Lamia Pathsways 32b

No, you have to call for help. Maybe that doubt is just this lamia’s spell influencing you. You try to focus, your vision blurred as much from the lamia’s gaze as from your own weak and heavy eyelids drooping. You need to call to Bagheera before you drop asleep, but the lamia leans closer, filling your vision more and more. She sways her head side to side.

“Sleep . . .” she whispers, coaxing your gaze up as she sways. She lifts her eyes, pulling yours up to match her, and you grow drowsier as your heavy eyelids rise and your sight fills with more colorful rings.

“Sleep . . .” she purrs, swaying to the other side. Your gaze follows her sway as she draws your eyes up, only for them to droop heavier than before. You let your eyelids drop, hoping to rest so you can think straight and remember what you had planned to do.

When you open your eyes the jungle is coated in swirling colors. You feel a snug hug squeezing your arms, scales sliding higher around you. She’s wrapping you up tight, but you remember: call for help. Your mind slips closer to darkness, but you struggle for your thoughts and mumble the start of Bagheera. Your mind feels so squishy and twisted your mouth just wants to fall open.

As your eyes drift shut and lazily open the lamia sways her head in swifter circles, dragging you faster into a dizzy sleep, her tail coiling swifter up your body, around your shoulders, zeroing in on your neck. Her snug coils feel so heavy and drag your mind down. You know she’ll soon squeeze around your neck and cut off your voice. You need to gather what remains of your mind and call for help. You rally your thoughts and speak.


Before you can say more the lamia winds her tail around your neck and squeezes tight. You gulp at her clasp, her thick coils squeezing all down your body. Your eyes pop open and the jungle becomes clear as you snap awake. You’re completely in her grip, and down the branch Bagheera hardly moves. Did he hear you?

As the tight coils settle around you, the colors splash back through your vision and cover the jungle, stroking your mind into glowing darkness. You hear Bagheera yawn through the fog in your mind.

“It’s no use arguing anymore,” he says, “now, no more talk until the morning.”

The lamia chuckles, curling around your scaly cocoon and pulling you away from Bagheera. She leans closer, the pulsating colors of her eyes drilling into your mind.

“Your friend is right,” she whispers. She strokes your chin with her tail and squeezes your face, overwhelming your senses with her presence.

“It’s no use arguing anymore.”

She grins, leaning so close your noses touch, and you feel a deluge of pleasure soak your mind and body as she tightens her massaging coils and giggles against you. She squeezes your face into a smile, and you grin with her, losing the will to argue against her eyes.

“It’s no use resisting anymore,” she whispers, soft enough that only you can hear. No need to speak any louder, there is no one but you and the lamia. “You’re completely caught by my spell and all wrapped up tight. It’s no use trying to resist my addictive enthrallment.” She squeezes you tighter. You grin, her words imprinting on your mind. No more arguing. No more resisting. You just want to do as she says.

“Now, no more talk until the morning,” she says. “It’s time to sleep silently under my slithering scales.” She kisses your lips deeply, holding you in place until you’re senseless to all but her. “No more thoughts until the morning. No more thoughts . . . until your master allows it.”

(End of path)

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