Lamia Pathsways 2b

As Bagheera settles on the branch he tells you to get some sleep. “We’ve got a long journey ahead of us tomorrow.” You don’t want to go, though. For whatever reason. We went over that in the intro.

You tell Bagheera, “I want to stay in the jungle.” But he just looks at you and laughs.

“You wouldn’t last one day,” he says. With that he yawns and stretches onto the branch.

Hmph. Bagheera thinks he’s so high and mighty and strong and whatnot. “I’m not afraid of anything in this jungle,” you say. “I could look out for myself.”

All by yourself? Wouldn’t that get lonely?

-7a Well, not totally alone, you admit. You’d like to have friends, people to hang out with, someone to hang close with? Everyone seems to not want you around but you would love to be with somebody who understood you.
-7b You wonder why I’m just asking you stuff now instead of giving you actual choices and adamantly make it clear you would be totally fine being in the jungle all by yourself, no one to help you, no one to tie you down—you could get a cool pad to live in all your own and it’s at about that point I stop you because I don’t need your whole dang plan, it’s not like you’ll ever get that far. You say what? I say never mind.