Lamia Pathsways 40b

“Just what are you getting at?” You glare at the lamia. “Don’t be coy, what is it you actually want?”

The lamia gives you a puckered smile and shrugs as if in on a joke without you.

“I just thought you looked lonely, is all. Maybe that you’d like someone to snuggle with for the night.”

“Oh, no. You’re hiding something.” You cross your arms and turn away. “Just go away and leave me alone. I don’t trust you.”

You feel scales slide under your chin, and the lamia pulls your head back to her.

“Now, now, human, you can trust me. I’m your friend.”

You’re prepared to slap her tail away when you catch her eyes. They’re full of colors now, rings pulsing through her eyes. In the dark jungle the dazzling glow of the brilliant colors grabs your attention, and you stare into her eyes, curiosity and fascination overriding your distrust.

You sigh a confused mumble in an attempt to ask what her eyes are doing, unable to form proper words as a jiggling buzz fills your head. The lamia laughs. She slithers her tail around your head and settles a loop against your shoulders, squeezing a growing hug around you as she massages her scales over you.

As you stare at the lamia, the colors in her eyes ripple through your vision, flooding the fringe of your sight. Unbeknownst to you, your eyes fill with the colors in a slow mirror of the lamia’s, and your pupils shrink to focus on the flowing colors. Your mind twists, the colors directing your thoughts down the hypnotic tunnel, and the jiggle washes through your mind like mental balm. Your arms fall to your side as your control slips. Your mouth drops open, and you breathe deeper and inhale the lamia’s scent.

“Yes, I’m your good, good friend. I want what’s best for you, and what’s best for you is what I want.”

As the lamia floods your senses with herself you find her echoing words settling into your mind, overwriting your fading thoughts. The lamia leans closer and slides her arms over yours. She pulls you into a hug and curls her heavy body around your thighs and hips, pulling you in a circle, massaging her scales against your skin, always keeping your gaze set on her.

You stare deeper into her hypnotic eyes as she gazes into yours with her dazzling colors. A thought occurs to you to look away, but you can’t pull your gaze from her, hooked to her eyes as if attached by a tight string. The more you try to look away, the more pleasure floods your senses from staring at her. The colors in your own eyes pulse faster, shimmering your vision with dizzying colors, and you stop thinking about looking away. All you want to do right now is stare.

She presses closer, drawing you under her captivating spell as she slithers tight coils around you in an enveloping hug. Your senses flood with her presence, and your body goes slack in her grip, her flood of hypnosis washing away your insignificant resistance. She holds your arms under her squeezing tail as she wraps thicker loops over your shoulders and squeezes your neck.

You can only moan as her alluring presence massages your mind away and swallows your thoughts in dazzling colors.

“That feels so much better now, doesn’t?”

The lamia nods, forcing you to nod and agree with her. She squeezes her coils tighter, hugging your arms and hips and pressing against your chest, slithering scales sweeping along your legs as her tail snuggles around your neck and against your face. With a sigh you smile, lost in her enchanting grip as her colors sweep over your vision and sweep away your thoughts.

With her breath tickling your ear she whispers, “Sleeeep. You’ll sleep so wonderfully with someone cozy cuddling you all night.”

She hugs you tight as your mind drops into a cozy trance, her hypnotic colors soaking your thoughts into sleepy, snug, serene bliss. She kisses your lips, and you grin wide as she settles against you for the evening.

Your mind sleeps, blank of all but the brilliant colors showered over you by your lovely lamia friend. You sink in squeezing comfort, a scaly hug wrapped over your body holding you in peace.

As you sink deeper, the rainbow of colors darken into a sweet emptiness of deep sleep, the pulsing colors settled at the edge of darkness swirling through your mind. You drop into a deep pit of dreamless sleep, beyond any dozing depth that has ever refreshed your mind before.

It seems forever, yet not long enough, before that dark bliss is shaken. A bellowing clatter erupts through your sleep as a shouting chorus and trumpets and crashing footsteps collapse the magical sleep you sank through.

Or does it? Do you want to wake up? You feel the colors linger in your head. A groan next to you is followed by squeezing arms. You don’t have to wake up. If you ignore the loud intrusion, maybe it’ll go away. Maybe the lingering colors can coax you back to sleep. Maybe you do want to get up, though, maybe something is telling you that you need to wake up.

-41a Let the lingering spell coax you back to sleep. Mornings are for sleeping in. (unfinished)
41b Wait, when did you fall asleep, anyway? You’re suddenly very awake and want some answers!