Lamia Pathsways 35b

Your eyelids droop. So much of your mind wants to drift to sleep, but an engrossing desire to kiss the enticing lamia’s lips drives you closer to her. She leans forward, your face within kissing distance, her lips pursed as if she has the same idea. She grins and sways to the side.

“Sleep,” she croons, lifting your locked gaze as she sinks your thoughts. Her gentle voice swirls in your spinning mind as she draws you deeper into her power. She sways to the other side and you follow, body lax save for your hooked focus to her eyes.

“Sleep,” she whispers, her voice buzzing in your head. As she pulls you closer and you follow her movements your desire to kiss her grows stronger, yet her words muffle even that desire as your blurry mind settles into a sleepy languor.

“Sleep,” she purrs, dropping you into a slumbering void as her coiling blanket slides over your shoulders and settles against your neck. You grin as your eyes drop shut, slumber overtaking your body and mind, and you drop into total peace within her massaging coils.

A sudden squeeze against your lips makes your heavy eyelids pop open as the lamia kisses you, her long tongue snaking between your lips and slithering along your own tongue, pushing it down and pulling it towards her own, controlling your tongue as much as she controlled your mind. A wave of pleasure shudders through your body as her soft lips and invasive tongue explores you.

Yet the shock of this surprise cracks her hypnotic hold over your mind, and you wake up in the jungle. Blurry, shrouded in rippling colors, but still the familiar old jungle, your friend Bagheera further down the branch, memories of meeting and resisting the lamia resurfacing.

As she releases the kiss, you realize something’s wrong. You’re trapped in a tight, heavy, scaly grasp. Her soft coils massage your body in a silken embrace, but you shuffle to try and shake free. You’re unable to muster the strength to move one coil. Your head remains dizzy, your thoughts hard to follow. What did she do to you?

“Now, look at me, my lovely,” the lamia purrs. You glance at her and find yourself staring, her eyes pulsating in familiar colors that begin to soak and infiltrate your mind. You try to remember she caught you this way, but the thought of danger fades as you gaze back into her warm, inviting, invasive, hypnotic gaze.

You can’t move under her heavy, soft coils, and her tail grips your face to hold your gaze to her. Her firm hold locks your eyes to her, unable to escape her grasp or gaze, and your mouth hangs open as her spell glazes over your mind again.

“That’s it, sink back into sleep,” she sings. “Sleep, back into sleep.”

The lamia grins at your dazed, focused stare as the colors ripple over your vision, shrouding all but the lamia from your sight and memory. A prodding of pleasure pushes you to smile with her, but something feels wrong. It feels familiar with a sense of intrusion, but your grip on resisting the pleasure slips. The lamia sways her head in a circle, and your focused gaze follows. With her tail holding your face, your eyes spin in your head to follow, swirling in a circle that scrambles your thoughts.

“Sleep little human, rest in peace.” She giggles at your drained stare, squeezing her tail tighter around you, puckering your lips with her grasp. Her sway jostles your mind until the hypnotic colors bypass your remaining thoughts entirely, striking at your core and perking your face into a wide grin. She leans closer, taking over all your vision.

“Sleep,” she croons, giving you a twinkling nod of assurance. You want to follow every word she says, and your eyelids droop as you sink into a deep slumber, thoughts orbiting around the lamia, your only thoughts pleasure and submission.

“Sleep,” she purrs, her warm breath grazing your face. Your eyes shut as you enter enamored entrancement.

Her lips squeeze yours and you snap awake again, her grip as tight and dominating as ever. Though awake, you feel pulled to the lamia, unable to think clearly. She moans as she holds you in her embrace, her arms wrapped around your head as clinging as her coils. Her tongue swirls around yours in a slithering dance, sliding further and deeper through your lips than any human tongue. She grips your tongue like she grips your body before pulling away, sliding her tongue out slowly until your own tongue slides out after.

Though you’re awake, the world is hazier and more color-soaked than before, and it feels less real than the lamia’s eyes and embrace. You can’t move, but her snuggling coils feel comfortable and you make no move to escape. You remember meeting a lamia, but can’t remember what happened. Your memories before her are fuzzy, and your memories with her feel divine. She has her in your control, and you feel no thought of your own control.

She pats a hand over your head and tips your chin up so you gaze into her pulsating eyes again. You stare, the colors flooding your senses and making you senseless to all but her.

“Back to sleep, again,” she whispers. “Sleep again, back to sleep.”

The coaxing caresses of her tail and hands over your body and head fill you with trust and pleasure. You would let her do anything to you, and you want her to do anything to you. No memory of ever trying to resist or push her away exists. All memories from before she enraptured you with her intoxicatingly hypnotic eyes sink under darkness, replaced with memories of joy serving and submitting to your master and her dominating, caressing embrace. She leans close, hovering over you, holding your gaze up as you grin, tongue hanging out, head empty of all but your master.

“Sleep deeply, my pet, rest in peace.” She grins, almost matching your hypnotic pleasure-fueled mindless grin. Her crooning song of sleep coaxes you into a complete, adoring and adorable, trance. “Sleep . . . Sleep . . .”

You can only obey. It feels good to obey.

After she takes you away, not one of her copious kisses over the night wakes you from her hypnotic spell. You’re in deep, and not to wake unless she wills it.

(End of path)

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