Lamia Pathsways 29a

You cuddle with the lamia, her touch soft and gentle. She tells you how wonderful it will be to live together, her very voice cuddly and tickling; she goes on about how you’ll look out for each other and never be lonely and enjoy each other’s company, until a cough brings you out of your reverie.

“It seems you have everything well in tail, then,” Bagheera says. “I wouldn’t want to impose, so I’ll leave you two alone for now.” He turns away and looks back with a warm smile. “I’ll come visit and check in every so often.”

The lamia nods. “Of course, don’t be a stranger.” You all say goodbye and Bagheera leaves.

“So . . .” The lamia cuddles closer and winds her scaly tail back around you, stroking you as she goes. You tingle with her relaxing rubs, and your mouth twitches up with each stroke. She gives a small yawn. “The Dawn Patrol is the Dawn Patrol, after all. It’s early, we have plenty of time to sleep in. What do you say?”

“I dunno,” you say, “I feel pretty awake.” As the lamia yawns again you yawn too. You laugh. “Well, mostly.”

The lamia chuckles. “But do you want to be awake?”

“What do you mean?”

She grins and nuzzles you; her tail feels like a full-body bed around your body. She looks you directly in the eyes. “You have instant access to an always-available, soft and relaxing source of sleep now.”

“Oh.” You give a half-smile and a laugh. “I guess I do now, don’t I?”

“And such a pretty source, at that.” She massages your shoulders with her tail and you settle among her scales. “It felt so nice, the most wonderful sleep you’ve ever had, wasn’t it?”

You yawn. “Yeah . . . Well . . . I suppose the first time I didn’t get to anticipate it.” You sink into her coils, your body slack. Surely you’re not going to get up yet, so you might as well go back to sleep. You look straight into her eyes. “Sure, a little more sleep sounds”—you yawn—“nice.” The lamia holds your cheeks in her hands; her light touch alone makes you a little sleepier and smile wider.

“Then just relax and look deep into my eyes again.”

You stare at the rippling rings of color you remember from last night. This time you expect it, and you follow each beautiful ring, each soft, warm color reflecting into your mind with a direct message to relax. Your eyes droop as the rings ripple through your vision, so easy to just slide down. Your smile lolls before your mouth drops open in a lazing grin. The lamia giggles and nudges your mouth shut with her tail on your chin.

“Now, now, don’t let your mouth hang open.”

You sigh and mutter, “Sorry.” She just giggles more, her infectious laughter and infectious eyes making you giggle too.

Her tail slithers higher, scales rubbing your skin as her thicker coils massage and squeeze your muscles, and she squishes your face in her hands until your lips pucker. “In fact, let’s keep your mouth busy, shall we? You have access to the perfect source of sleep, and it’s one that can love you all through it.” She presses your lips together in a kiss, squeezing your lips like her tail squeezes your body. You let go of control, letting her guide you, lead you to sleepy, loving bliss, your eyes and mouth and mind tingling with desire. The lamia slips her tongue into your mouth, curling your tongue, twisting, beckoning, as her eyes fill your mind with sparkling delight.

Your heart soars, and your mind sinks.

The lamia pretty much keeps you like that for most of the day. Eventually a rumbling stomach interrupts the reverie, and she proceeds to wake you up to go find some food together. You definitely need to stretch some before heading out after sleeping in her coils all day, though.

And thus begins your peaceful life in the jungle with the lamia, lazing in her coils, sharing your inner thoughts, and having make out sessions pretty much whenever she wants. (Sometimes it’s at your request. Usually you don’t mind either way.) You visit Bagheera, the wolves, meet other friends in the jungle, but it’s the lamia who you spend your life with, never alone, always safe.

Wow, a good ending with a hypnotic lamia! That’s . . . the best ending.