Lamia Pathsways 35a

As you unwillingly—for the most part—sway with the lamia, sight hooked to her spinning gaze, you try to jar your thoughts awake. She’s hypnotizing you, and you need to get out before she wraps her tail tight around you. You already can’t move—you need help. You need to call for Bagheera, but your gaping mouth only trembles. You try to lift your eyelids to wake up, but your sight darkens, save for the lamia’s shimmering colors in your eyes.

You pop your eyes open, realizing they shut, but they droop back down. You’re so sleepy; if you could just rest for a moment you could focus better.

“Yes,” the lamia whispers, “sleep . . .” She sways back and forth, and you follow her into sleep. No! You can’t sleep. You’ve got to snap out of it, call for help. Your drooping eyes rise to follow the lamia’s sway, draining your energy as your eyes seek to never lose sight of her wonderful, perfect colors.

“Sleep . . .” she purrs, swaying to the other side. Your eyes and head feel so heavy, you’re hardly keeping them up of your own will, instead the lamia’s will locking you to her gaze. Between the stress of staying awake and the pleasure of her beautiful eyes, you’re not sure if shutting your eyes or staring at her further would feel better. Her tail strokes your chest, pleasure flooding your senses from her spell.

Her flashing colors slow for a moment, and your eyes and head drop, sight falling between her eyes and smiling lips. With a sudden moment of clarity you try to call for help, only managing a yawn and mumble. The lamia pulls away and you lean forward, letting her tail slither around your back and over your shoulders, her scales massaging your senses into a puddle as her heavy coils drag your mind down.

Much as she drags you deeper into her eyes, deeper under her spell, your thoughts rally enough to remember Bagheera. As you try to regain control of your mouth you only manage half a syllable, then a whole syllable. You manage half of Bagheera’s name before the lamia lunges and plants her lips on yours, blocking your voice as her eyes spin faster, brighter, stronger, more vivid. Her supple lips slide over yours, squeezing as much as her tail squeezes your body.

Your thoughts scatter and dissolve from the lamia’s hypnotic clasp, her loving caress. You hang on to the thought of calling for help, but the name slips away. That last thought fizzles and your mind explodes as the lamia’s tongue snakes into your mouth, sliding over your tongue and practically wrapping around it. She moans through the kiss, like a command in of itself overriding any of your own remaining subconscious desires, and your mind melts into her kiss.

From her enveloping embrace and deep, entwining kiss, your body flushes in a surge of heat. The lamia squeezes her tail tighter, massaging her scales against your warm body and stroking your face as she caresses her arms around your head. Your gaze never leaves her pulsating eyes, her spell shattering every last thought into a kaleidoscope of rippling color. You moan along with her in her overwhelming kiss, but she rubs your throat to silence you as her tail wraps around your neck, first one loop and then another to keep her pet still and quiet. She holds your entire body encompassed in her squeezing tail.

By the time she pulls away, your tongue sliding out seeking to follow, your lips have spread into a wide grin. Pleasure and joy permeates your mind and body, dreamy passion swirling your mind up and down. The lamia chuckles and glances behind her for a moment before sliding closer to you.

“Now then, my darling pet,” she whispers, stopping for a few kisses on your cheeks and lips, “let’s move somewhere more private. We don’t want to risk your friend waking and catching you giving your mind and body to a lamia, do we?” She snickers as she uses her embracing arm to nod your head, and she lifts you off the branch and carries you deeper into the jungle to acquaint you even further with her lips . . .

In the end, you tried to escape, but you had become too conditioned by her to escape her kiss of ego death. You’re nothing but a body for her to kiss and coil, now. You can always go back and try a different path, but it’s always hard to resist the allure of becoming a kiss and coils convenience.

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