Lamia Pathsways 13b

A bit of content warning, this segment… has some serious emotional manipulation going on. Don’t read if you’re not feeling very good about yourself at the moment.

“Yes, human,” the lamia says, suddenly inches away. While you were answering my question she slithered closer, so near you can feel her breath. Your eyes already wide from her remarks, this surprises your eyes open wider, and wider still as you see colorful rings swirl in her eyes. The vivid colors are almost as beautiful as the lamia herself.

“Yes, you’re quite an attractive human, just as I am quite enchanting.” This you can’t deny. She looked pretty before, but her eyes have an attraction beyond anything you’ve ever seen. This close she’s simply captivating, and your mouth drops open unheeded. It’s hard to think about anything but her. As wide as your eyes are, your focus shrinks to the lamia, the space around her blurring away with rippling color.

The lamia giggles. “I can hardly keep my hands off you.” She caresses a hand over your face, and her soft touch sends a shiver through you. “Or my tail, for that matter.”

Her tail slides over your upper legs, coiling around your back before snaking up your body, slithering scales over your arms. Your first instinct is to push her away, but that fades as you sink against her controlling coils, sinking into the controlling rings in her eyes. The squishing muscles of her silken tail rests around your tired shoulders. Your eyes droop as you relax, a small smile on your lips.

“We’re just the perfect match.” She giggles again, her voice echoing in your mind louder than your own thoughts. “I can’t keep myself off you, and you can’t keep me off you.”

The flashing rings of her eyes soak into your mind, turning every thought to belief in her words. She’s absolutely right, in every way you’re the perfect match. She’s so lovely and loving towards you, you can’t get enough of staring at her beauty, and her coiling tail wraps around you like you were made to wear her. All you can see now is the lamia, you and the lamia together forever. Perfection and bliss.


Your smile twists slightly. But? What but? What but could there be?

The lamia’s smile puckers in a slant. “Now that I have a closer look at you, perhaps I was mistaken. Certainly I am stunning, a vision of true beauty.” Your thoughts twist around and orbit this truth. “My charm is undeniable, and my attraction is certainly leagues above you . . . who, I must admit, are rather plain and uninteresting.” Your smile falls as the lamia slides her tail off your shoulders. Her hugging coils loosen, and a pit of loneliness opens in you, a yearning for her encompassing hug itching your body.

“I’m afraid we may not be such a perfect match after all.” She makes to pull away from you but you follow. While your thoughts once spoke of something with the lamia being wrong, they now scream that it’s wrong for the lamia to leave, it’s wrong for you to be separated from her. You feel an overpowering need for her embrace, her control. You must stay with her. Nothing else matters, nothing else has any meaning. The lamia sighs.

“Yes, I’m afraid that might be it for us.” She gives you a down-turned, pitying smile. Her eyes continue to gaze at you with her stunning colors. “You simply can’t live up to me. There’s no way you could hope to keep me at your side.”

As the lamia makes to pull away again you mutter. It takes a moment to remember how to work your mouth but you manage a confused, sleepy, “Don’t go . . .” The lamia stops.

“I’m afraid I must. However could you live up to the expectations of staying by my side?”

You mumble confused half-phrases. You can’t think well enough to come up with any ideas; all you can think to do is stare into her eyes. The lamia smiles and caresses your cheek; you grin at her soft, divine touch. You would worship her to stay with her. She taps her chin with a finger.

“Aw, but you are sweet.” She turns back to face you directly, letting you again gaze directly into her bottomless, hypnotic eyes. “We can never be equals, but there might be something you can do to stay with me.”

You grin and nod against her hand, happy and willing to do whatever she wishes you to for her to remain.

And then she’s before you, above you, hovering skin’s width from your face, her pulsating orbs of eyes all that fill your vision. Her tail squeezes tight around you again, gripping you in twisting, flexing muscle. She leans into you, forward, closer, pushing you back, down, until you lie flat against the branch below.

“Obey me.”

Her eyes pulsate faster now, glowing colors reflecting into you, and your eyes widen while your sight contracts to nothing but her eyes. She grins widely and your mouth follows, smiling until it would be painful if you could feel pain anymore, if you could feel anything but submissive desire.

“If you become my adoring slave you can stay with me forever, never leaving my side, pleasing me however I see fit.”

As your mind dissolves into her hypnotic colors her words become truth for you. Her hypnotic eyes blast away any remaining thoughts you might have had. All that matters, all that exists, is serving your mistress. Even the tight grip of her coils are nothing but sinking pleasure for you now.

“Obey me, please me, and you will feel nothing but happiness from now on, my slave.”

Her hypnotic colors swell through your senses, and your mind shatters, nothing but countless fragments reflecting your mistress’ endlessly shimmering pure light, a vessel for her commands to control. She is perfection, and you are allowed the wonderful glory of reflecting her perfection. By accepting servitude and worship to this goddess, you are granted proximity to divinity . . . forever.

That was actually kind of mean of her. I’m here to tell you that you are actually super cute, especially all hypnotized like that. She obviously thought you were attractive enough to take for her own, so take that and hold your head high as you go visit another path!