Lamia Pathsways 1c

Rebel that you are, you decide to brush Bagheera off and climb a further away tree. Besides, he snores, you are pret-ty sure. He’s annoyed by you, no doubt, but what’s he going to do? Climb up the tree with you?

Oh, wait. He is climbing up the tree with you.

Okay, whatever. Just, whatever! You’ll both sleep in the same tree you guess.

And so anyway literally nothing interesting happens the whole night.

The next morning you wake up and go on a crazy series of adventures with elephants and monkeys and a rhino and—wait, a rhino? No, I thought we cut the rhino.

Anyway, you also meet a friendly, boppin’ bear named Phil Harris Baloo. He’s cool and wants to hang out with you in the jungle and teaches you about Hakuna Matata—no, wait, that’s Africa. I mean, there are jungles in Africa, but not in that area. So never mind about that.

After a day of exciting mishaps and more than one song with Baloo and Bagheera, evening comes. You’re pretty tired and ready to rest for another day tomorrow.

Or are you? Bagheera looked like he was anxious to discuss something with Baloo. The timeline is beginning to branch again. Do you:

-4a Go ahead and go to sleep
-4b Stay awake and listen to your friends’ discussion