Lamia Pathsways 39b

That’s right! You remember now, he’s Bagheera. You and he were traveling through the jungle, he was—well, he was leading you out, against your wishes, because the jungle is supposedly dangerous. You glance at the lamia. Maybe there’s a truth in that. Still, you should’ve been warned about lamias beforehand! At least, you don’t think you were. You could’ve resisted her tricks if you’d known what she could do.

Regardless, now Bagheera is in trouble. You’ve got to help him.

Or do you? This could be the perfect opportunity to sneak away and escape them both.

17a Help Bagheera! There’s no telling what she’ll do to him. Figure out a way to get the lamia away from him.
-??? She probably won’t hurt him, right?. You want to stay in the jungle. Not as someone’s mindless servant, though. Sneak out of the tree and get away from both of them. (to be done at a later point)