Lamia Pathsways 17c

Content warning: This segment has some pretty significant memory alteration and manipulation

You sit among the loose coils, mind pulling back and forth in indecision. Should you defend Bagheera, or let him work out his differences with the lamia? Should you flee the lamia’s heavy grasp, or stay in her cuddly coils? You don’t know! You’ve been making decisions all evening and you want someone else to have to do it for once.

The lamia’s coils spring to life and tighten around you. Her tail squeezes your arms to your sides, a thick loop at the bottom gripping your legs to trap you in her firm hold, unable to move. Her tail slithers around your face, massaging scales against your cheek in a caressing squeeze.

“Now then,” she says, slithering back to you, “where were we?” You glance at Bagheera, who sits upright and still as a statue, a blank grin with rippling colors in his eyes.

“Ah, yes,” the lamia says. She slips her hand over your chin and pulls your gaze to her. Colors shimmer through her eyes, once more sliding into your mind and swirling your thoughts into an abyss. “You were asking me for help. You wanted help to sleep, didn’t you?” You stare into her eyes as her spell washes back over you.

“We were just agreeing that it’s no use arguing with me, weren’t we?” she says, emphasizing words as if telling you what you believe. She laughs, and her words stick in your mind as if your own thoughts. “You don’t need to look out for yourself. I’ll look out for you instead. I know what’s best for you. There’s no reason to argue. Just let your thoughts drift away. I’ll make all your decisions for you.”

Normally at this point you would have a decision to make. Give in to the enchanting lamia’s dazzling display, or resist her intrusive, entrancing control?

But decisions are hard.

The lamia is wise.

Her tail feels so supple.

Your mind feels so soft.

As the lamia lifts you in her heavy coils she sinks your mind under her hypnotic spell. You no longer need to make any decisions. The lamia will make all your decisions for you. You have no decision to make in this. She has decided for you that you will give in, that you want what the lamia is giving you and to give in to her control. She decides that you are filled with pleasure, and your mind settles as if melting putty. A smile spreads on your lips as your mind is smothered by her hypnotic control.

The jungle disappears as her colors ripple out to fill the world. With no jungle, there are no decisions to be made. You can only see her dazzling colors, so you cannot make a decision to not look. You stare into her hypnotic colors, as it is all that exists.

Your memories fade. Your friends, your family, your goals. There is no need to remember things when you don’t make your own decisions. The lamia decides everything for you now. You only need to know the lamia, your master, exists. Every lost thought increases your rapture, knowing there is only the lamia, only serving the lamia.

The lamia laughs, and you grin wider, euphoria infecting your mind from the lamia’s joy. As long as she’s happy, you’re happy. As long as she’s satisfied, you’re satisfied. As long as she has pleasure, you have pleasure. She ties your mind to her control, the hooks of her hypnotic spell embedding deeper into your mind with every passing ring of color.

You cannot make your own decisions anymore. Only the lamia can make decisions for you. She decides that you want this comfort, you love and obey her, and you never want to leave her presence.

And it is true.

(End of path)

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