Lamia Pathsways 1b

You shake your head and, without a word, climb up the nearby tree with lower branches. Bagheera just sighs and climbs up the tree he chose.

The tree’s lower branches are mostly small enough to pull your arm around, and you jump from branch to branch. It’s dark, but the full moon’s light trickles through the leaves. A sweet scent hangs in the tree, but you pay it no mind as you think about Bagheera bringing you there under false pretenses. You climb faster to show you’re more than capable of making it in the jungle.

You see Bagheera swiftly climb the nearby tree, so you climb to the opposite side of yours. You reach a thick branch you almost can’t grasp your limbs around and slump against the tree to brood. You know you could look out for yourself. You don’t need Bagheera’s help, or anyone else. You could make it on your own, traveling the jungle, dodging danger and meeting new friends. Yeah, you could start networking, growing your network of associates like the network of branches in the canopy until you land a top management position in the jungle! You’re strong, you’re smart, you’re capable.

Right? You wouldn’t be afraid, right? I mean, the jungle isn’t that dangerous, right?

-3a Of course it’s not dangerous! The animals are nice, everyone just overblows its danger.
-3b Sure, it’s dangerous, but you’re more than capable of handling it.