Lamia Pathsways 36b

You can’t imagine being in danger as you stare into the lamia’s eyes—not from her presence protecting you, but from her hypnotic eyes eroding the very concept of danger from your mind. Her enrapturing eyes, the pulsating colors searing through your thoughts, fill you with such bliss as to numb your mind to any thought of danger.

You have no sense of the danger you’re in by staring into the lamia’s eyes.

“That’s right,” the lamia says, grinning as you lose yourself in her eyes further and deeper. “You want to become all mine. You want to let me protect you. Protect you from worrisome things, like pesky thoughts.”

You absorb her words as the truth. Let her protect you. From what, you don’t know, your concept of danger and whatever pesky thoughts are lost to you as you’re lost in her charms. You don’t care what she means, you’ll follow her beautiful voice into oblivion as her whispers blow through your mind. You slip steadily into a state of exquisite ecstasy, her hold encompassing further as her coils grow thicker around your body.

She twists and twirls your mind with her hypnotic spell, pulling you deeper into her world of bliss, a world with no fear and no danger. You feel this, you believe this—no danger. She completely numbs your mind to the deep peril you’re in by letting her hypnotize you.

“Follow me,” she says. She rises, forcing your gaze up. “Follow my eyes. Let me draw you into a world of safety, a world where you can’t even imagine danger.”

Her shimmering eyes sweep the jungle away. With each colorful ring that ripples through your vision the jungle fades, from your sight and from your mind, first plunging you into darkness before lifting you into a swirling world of her colors.

Your shoulders grow heavy as she wraps her tail over you, squeezing your arms down against your body tight in her coils, leaving all you sense her massaging scales, her alluring scent. You grin wider as she wraps her tail around your neck, squeezing up against your face.

Lost in her world of hypnotic peace, you have no concept of danger now. No idea of the danger you’ve let yourself drop into by letting a lamia wrap her thick, powerful tail all around you. All you understand is a comforting, squeezing, loving hug.

All you know is the beautiful lamia and her enchanting embrace.


A sudden thump shatters your peace and safety. Thoughts whirl about in your head. Some feel familiar. Some you’re reluctant to take, others seem to push into your mind as if intruding. You can’t tell which is which, but some feel comforting, assuring, calming, relaxing, soothing, dream-like. Others sense of . . . danger? You don’t quite understand, but it feels wrong. Like a panic. Like you need to escape.

Which thoughts do you latch on to?

-37a Comfort, calm, dreamy assurance. (unfinished)
-37b Panicking wrongness.