Lamia Pathsways 1a

Although the wide tree is difficult to climb, with a little push from Bagheera (and use of him as a stepping stone) you make it up to a branch big enough to support your combined weight. Bagheera jumps past you further along the branch and settles in. He suggests you get some sleep—you two have quite the trip tomorrow.

Well, what about you? Are you sleepy yet? Timelines can branch from the merest thing. Did you have a coffee while traveling with Bagheera? How you’d have gotten a coffee in the jungle is beyond me. Besides, rather than the harsh, bitter smell of coffee beans, a subtle, balmy fragrance hangs in the air. You know, how quickly you fall asleep could change the timeline entirely. And yet—it could be that how tired you are has no bearing on when you fall asleep. Who knows what lies in store? Why not pick a path to find out? Are you:

-2a Not tired at all! You could stay up all night! You just want to sit and brood anyway.
-2b Pretty tired, actually, you could doze off if you’re not paying attention.
-2c Actually you dozed off a little while I was going over these options. You guess I should’ve put these in the opposite order.