Lamia Pathsways 16b

“A lamia!” you exclaim. You never expected to meet one. You peer at her. “Wait, that’s what you are, right?”

The lamia laughs and nods. “Yes, human,” she says, “I am a lamia.” She leans close to you with a beaming smile, and you lean back. “You looked so lonely down there, I thought you might want some company.”

The jungle heat suddenly increases—no, it’s you, you’re blushing like a rose with beautiful lady so close. Her cool tail offsets the heat a little until you realize it’s making you blush even hotter squeezed around you. You pull it off and give her a sour look before you turn away.

“Oh, go away and leave me alone. I want to be alone right now.” The lamia giggles and moves around you, so you turn back around. Her tail keeps slithering across you; as gentle and tempting as it is, you push it off and hop onto the branch. You aren’t in the mood for soothing.

The lamia moves back before you and says, “Let me look at you.”

Your eyes widen from a look at the lamia’s eyes. She’s looking intently at you, her eyes boring into yours, loops of color sparkling from her eyes. It’s really quite pretty . . . beautiful . . . enrapturing. Do you let her look at you with those swirling eyes?

-20a Yes . . .
-25 No!