Lamia Pathsways 15b

The thought of calling out for help is swept away as the lamia lowers herself closer, her eyes pulsating colors that soak through your sight and into your mind. She lowers a hand and rubs under your chin, stroking your neck, and you smile in a mirror of her grinning stare as your eyes mirror the colors in hers.

She presses her body against you as she shushes you, her scent surrounding you and replacing the jungle smells. Her overwhelming presence numbs you to everything but her, every sense and every thought converging on this beautiful, bewitching lamia.

You feel scales slide over your legs and slither behind your back, the scrape of the lamia’s tail drowning out the jungle sounds. She massages your body first with one loop of her soft, scaly tail, a second up your torso, and a third; the loop over your legs and hips grows thicker as she wraps higher. You never think once her gripping and engulfing your body in her tail could be dangerous; soft blissful peace fills your head instead. The lamia shushes you again, and you silence, unaware of your moans.

“You must stay quiet, please,” she says with a finger to your lips. She tips your head by the chin up then forward, making you nod. “Yes, please, remain silent,” she sings, “please, do as I say.”

Every word she speaks feels like truth, her song spinning around your mind and multiplying, every thought becoming a desire to do as she says. She binds your arms in her coils as she binds your mind with her hypnotic gaze, pulling you closer in her coils. She squeezes your face with her hands, squeezes your body with her tail, squeezes every last thought out of your hypnotically-sloshing mind.

“You see, you simply can’t look out for yourself out here.” She shakes her head, and you follow, your gaze locked to her eyes. “You need someone to look out for you.” She nods, and you nod with her. “You need me to look out for you.” She kisses your lips and chuckles. “Someone to keep you safe from danger.”

Danger? What danger? Is there any danger out there? As you stare into her eyes, it seems impossible.

36a A memory pops in your head of lamias being dangerous . . . Could you be in danger?
-36b No, you can’t even comprehend the idea of danger while lost in her eyes . . .