Lamia Pathsways 26b

With one jerking movement you push yourself and the lamia away, breaking contact with her dizzying eyes. You back out from under her tail, but the dizzy mist in your head remains; you shut your eyes to clear your head and avoid the lamia’s gaze.

The lamia growls. You feel her scales move back over you, sliding across your shoulders—and your neck—and her tail squeezes. You gulp at the pliant, strong pressure and try to pull her tail off.

“Now, human,” the lamia says; the tone of her voice would have clued you in on her anger if her tail’s grip hadn’t already; “look me in the eye when I’m speaking to you.” The fog left in your head echoes and amplifies her voice. Without thinking your left eye peeps open.

Swirling hypnotic color radiates from the lamia’s angry eyes and your one eye snaps wide-open in response. Your thoughts turn slippery like snakes in your clouded mind. You were being so rude, the polite thing is to look—no, no, you were trying to not look. Her tail relaxes over your neck; politely looking seems to mollify her, plus you get to see such pretty colors . . .

You snatch at thoughts disappearing into the fog of your mind—Don’t look! With a mumble you try to pull away, but the lamia’s tail, soft and forgiving, holds you forward with powerful muscles. Alongside her constricting strength, the gravitating beauty of the soothing colors in her eyes keeps you in place as well, both force and appeal holding you in her gaze.

Though you move away a little, your eye widens to keep her in your vision, desiring to soak up the refreshing colors that begin to ripple out into the world. You feel wobbly, giddy; looking at her seems to mollify you as well, and as you try to pull away a grin creeps up your mouth unbidden—at least, unbidden by you, but invited persuasively by the colorful rings in the lamia’s eyes. It’s better to be polite– No!

“N-No,” you mumble. “No, I don’t–” The lamia squeezes your neck to cut you off and she thrusts her face closer to yours, widening her eyes with a fierce glare.

Both eyes, human”—your other eye peeks open to see what all the fuss is about—“it’s rude to not look with both.” The hypnotic colors surge into your other eye and it snaps open as wide as your other.

“That’s right,” she says, leaning her face in close to yours with a smirk. “You want to be a polite guest to my world, don’t you?” A warm, fuzzy feeling fills your head, and your grin slackens open as she fills your sight and you enter her world. “It’s so rude to not give me your full attention, isn’t it? But you have better manners than that now, don’t you? You know the polite thing is to do everything I tell you.”

She coaxes your hands off the scaly loop around your neck and your arms dangle to your sides. Her tail slides down around your shoulders; it grows thicker without relaxing the tight grip around your neck, but instead of discomfort you relax further under her spell. With every loop lower around you your smile stretches wider. The rainbow fog in your mind shrouds away your thoughts, and the pulsating colors think for you and rationalize to you that, as her guest, you should happily allow her to do whatever she wishes to you. You should put yourself completely in her power.

She slides more loops around you, her scales slithering around your arms, her heavy tail weighing down your upper body. She keeps you propped up, though, a generous host weighing you down into her power while supporting and leading you into bliss. You were rude before, and yet she still allows you into her world, where she will take care of your every need. All you have to do is be a polite guest and stare into her eyes and enjoy submitting yourself to her domination.

As her relaxing tail squeezes over you, engulfing your body in her scales, your color-addled mind asks one last question before slipping under the euphoria of hypnotic abyss: Why did you ever try to look away from your mistress?

Because you wanted to be rude, I guess. Well, that won’t happen anymore. Guess looking away didn’t quite work out. Maybe she would’ve been more lenient if you hadn’t been so rude. Who knows! Who cares! It’s nice being under!
Okay, if you really want to, you can go looking for trouble down some other path.