 1/28: devotion

She looked at the chamber, draped with fine cloths and soft carpeting throughout. Her god, the nagampire, reclined on a couch and beckoned her closer.
“Come, my dear, let us get better acquainted.”
She went to them, but still looked about the chamber. She’d expected others who had received the blessing and asked of it.
“There are many chambers,” her god said. “I often prefer to give my subjects special attention.”
She grinned as she sat on the couch next to them and they slid their tail over her.
“Focus just on them, look directly into their eyes…”
She stared into the infinite of her god’s eyes as swirling colors flowed forth, a warm sinking feeling filling her. Her thoughts flitted away; her mind shut down. No, that wasn’t what was happening; she was learning. She was gaining enlightenment from her god. This blessing was blissful, and her eyes reflected theirs, showing her holy state of enlightenment.
“I find”–they looped their tail around the girl–“that when I give my subjects personal attention”–they settled her lax on the sofa and hovered over her, never breaking eye contact–“they become that much more devoted to me.”
“Yes, dear girl. You’ve worshipped me, but have you truly been devoted to me?”
Her eyes and grin widened. It was so clear now. To be blessed by her god wasn’t just to worship them, but to devote herself to them. To think only of them. To exist only for them. To give herself to them.
Her god grinned their sharp teeth. “Devotion…” They pushed her head back in their coils; their hypnotic spell continued through her mind, now a slave to their control. “Devotion means sacrifice.”
And they fed, lunging for her neck and biting, taking her blood.
It was true that there were many chambers, but it was never long before a chamber became devoid of life and a new life was needed…

Word of the day 1/29: magic

“Good afternoon, gentlemen.”
“Good afternoon.” The businessman smirked, staring down with his team. “My organization is seeking to set up an operation here. We understand there are rare minerals waiting to be unearthed in great quantity here, and we’re willing to trade you a fair price in exchange for use of your land.” One of his men opened a suitcase, revealing significant cash, the currency of the country.
The nagampire god chuckled at these strangers from a faraway land, swishing their glass of red drink held in their tail. Of course with these strangers looking down they never saw the nagampire, no doubt had no inkling of their nature.
“Please, put your money away. I am a god, gentlemen, what use have I for such things?”
The leader’s smirk showed teeth. “Come now, I’m not one of these primitive fools. A mortal man with tricks to convince a tribe of his divine status, but I know better.”
The nagampire frowned. “I am no man, sir, nor woman.”
The businessman gave a curt laugh and apologized. The nagampire could hear his mocking tone.
“But tell me, if you don’t believe in my divinity, why do you mimic my subjects and not look upon me?”
“We follow custom,” the stranger said. “We’re not here to be rude, we’re here to do business, and as it’s considered the greatest transgression to look at you we’ll obey your people’s practice.”
“Obey?” The nagampire laughed. “Quite a strong word, for it. Well, there is no greater authority than I, so I grant you–you alone, sir, not your associates–to honor to look upon me. Perhaps I will show you some magic to demonstrate my divine status.”
“I thank you for the honor,” the businessman said as he looked up, “though I doubt anything you–” That was all he got out beyond questioning mutters.
He would have been shocked from the nagampire’s long tail, but such a shock was quickly muted  by the dazzling display in the being’s eyes. Swirling colors taking his attention, filling his head with new ideas and thoughts. He swayed, but with the nagampire’s look remained standing. The colors took him away from the throne room, out of the palace and to the sky where the nagampire showed him their powers, their magic to transform the sky, gather the stars in their hand and blow them back in their shape, to create a new world with a wave of their hand.
This magic was the reality the businessman saw as he stood in the throne room.
The nagampire was a god. This he now knew.
But the god was gracious and amenable. They allowed the businessmen’s plans to move forward. But the price would be steep. Too steep for most mortals to pay.

Word of the day 1/30: sacrifice

This was garbage. Absolute garbage!
He peered around the corner into the hall. No one was down there. He hadn’t seen anyone since being forced into the place. He’d broken out of the first chamber but couldn’t find a proper exit.
He thought the boss had liked him. Was planning on making him his successor, even. Apparently he considered him expendable enough to give him up to make these stupid primitives’ dumb leader agree to their terms.
Then again, the boss seemed to think this was a good thing for him. Huh, maybe the point was he’d meet up with their leader and oversee operations there. But the boss would’ve told him, right?
“Aw, shit.” The hallway led to a dead end. Well, there was one of those chambers. He pushed the door open and looked inside. Empty, of course.
He turned and shouted as his foot lifted over the hugest snake he’d ever seen. He stumbled back into the chamber. “Jesus!” He had no idea such a thing was around.
The snake slithered into the chamber. “Sssory, but your god shan’t be helping you here.”
The kid peered at the snake then shook his head. It wasn’t the snake, it sounded like the leader here. “Where are you? Come out!”
“Ah, but I have.” The snake rose, twisted, and in a moment grew even bigger into the form of the nagampire.
The kid swore even more and backed up the wall. “What the hell are you?”
“A god, dear boy. And you, my lad,” they said, reality-warping light flowing from their eyes to the kid’s, “are a sacrifice.”

Word of the day 1/31: worship

The young manager, or junior assistant, or, or, what was he…?
“That’s right, young one,” the nagampire said, pulling the human’s head with their swaying as they shone hypnotic light from their eyes to his, “you are nothing but a sacrifice now.”
“A sacrifice…” he muttered, eyes drooping, thoughts muffled. The nagampire slid his tail up the sacrifice and pulled his suit off, exposing first his neck and then the rest of his torso.
“A pleasing thought, is it not?” the nagampire said. “And quickly becoming the only one in that simple little head of yours.”
The sacrifice muttered. He tried to fight, but with every rotation of his head his antagonism fell in favor of the belief he wasn’t worthy of the god.
Of his god.
“Just look deep into my magical eyes, silly boy, let me purify your mind so you’ll be a proper sacrifice.” The nagampire trailed their tail around and wrapped up the sacrifice. “Let me remove all those silly old thoughts from your head. Let the only thought be worship for your god. You worship me utterly, do you not?” They cleaned close and kissed the sacrifice on the lips for a moment–and biting him, tasting his blood. The sacrifice’s drooping eyes were offset by his wobbly smile as the joy of worship became all he knew.
“I always make sure to taste a representative of anyone I deal with.” The nagampire pulled his head to one side, openly exposing the sacrifice’s neck. They grinned at the sacrifice. “And, may I say, your blood…” Their face dropped to a sagging frown. “Is disgusting.” They snapped the sacrifice’s spinal cord.
They might have some use for them alive. A source of warmth when they didn’t need to feed. They would have less use for his associates, though. Perhaps they would use his boss’ mining plan for their own uses, but more likely they would simply call off the deal.
They were filth. Filth hardly worthy of worshiping the god.

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