Lamia Pathsways 21a

You look at the lamia’s hypnotic eyes, her colors flowing into your own like a glass filled from a bottomless jug of sparkling water. Your head swims in the spinning colors as only the lamia comes into focus, everything else blurred by rippling colors, and she becomes prettier by the moment.

Your body slackens, but the lamia’s tail helps to hold you up and pulls you closer to her. She spins her tail around your head, scritching her scales through your hair, and she settles the soft tip under your chin. With a laugh she taps close your gaping mouth. From there her squeezing tail spins lower around you, a thicker portion settling around your hips and waist. As it slides up your abdomen the lower portion grows and slinks lower to hold your thighs, and she tips you back into a sitting position as her tail wraps around you.

“You like looking at me, don’t you?” the lamia says. “It feels so good. My beautiful eyes will soothe your troubled mind.”

You give a whimpering, breathy, deep sigh as her tail winds its way up your chest, her coils becoming ever thicker with the lowest as wide as your waist. Your eyes droop and your lips twitch into a wobbly smile, and the lamia leans closer, giving you a sad smile and speaking in a voice dripping with love and concern.

“Oh, you’ve been all alone, haven’t you?” She holds your face in her soft tail and shakes her head. “You’ve never had anyone to stick by and help you. You’ve never had a true friend.”

You can’t contest her words, as you find it difficult to remember any friends before the lamia. You’re finding it increasingly difficult to remember anything before the lamia. Her face brightens to a beaming smile, and your wobbly smile expands to match hers; a warm blush spreading over your face is offset by her cool scales caressing your skin.

“Well, I’ll be your friend, Human,” the lamia says. Her thick coils lean you back and she wraps a second loop around your neck, squeezing tight as she shuffles your hair with her tail. Your face stretches to a rigid smile with wide eyes as your mind slides into her spell like a calm, slow river of shifting colors as velvety as her coils around you. You have no worries now, you have a deep friend to keep you happy and serene. You have no thoughts other than loving the lamia. You have no desire to be alone; you have no desire that is not the lamia’s. Your mind is completely encased in a hypnotic shell.

Dang, if only, maybe, you’d encountered a lamia before when you were still with one of your guardians, then you’d have known more about them and had been able to get away.
Nah, this is better.
But if you’re interested in other timelines, there’s many to be found. What else could happen?