Lamia Pathsways 36a

Danger . . . Danger! Are you in danger? Your head is muddled and confused. What’s happening to you?

The lamia sways before you and you follow, sloshing your thoughts with each sway, your gaze never leaving her pulsating eyes. It seems wrong that you can’t look away, but the longer you stare the more it feels right to gaze into her beautiful, alluring eyes and not worry or think about looking away. Still, you hold on to the thought that your transfixed stare could signify danger.

The pressure around you grows, scales sliding along your shoulders. She wraps you up in coils as thick as your body, weighing you down as if the heaviest of scaly-massaging blankets holds you tight and immobile. She’s trapped you, both in her coiling grasp and her hypnotic eyes.

That’s what was dangerous about lamias. They have a hypnotic stare. She’s hypnotizing you.

The lamia pulls you into another deep kiss, squeezing your lips together and slipping her tongue in to tickle yours, enticing you to follow her lead. Your thoughts scatter as a burning desire for the lamia smothers your realization of danger. The hypnotic pleasure feels more real than the thought of danger. Do you even care about any supposed danger?

38a You need to resist! You can look out for yourself, right? So you must be able to snap out of her spell. Just resist all those pleasant thoughts telling you otherwise . . .
-38b You don’t care if the lamia is dangerous. You don’t care if you’re in danger. You no longer care about looking out for yourself. (unfinished)
-38c You don’t feel like you’re in danger. How can something be dangerous when you feel so wonderful . . . so pleasurable . . . so aroused . . . ? (unfinished)