Lamia Pathsways 31b

The lamia sways before you, side to side, up and down, pulling your gaze in a dizzying circle. It feels so nice to follow her gaze, your muscles relaxed as you give up choice in movement to follow her. Your mind buzzes with pleasure at following the beautiful lamia, intensified with each ring of color that flashes from her eyes into yours.

“Sleep little human, rest with me,” she sings. Her melodious voice rings in your mind, the voice of an angel, an angel you want to follow. Your mouth settles into a sleepy smile as you follow her song, follow her sway, drifting into gentle slumber.

The lamia puckers her lips in a smile, and you find yourself glancing from her eyes to her glistening lips. You can’t leave the focus of her eyes for long—you’re enthralled by her wonderfully pulsating colors—but her flowing hair, her soft skin, and her silken lips impress deeper and stronger on your thoughts. You would love to lose yourself in kissing her lips. You would love to be held in her arms and rocked into bliss.

You twitch as cool scales slip over your legs and wrap around your waist, forming a coil that slides tight around you. The lamia’s tail holds your arms down as she wraps a higher loop up your torso, her scales always sliding around you as her tail hugging your hips grows heavier. Her thick, gentle hug pulls you deeper into slumber, dreams of her squeezing tail and hypnotic colors filling your blurry mind.

Her tail glides over your chest and strokes your upper arms with gentle dominance, cuddling purpose leading her controlling tail. Your eyes drift shut; you want to keep staring, keep absorbing the colors striking your mind with searing pleasure, but her heavy coils and warping colors pull you into encompassing sleep. Thoughts suggest to you that you can gaze into her eyes more later, right now you just need to shut your eyes and give in to the dominating somnolence of her control . . .

Your eyes pop open as if sparked by a sudden resistance you didn’t know you had. Although your heavy eyelids droop back down, they stay open, something holding you vaguely awake. What is it . . .?

35a You’ve realized she’s taking control of your mind, and that’s bad—you need to resist! You need help—call for Bagheera, maybe he can get you free of her spell.
35b No, no, everything’s fine and wonderful, you love the lamia’s eyes and coils and spell. It’s just that you still have a deep, amorous desire cutting through your drowsiness to kiss her round, inviting lips.

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