July 2020 Microstory Collection

Held by Hypnosis
Held by Coils
Forgive and Forget
Trading Owners

Held by Hypnosis

“Why, hello there.” The voice and scales around your hand makes you stand up from your resting spot under the tree. From behind appears a lady–the only fitting word, as she looks like a princess straight out of a fairy tale.
The scaly snake tail from her kimono makes her seem even more like from a fairy tale.
“My name is Anne, are you traveling through this jungle?”
You hastily say yes and give your name, but add you have to get on your way as you pull your hand back, no avail in freeing your wrist.
“Ohh, you can rest a little longer,” Anne says. You look at her eyes–at first one was amber and one was azure, but now both are violet–and blue–alternating rings. “It’s goooood to resssst.”
Her eyes are attracting–but you know this trick and yank your sight from her eyes.
You try to run but her arms and tail already hold you close.
“Aw, don’t go.” You can hear the smile in her voice. “Not without a kiss first.” Anne slides up and plants a deep, passionate kiss on your mouth–a poisonous kiss. You immediately feel warmth flood your head, your body.
The world spins, grows hazy. Were you sleepier than you thought? When Anne releases your lips you stare at her pulsating eyes.
“That’s better, isn’t it? You don’t want to leave me, you want to rest here with me, you need to rest here with me.”
Your head is too heavy to look away.
She leans close to you and caresses your face in her hands as her scales slide over your body. Her beauty and soft touch overshadows your thoughts.
“Yes, that’s right, you belong here,” Anne says. “You belong with me.” She pulls you closer, faces touching. “You belong to me.”
Another kiss of sweet poison and your mind feels sticky, Anne’s words sticking to it and dragging you into a scaly pool of colors.
“That’s the way to do it,” she says, “relaaax your weary body and fill your mind with me, with your queen.” She squeezes your face in her hands.
“You want to be a good pet for your queen.”
Anne’s words mix with her hypnotic eyes and heavenly poison and you smile, eyes lost, happy to make your queen happy.
“You’ve always been so loyal to your queen,” Anne says. You forget where you were going, where you are.
You forget that you’d even tried to get away from your queen.
“It’s best to be loyal to me,” Anne says. “It feels so good to be loyal. It feels so good to give control to me.” She chuckles; you laugh with her. “I’m so wise, I’m so beautiful, it’s only natural that I should lead.”
“You want to be mine, all mine, my pet, my lover, a slave to your love for me.” Anne hugs tight, pouring commands into your mind as she pours hypnotic colors into your eyes to obey her, only her, trust her word, her word is law, you are happiest when you obey and trust her love.
Another kiss, sending you deeper. “You’re such an adorable pet when you obey, you know. From the moment I saw you I knew we belonged together.” She places her forehead against yours, her eyes all you can see. “I’m sure from the moment you saw me you understood the same.”

Held by Coils

You run through the night jungle, panting as you duck and dodge branches and vines, skipping over ferns and rocks.
You managed to break the spell of that obsessive lamia and get away from her…
You didn’t expect her to have a sister, though!
“Keep running, it’s gonna make you all nice and warmed up!”
She practically leapt at you when you first saw her, hair and kimono a mess compared to her sister, and you ran, not about to let yourself get caught again.
She kept up, only a few steps–or slithers–behind you.
She shouted taunts, compliments–which were probably also taunts–with brash bravado beyond her sister’s graceful manner. You didn’t know what she would do if she caught you. You didn’t want to find out.
A heavy force hits your back and you tumble to the ground.
You and the lamia roll along the ground until her tail is completely coiled around you, squeezing tight, scales rubbing over you and stroking your skin.
You stare, dumbfounded for a moment, at her grinning face, until you realize your peril and squeeze your eyes and mouth shut.
If she has the abilities of her sister you’re not sure if there’s much you can do to keep her poison kiss out, but you’ll try.
You feel her tail snake all along your body, legs held together, arms pinned to your sides, her body weighing heavy above you. She squeezes your face.
“Aw, aren’t you a cute one! Don’t be scared.”
She runs her scaly tail over your face as it presses around your neck and shoulders, kneading you muscles. It feels like a massage, but you know she’s just trying to lower your guard.
It feels relaxing, though. Your adrenaline falls.
“I’m not going to hurt you,” she whispers, so close. You know she’s going to kiss you. She’s going to make you too dizzy to focus on shutting your eyes.
She kisses your cheek.
She snuggles against you and settles in.

“Is that it?” you ask.
“I-I mean, I don’t want you to–but your sister–”
She laughs. “You met my sister, I take it?” She holds your face. “Well, I’m not my sister. I’m Enna.”
You peek your eye open. Enna’s smiling, but her eyes are normal–left azure, right amber.
“Then what do you want from me?”
“Warm snuggle,” Enna says, nuzzling her face into your neck. “Wanna sleep with someone warm. Please be my reverse electric blanket.”
As the night continues you relax of your own volition. It feels nice, her soft tail a mattress and blanket in one.
You’re worried what morning will bring, but you sink and snuggle with Enna, and natural sleep falls over you both, the rhythm of her coiling tail rocking you to sleep.
And in the morning, Enna releases you, thanks you for the warm sleep, and… that’s it.
You both go on your way.

Forgive and Forget

Maybe this is a bad idea, but it’s been sitting on my conscious. I made a mistake. I need to owe up to it.
It takes a week, but I finally come at a time she seems to be home, and I climb up and knock on her cabin door.
Mira opens the door.
Her neutral expression turns to one of poison ice when she sees me.
“What do you think you’re doing here?”
“Look, I know you’re still angry,” I say, “but I wanted to come and apologize. I did something stupid, and it was my fault. I was hoping we could just forgive and forget.
Her face softens but still glowers. I’m not sure how she’s taking the idea.
She sighs and looks down. “All right, I’m willing to forgive…”
I smile. “Oh, that’s great!” She looks up, and my mind blanks from the red, blue, green colors in her eyes.
“If you’re willing to forget.”


It’s wholly simple I think you’ll find
It just takes a step, not a leap
You just have to look into my eyes
Then you can rest your weary mind
In the comforting embrace of sleep
If you let yourself be hypnotized
Just look close and take a chance
Let yourself fall and slip so deep
And go into a hypnotic trance
And enter a cozy, dozing sleep
All you have to do to be hypnotized
Is look so deep into my eyes
It’s easy to trust me I think you’ll find
If you just hand over to me your mind
Easy to sleep if you look deep
You can trust me, your thoughts are dusty
Give your brain wash, resistance squashed
find sleep mind deep wind sheep blind seep mind
sweep deep sleep seep steep deep sleep


You lay back on the bed and fidget, sheets on, sheets off, sheets on, squinting–it’s no use. You groan. You can’t get to sleep.
“Having trouble?” Lila slithers to the bed, looking over you. You’ve been dating for a while, and she was staying over for the evening.
“Hi Lila,” you mutter. “Can’t sleep.”
“Let me help,” she says, and your focus in the dark centers on a sudden light in her eyes, a familiar pulsating, never-ending flow of beautiful rings.
It’s not very strong. You could even look away if you wanted, probably.
But it feels nice.
It’s just a soft shroud slipping over your weary mind, stumbling over a flood of thoughts from the day that slowly sink muffled under the ocean of her eyes. You smile as her hypnotic gaze lulls you to sleep, and you giggle.
“I love you so much,” you say.
Lila’s eyebrows raise. “It–It’s not too strong, is it?” She could ramp up the hypnosis until the look alone pulls someone into love with her, but that wasn’t the case here.
“No, no. It’s a wholly natural love.” Your sleepy voice grows quiet.
“Just spending time with someone can easy put sleep…” You try to say more but your thought dissolves like a small tablet in the ocean of her hypnotic eyes, and off you drift to sleep.
Of course, it’s not wholly selfless on Lila’s part. Now that you’re asleep under her spell she can caress, snuggle, hold, and kiss you all she likes without worry of waking you up…

Trading Owners

What was she? A container. A container for her mistress’ venom. Cocheta owned her, rescued her from a previous owner who hadn’t used her right. But Cocheta did, filling her with wonderful, warm, relaxing venom every evening. It was sublime.
Sometimes, like the wonderful owner she was, Cocheta would hold the container tight, her tail gripping over and over until it enclosed the container completely. Then when the container was good she filled her with the most splendid light. She loved Cocheta’s light…
The container had another name once, maybe. She never remembered it, but on occasion Cocheta would call the container “Kaci”. A pet name? Containers didn’t have proper names. She was only Cocheta’s container. Sometimes servant. Nothing more.
Until the day the container was tipped
Cocheta held her container up in a tree, her tail wrapped all around her. No one could reach them up there; she could use her whole tail to spoil her container with rubbing scales and soft, flexing muscles squeezing tight, massaging her vessel, keeping her venom safe.
Then the spiders attacked.
A swarm of them, around the tree, each as big as a man and surrounding Cocheta and her container. With Cocheta’s tail around her container she was left with limited mobility, and try as she might to knock the spiders away their webbing slowed her down.
She tightened her tail around her container to keep her safe, but the spiders scrabbled at it. Despite the constriction the container felt safe, and only grew worried at the jabbing of rigid, pointed legs. The venom and Cocheta’s light kept her emotions soft and subdued…
But concern bubbled up as Cocheta shouted at the spiders, trapping her in webbing. The spiders pulled one of Cocheta’s loops away, but the rest were too heavy for them to move. They couldn’t take the container away.
But they could push it.
The container tipped.
She dropped.
The container didn’t understand all this movement, the rush of air, and it worried her. The thud at the end was rough, but she felt no pain.
She felt more distress as each loop of Cocheta’s tail was removed. She groaned for her mistress, called out Cocheta’s name.
A sticky material falling over the container and binding her mouth put an end to her groans, though not her attempts.
She was soon bound no longer in her misstress’ scaly perfection but sticky, trapping material, the world not Cocheta’s beautiful colors but a harsh white.
The spiders carried the container away. Her sense of time was muddled, but every moment not with Cocheta felt like an eternity of sadness.
Eventually, in darkness, the spiders set the container down. The webbing was pulled away, and the container shrank from the figure before her
“Hello, my dear.”
The figure towered over the container, skin dark and thick. Many bright red eyes looked down on her, with darker hair hanging short. One hand tapped her fanged smile with sharp, claw-like fingers, another she held akimbo, and two more hung to her sides.
Her four pointed legs raised her tall, with a bulbous abdomen sticking out behind.
The container mumbled, “Who are you? Where’s Cocheta… please return me…”
The tall figure leaned down closer. “Now, now, my dear. Cocheta has only been using you.”
“Wanna be used by Cocheta…”
The figure frowned and shook her head. “Don’t worry, Sweetie. Melba will help bring your senses back.”
Before the container could move Melba covered the container in sticky webbing from her abdomen, sticking her in place.
“We’ll just have to remove all that nasty venom from you.”
The container screamed–or just groaned–but Melba slapped sticky silk over her mouth to quiet her as Melba’s spiderlings surrounded the container.
“We’ll remove that venom from you,” Melba said, “and replace it with something to clear your head.”
The container shrieked under the webbing as the spiderlings jumped and bit her, sucking juice–or venom–from her. Eventually they backed off, the job done, the container disoriented.
Melba concluded with a bite to inject her own venom, and the container’s dark world went black.
When she awoke she found herself hanging, sticky webbing suspending her in the air. She shook and struggled to get out–but not very much…?
“Ah, wonderful, you’re awake.”
Clawed hands turned her around to face Melba, upside-down on the ceiling.
“How are you feeling, sweetie?”
“Want Cocheta,” the container said.
“You’re just used to her,” Melba said. “You’ll break the habit. Let me make you more comfortable up there.”
She trailed her clawed hands over the container, prickling her skin as she smoothed, wrapped, and tightened the silk around her.
“What is your name, dear?” Melba asked.
“I-I’m just Cocheta’s container…”
“No, no, you must have had a name before. I know it may be difficult, but think, if you can.”
There was the name Cocheta sometimes called her…
“Ah, Kaci,” Melba said. “What a beautiful name”
Melba’s prickling claws and the thick, soft silk couldn’t hold a candle to Cocheta’s tail… but they still felt nice. The container wanted to return to Cocheta… but Kaci couldn’t move, and it wasn’t so bad to stay there.
“There we are,” Melba said. Nice and tight.
Kaci hung like she was wrapped in a silken blanket contoured to her body. Melba moved down her body to her side and gently pulled some of the webbing apart.
Kaci squirmed. She couldn’t let Melba get away with this. Cocheta…
Kaci squealed as Melba bit her side.
Melba injected more venom into Kaci. Her squirming slowed down.
She had to… Cocheta… Co…c… but…
Everything went dark.
This was the routine now. Kaci would wake up, Melba would adjust the webbing and bite her, and Kaci would go dark.
Still, she yearned for Cocheta…
For a few times…
Until she realized Melba was right, Cocheta was only using her…
She should be thankful for Melba…
Melba was helping her…
Melba was so nice to her…
Melba was leading her in the right direction…
Cocheta was of the past…
Kaci began to forget about Cocheta entirely…
Swept from her memory…
Everything but Melba swept from her memory…
She spent more time awake, and she learned the names of all of Melba’s spiderlings. They were loyal to her, followed her word. Obeyed her, worshiped her as their spider queen. And why not? She was wonderful. So beautiful, so kind, she was…
One day Melba turned Kaci around. There was another ball of webbing near her, completely encasing something. It shuddered.
“Today’s a special occasion, Kaci,” Melba said.
“Whaaa’sthat?” Kaci asked. She slurred her slow words these days, but Melba just thought it was cute.
“We’re getting an addition to the family,” Melba said. She crept to the webbing ball and called to it, “Come on, come on out!”
The ball shook and thrashed until a big spider leg burst out, followed by others that pulled apart the web ball.
A new spiderling emerged.
“Isn’t he cute?” Melba said.
“Amaaazzze,” Kaci muttered.
Melba turned to Kaci and held her face in her sharp hands, her grinning face upside-down to Kaci as usual.
“Kaci, dear,” Melba said, “would you like to be more like us, as well?”
More… like… perfection?
“Wonderful!” Melba said, pricking Kaci’s face with her hands. “I’ll take care of everything for you, my dear.”
She moved down Kaci’s body, opened the webbing slightly, and bit her.
She bit Kaci all throughout her body. Initial burning pain melted into a warm shower.
Kaci moaned, her sight becoming glossy. Her body felt like she was melting.
When Melba ended the biting she began to wrap Kaci in more silk.
“We’ll need to put you in a proper cocoon for this to work,” Melba said. “It’ll be a lovely cocoon. So soft and relaxing.”
Kaci tried to repeat Melba’s words but only managed to mumble, “Sssffforrrlllgg.” Melba shushed her.
“You won’t have any need to speak anymore, my dear.”
She spun Kaci around, covering her in soft, sticky, velvety silk. Covered her head, her face, not an inch of her body exposed.
Melba kept spinning the silk, thicker around Kaci, the sticky webbing numbing her skin. She began to feel like more webbing than spider.
Was she a…?
She was a spider, wasn’t she…?
She needed more appendages…
Tight silk, thick silk, compressing against her, compact, pressing into her.
It felt so soft and nice…
Lost in the darkness…
Webbing wrapped around her senses, muffling her senses…
Sometimes she thought she felt pain when something new emerged, or something changed.
But there was no pain. Only the soft embrace of the silk. Pain didn’t exist where she was.
Only the blissful, twirling sense that she would soon be serving her master and goddess, as close to perfection as she could ever hope to be.
Soon she could serve her queen faithfully.
Eventually, after a long silence, Kaci heard her master’s voice calling her. She pushed against the webbing. Her queen was calling to her. She had to follow her master. She wanted to see her beauty and grace again!
She burst out of the webbing with her eight legs and climbed out, shaking pieces off. Melba smiled to her, and Kaci cooed, happy to see her master again.
She looked at a human hanging near her. They were new!
Their eyes drooped but stared wide, mouth panting in fear.
A dazed, fearful human Melba had found.
Kaci was happy to know that this human would soon know the same glory she did.
She hoped she could help bring someone to Melba for her so they might know her majesty too, soon.

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