Lamia Pathsways 12a

You don’t want to look away. You don’t have to look away. Her eyes are so alluring and soothing as if you’re soaking in a soft pool. Even if you do become hypnotized you don’t have to worry. You can trust your charming new friend, so it’s not a problem if she does hypnotize you. Plus she had such a good idea of looking into her beautiful eyes. Why would you stop?

“Hmm. Maybe you don’t want to look away.” The lamia smiles wider, and you smile with her. She’s happy that you’re following her, you’re happy that you’re looking at her, everybody’s happy. She twists around you further, most of your body coiled in her thick curving snake body.

“Maybe you just want to sink, sink, sink into the hypnosis, into my coils . . .” She cups your chin in a hand and pulls your face closer. Your mind tingles as you near her swirling eyes, her sweet aroma as thick as her tail. “Would you like that? Let my hypnosis seep into your mind while my coils massage all your cares away?” She laughs. “Well, go ahead . . . We can come up with a different solution for your problems.”

Your eyes stretch wide as the world fades into beautiful color, the lamia invading your mind with bliss.

“Perhaps instead you could just”—she leans closer until your faces are touching—“stay in the jungle with me.” And she locks your lips together in a kiss that locks your mind in her hypnosis. Every thought in your mind rotates around the desire to gaze at your alluring lamia love. Not a single thought turns to the possibility of looking away. There’s no need to. You have everything you could ever wish for just by staring endlessly into her eyes. With her you can remain, together in the jungle, forever.

Well, it’s just as well. Your friends wouldn’t have noticed you manage on your own if you had resisted anyway. When they realize you’re gone they try to find you, but the lamia keeps you hidden well enough that they never do.
So hey! For all they know you ran off and are looking after yourself alone just fine. So you know what, let’s call that a win. I mean, you get to stay in the jungle, right? It’s definitely a win, regardless of what the lamia does after this.
But if you like, you can insert a quarter and return to the beginning. The machine also accepts vest buttons and clicks from a mouse. Go ahead!