Lamia Pathsways 33b

You reach out an arm to pull yourself from the loose coils piled around you, but your hand rests against the scaly tail and stops. It feels so nice to touch her soft tail, your skin tingles from contact with her scales. You relax limp among her coils, resting against her tail, her scent twirling around you.

Yes, there’s no reason to interfere with the lamia and Bagheera’s argument. They’re both mature and rational and can work out their differences. You don’t know what started the argument so you shouldn’t interrupt.

You swallow and stare as Bagheera opens an eye to the lamia and the colors of her eyes reflect in his. Bagheera appears to try and resist, but the lamia is only trying to calm tensions down. If you interrupt now tensions could flare again. You’ll let her take care of things her way. Bagheera leans away, eye wide-open.

“Please, miss lamia . . .”

You lean forward and stare, breathing heavy. Bagheera is enjoying her hypnotic stare so much he’s asking her for more. You look between him and her backside and blush—she’s so beautiful, and you’re so lucky to sit among her velvety tail. Still, Bagheera’s grin is so wide you’re jealous—you want to look into her eyes again.

“Both eyes, if you please,” the lamia says.

Bagheera opens his other eye wide, almost as wide as your own eyes stare. He leans towards her as she glides away until she snaps her fingers and he stands to attention, perfectly still and silent. You grin. She won that argument and made both parties happy. She’s so nice and perfect. You pull on her tail, hoping she remembers you and comes back.

“You have just sealed—” She turns back as you pull on her tail. “Hmm? Oh!” Her glare shifts to a flat grin. “Why, you’re awake.”

You nod rigidly, her alluring smile and shifting coils and radiant beauty leaving you too giddy to properly control your body.

“Y-Yes, I am.”

“Well, you see.” The lamia gestured to Bagheera. “Your friend and I had a little disagreement, but we worked it out.”

You smile. “Yes, I see.”

“He was rather cranky, I’m afraid.”

“That sounds like him,” you say. The lamia laughs.

“Yes, but I helped him go to sleep.” She slides her tail closer, nudging her coils back up against your body. You shiver and pull your arms close so she can wrap you up easier. You stare directly into her eyes.

“I—I would like help to go to sleep,” you say. The lamia chuckles.

“You’d like help to go to sleep?” she asks.

“Yes, I would like to go to sleep,” you say. The lamia’s eyes shimmer with colorful rings and bombard your sight with her hypnotic power. You feel a wave of drowsiness, hooks pulling your mind to the lamia.

“You would like to go to sleep,” the lamia says. She grins.

“I would like to go to sleep,” you repeat, her words replacing your thoughts. You stare into her eyes, the colors flooding your senses and shutting down your thought processes. A brief memory of resisting her eyes is snuffed out as her hypnotic spell constricts your mind.

“I can certainly help you with that,” the lamia says, leaning down closer to you. She trails her fingers over your face and sways her head. “Just follow my pretty eyes. Follow me, back under my control, and let yourself go.”

“Follow . . . eyes . . .” Your eyelids droop under her hypnotic stare. “Let . . . self go . . .” Your body settles as the lamia wraps around your shoulders, her silken tail rippling around you. You sigh, moan, and yawn as she massages your neck, gripping your shoulders to pull her coils back around you like a heavy liquid blanket.

“Go to sleep,” she whispers, nodding her head. You nod along with her.

“Sleep . . .” You smile with this word on your lips. Your eyelids are heavy, but they slouch open wide to soak in as much of her as possible. She tightens her coils around you and you gulp as she squeezes your neck, your body and mind back under her grip. Not a single thought to resist or look away passed your mind. All you want is to lose yourself in hypnotic pleasure and sleep the blissful sleep granted by the enchanting lamia.

The lamia chuckles, and she lifts you in her coils, her squeezing tail massaging scales against your skin as you sink into her tight grip. The jungle fades, only the colors form her eyes shimmering in your vision, and your grin widens as you sink into utter enthrallment to your captivating lamia mistress. You forget all about seeing Bagheera fall to her power; the only presence in your thoughts is the ravishing lamia.

“Now then,” she says, pulling you closer. You shiver as she whispers into your ear. “Why don’t I take you somewhere more private so we can get to know each other better, hmm?” Her giggle echoes in your mind as you slip into a deep sleep.


So you tried to escape once, failed, were snapped out of it by Bagheera, and then decided to fall to her power again. So if you did it all again, would you not resist at all the first time? You can always find out by going back and trying again . . .