Lamia Pathsways 37b

Thoughts of comfort and safety swarm your mind, but something feels wrong about them. They feel fake, like intruders. You shake them out of your head and open your eyes wide as your muscles tighten. Danger. You’re in danger. You’ve been lost in the eyes of a hypnotic lamia who wrapped you up.

You look at the coils sliding off you. A moment ago they felt like massaging peace. The scaly tail does feel cool and gentle on your skin, but you know how dangerous it would be to let a lamia wrap you all up. Something about her had so muffled your senses that you willingly let her wrap her tail all around you without a thought for the danger.

“You have just made a serious mistake.”

You look up. The lamia slithers away from you to Bagheera, who backs up to the end of the branch. She’s threatening him, while he’s trying to defuse her anger. With a bitter tone she tells Bagheera to look her in the eye—her eyes! You stared into her eyes and let her do what she wanted. Bagheera opens his eye to look at her, much as he pleads to her to stop.

You’ve got to think of a way to help him!

-17a Help Bagheera and get rid of the lamia.